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Hooray for peeing on the potty!

I am desperately hoping Dahlia will go to sleep so I can wrap presents. We celebrate Solstice so Santa is on his way to our house tonight. We are all sick but muddling through and just hoping to get to bed before 2am. I think I am going to put Dahlia in the Mei Tai and see if I can get her down that way.

I hope everyone is having a good longest night.

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Katie, sorry about Andrew's early deployment.
beemama, cute family pic. Our cards will go out late too.
Yaay! Pee-pee on the potty! Congrats.

So, I was just talking with my girlfriend w/a 6 mo old last Sat. She said that that she just got her period back and I told her I hadn't yet. Yesterday (Sat, Dec 20, 2008), my period came. What is super weird is that I had my positive pg test on Dec 19, 2006. It took a lot longer to come back than I expected. This explains why I have been grabbing stuff to eat every time I pass the pantry . . . pms.
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is today one year since mighty mama left us? :

wendi, i hope you have a wonderful solstice and life begins to treat you and yours a bit more gently.

we just got home from weekend travels and i am exhausted though looking forward to pushing myself at the gym tomorrow morning - way too many brownies on my

katie, hold andrew close while you can. i hope you get plans in place so that you feel supported by him over the miles and by others in close proximity. you can lean on us.

i am off to bed :yawning: or maybe not i just noticed the time.
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Yes, I believe it has been a year since Mighty Mama left us

Rest in Peace Mighty Mama
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Rest in Peace Mighty Mama

MRSB-I hope you are finding love and support around you as you mourn the anniversary of your dear friends passing.
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Mighty Mama

Today was Lilahs birthday. Apparently she is in complete denial. I mentioned it several times, "todays your birthday, youre 3!" To which she would respond, "Its not my birthday, I'm not 3, I'm 2!!!"

I havent posted in a while I dont think. Nothing really new to report. Cian is talking up a storm, but most is incoherrent babble.

I finally got around to signing up for Facebook, and am so glad I did. I got in touch with some friends I hadnt talked to in forever, and even my er-stepsister who was my best friend as well for years!

I also got together with some friends and had a small Yule ritual. It was very nice. Ever since the disbanding of the circle I belonged to I have been very inactive and stagnant spiritually. It felt really good. Just a very simple hanging out with the kids ritual....perfect!
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Mighty. There's a thread in grief and loss as well.

Thanks so much for your support everyone, it really means so much to me.

Its hard because its very stressful on Andrew, and the normal reaction is to distance himself from us in preparation for leaving. He isn't being very helpful and lashes out a lot, he knows what he's doing is wrong but it still pisses me off because I already feel like mom and dad, forget the fact that I'm pregnant.

We're leaving tomorrow morning for NY and then heading for Maine on Wednesday, I'm not looking forward to leaving the nice weather and heading into the frigid north but it will be nice to see family in Maine. Hopefully Liam doesn't destroy anybody's house too much.

leanbh - If you get on here today, can you tell me where you found Ro's pink boots? I want to find something for Liam to wear in the snow and I know you said Ro has big feet too
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Hey everyone.

I'm recovering from food poisioning that got pretty nasty so I haven't been online....the girls have been sick too. L has been glued to me all day today with kisses and hugs and just general love. Its the sweetest thing.

I wanted to hop on today though to let Jess know that I am thinking about her today.

Many hugs and blessings on this day...

Many hugs and blessings to everyone. Katie, I'm sorry Andrew will be deployed sooner than you guys had hoped.

I'll try to get on later tonight to attempt to catch up. It was -17 here today with the wind and we had no heat until about an hour ago. Darn heat pumps. But it's all fixed now....

big hugs.
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Originally Posted by KatieJD View Post
leanbh - If you get on here today, can you tell me where you found Ro's pink boots? I want to find something for Liam to wear in the snow and I know you said Ro has big feet too
the ones in the pic in my siggy? those are robeez and i believe they sell them at nordstrom's. they were a birthday present.
she did just get some pink snow boots at sprawlmart for a tenner. they obviously aren't as good of quality but they are more water resistant.

ro is in a size 6 wide right now. ugh. she's got her mommy's feet.
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Thanks! I will go check around for them, Liam is wearing a 7 1/2 XXW but I've been buying him the custom sized shoes from Softstar, I have size 6 feet and Andrew has size 13, he's definitely taking after Andrew. The Softstar shoes are so expensive though, I'd love to be able to find a pair of warm winter shoes minus the $80+ pricetag.

Sunshine - Nice to see an update, I'm sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I've been there before and its definitely no fun at all.
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katie - those are some feet!

Linus is in about a 5. His keens my inlaws sent for his birthday are 6 but h eisn't walking yet so all will work out here hopefully.

FYI - keens run wide in general and she got a great deal/sale at REI. They might not work for Liam but I know when one dd took a wide at stride rite keens worked out perfect.
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We had a great Solstice. It was just us and we really enjoyed ourselves. The kids all loved their co-op goodies. I was proud to have not added one plastic toy to our mix!

I seriously hope that things ease up for us. I actually got a full night of sleep for the first time in weeks so am feeling more hopeful today than I have been in a long time.

Mighty-Mama You are always in my heart.


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Merry Christmas Mamas!!

It has been quite an enjoyable couple of days...but long and boy and I tired. Yesterday day was my birthday and my dad had the idea to have a gift savenger hunt at the mall. We all had to draw names and then he supplied the $ and we all had to find something for the person that we drew within and hour. Talk about feeling like the crazed last minute shopper. It was fun in theory, but not fun running around with a toddler with all the truly last minute shoppers. I am throughly appreciative of all the wonderful coop goodies that I got this year for everyone for Christmas.

Love to all!!!
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Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone's had a lovely one!

I'm with you, Wendi - the co-op goodies we got have made an awesome Christmas! Even with out-of-town family, we didn't get any plastic toys! Well, okay, almost. The IL's gave Judah a set of Crayola painter things for toddlers. But that's not exactly the same as a bunch of plastic junk like we often end up with! And there are three soccer balls made of who-knows-what waiting in a box, that I couldn't bear to put under the tree. They're from another out-of-town relative, and look to be promotional items of some sort. They're bright and fun looking, but (A) I don't need three soccer balls being kicked by 3 boys in my living room; and (B) I'm afraid they're likely vinyl, but don't know for sure. Thankfully the "real" gifts from that family member were all nice classic-style metal toys, which the boys have really been enjoying.

I'm so excited to have more time tomorrow to play with things like the Uncle Goose blocks (which I finally had to open at about bedtime, and are now scattered all over the floor), the doll house and Kinderkram dolls (so nice!!!), and the stocking stuffers I got them from Maple Landmark. So much wonderful wooden goodness!! They've been playing with the dollhouse dolls in their giant wooden train from Mercurius/Debresk. Except Iain put the train up on the bar and then dropped the engine on the *(#$( tile floor. Hopefully it'll be fine when it gets out of Daddy's Toy Repair Shop.

I stayed up to clean up the living room, and instead have sat down and written a blog post about today. Perhaps it'll help my brain go to sleep faster... Ah, well.

Merry Christmas!
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We arrived back in NC around midnight last night. Although it was nice seeing family I don't think we'll be doing that drive again.

Liam did really well with the traveling and slept a lot, he liked seeing all the new people and having new playmates and people to chase him around. My FIL had a blast chasing him around and exploring with him and it gave me some much needed break time. We got a lot of really great non-plastic toys from Oompa and only two plastic toys, one of which is acceptable for bath tub play and the other was accidentally left in Maine (It really was an accident ). He also got lots of books to add to the library and some other good things. I got a few nice cook books so I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes in those.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and has a wonderful new year!
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We got back from my parents last night. We had a good trip. We got to see a friend from high school who lives on the other side of Canada. We also got to see a friend of DH's from high school who usually lives in So Cal, but is in DC for 1 1/2 years. It was good. The kids got to ride a horse, and play in gma and gpa's hot tub. They had fun.

Then we came home to some serious major drama . I *hate* drama.
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Happy Birthday Michelle!

It was Kaija's 17th birthday yesterday. We went out for breakfast and then had a nice dinner at home. It was low key but nice. We are going shopping today as her gift.

Jeanine sorry to hear there was drama coming home. That is no fun!

Katie sounds like a pretty good trip. I know with having Eavan that any trip can go really bad really quickly so I am sure it was a relief that Liam slept a bit.

Heather I am glad the co-op goodies were a hit at your house too.

Dahlia's feet are either a size 3 or 4. The 12-18 mo size I got for her is big. She is just a tiny thing.

Kaija and I went out shopping today for her birthday. It was big fun. She asked for baby clothes for her birthday.

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We are in Florida celebrating Chanukah with DH's family. Good times.

I wasn't expecting all the photos in the house to be of Chaya and me and Adam. It's sweet and special. We get along quite well.


Stupid heartfelt comments were made re: co-sleeping. My attempt at educating and addressing specific fears fell on deaf ears. Sigh.

I'm looking forward to going home. Even tho it's 80 degrees here and below freezing at home

Happy New Year!
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Happy Birthday to Kaija!

Falicia - I'm glad you're getting a break from the :. My bro and sil are expecting in Feb. I was talking to my bro a little bit about co-sleeping. He thinks it's sooo dangerous . Hopefully I showed him that it doesn't have to be dangerous.

I decided we're still on homeschool vacation (. I have too much work (house and business) to catch up on. DH is off tomorrow and Thursday, so hopefully I can get a bunch of stuff done and be ready to hit the books again come Monday :.

Do you guys remember my little rant not so long ago about the lady who assumed I could babysit for her because I don't do anything but babysit my own kids anyway? I was talking to her yesterday (she's dh's co-worker) and we were talking about the holidays. She said she was really busy, although they didn't do anything - she's just *exhausted* because her two step-kids (9-ish and 11-ish) are here in addition to her own child (3yo). Then I mentioned how I have a *ton* of laundry to do from our trip to my parents. She said "You're lucky though, because you get to stay home!" Uh, yeah. Stay home with three kids - which you *just* said made *you* exhausted.

Well, speaking of , I really need to do dipes. And then everything else.
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