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Lots of happy birthdays!

I'm sorry that woman is so clueless, Jeanine.

I had a yuck day yesterday. I kind of feel like I don't fit into my "role" here and I have no desire to be the generic pampered officer Stepford wife so I feel left out a lot and like I don't have anything in common with anyone. Most of them are into keeping up with the Jones' and maintaining an immaculate appearance with really nice clothes and hair and makeup, I have no idea how to even do that. Yesterday one of my neighbors came by and I was covered in fuzzies from cutting fabric, she was curious what I was making so I explained my diaper making business to her. Her response? "wow that's different." Why is it that whenever I talk about my interests I always get that exact same response, am I that much of a weirdo? Most of the time I'm completely happy with who I am and don't feel like I have to change and that people can accept me for who I am, but I feel like I'm playing a role or a job here and doing a lousy job at it.

That's my complaint for the day
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I love you, Katie! Weirdness, fuzzies and all

I know what you mean about not fitting in. I don't fit in with most of the moms in this town (or any town, probably) That's why I come here. When we were visiting with dh's friend, his wife asked if dd1 is in preschool. I said no. She said "you'll wait till she's 4?""
and i'm thinking - let's just leave it alone now. because I *really* don't want to have to explain and justify homeschooling.
luckily dh's friend's mom said something about letting her play for another year, and that was kind of the end of that conversation.

The other day (week), I was in the thrift store, and I picked up an angora sweater to make longies. The clerk commented on how beautiful the sweater is, etc. I said "You know what I do with these?" (I've bought sweaters there before and told her what I do with them.) So I told her again. And she said "Well, when I see you I think "good mommy" but I can never remember why." At least someone appreciates me.
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Katie I love you just how you are!!! I hate not fitting in. I never fit in when I lived in California. I don't necessarily fit in here but there are so many different types of people I get lost in the crowd. I hated standing out like a sore thumb with no make up and comfortable clothes.


Jeanine it is so ridiculous when people say things like that in the very same breath. Apparently it is easy for you but hard for her, go figure! I guess the grass is greener and all.

Falicia I have found over the years that it often isn't worth trying to convince someone of your position. I just keep doing what I am doing and then when my kids are older and someone comments about their greatness I pop off with something like "yeah must of been all that co-sleeping we did!" I tried for years to convince people and finally gave up and did my own thing. It is so much easier. I guess I am a little bitter huh?

Dahlia is really showing her personality these days. She loves to wear leg warmers and fancy shoes. : She asks to have music on so she can dance. She talks about dogs all day every day. She is also starting to play with toys in an imaginitive way. She has been walking her wooden animals around and playing with some of Eavan's playmobil and things like that. It is so fun to watch her grow. I just adore her. She really loves to snuggle in bed in the morning too. Such a nice change from Eavan bolting out of bed the second his eyes open.

Speaking of Eavan I just have to say how much easier he is to be around lately. His school is just perfect for him and has changed his behavior so much. I can take him places now and he is so much more fun to be with. He tells me funny stories and asks me great questions. He will actually listen to what I am saying and respond back. He is starting to read a tiny bit and can count really high. I love hearing things he has learned at school. I love homeschooling but this has been a new and different experience for me too. Having him in school has its own rewards. I never really got Mother's day cards or anything like that because I would have been in charge of making it. He brings home so great things for me. Montessori really works for him. It is a recipe for success with his learning style. I hope we can continue to afford to send him. I know I have complained about him a lot so thought I would share some of our great progress. Oh and he is 100% out of diapers now!!! : Only one more to go before I am 100% done with diapers.

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Hi wonderful ladies.

I am reading and keeping up.

Linus is taking steps. :

I don't even know what to say right now.
I understand how you feel Katie. I don't fit in anywhere. I feel frumpy, like a JCPenney exploded on me. I am not meeting my own expectations.
Jeanine, I hate when people say things like "I could never homeschool" or "Yu are so lucky to be able to do that" or "I don't like my kids enough to be around them all day" or any other regularly heard gems. I have taken to staring at them blankly until they say more.

I am frustrated by co-sleeping because he doesn't nurse to sleep. He exhausts me and himself then he conks out. Did you see in the latest issue of mothering where Sarah Buckley talked about being in bed for 12 hours when her nights were busy with small children? I get up at 5:30 which means that I should be getting into my jammies soon. That and take a nap for an hour every afternoon. Too bad that doesn't happen here though I do sometimes send a big kid around the block with the stroller.

*I am in pain, I have been to the chiro, the adjustment hasn't really taken full effect yet, I will feel better when it has.* I mention all this to say that when I feel better I bet I won't be so grumpy. I have been running (Remember the c25k Wendi?) and I love it. It feels great and I really enjoy the stress relief, going to the gym alone, etc but apparently it is not a great idea for my body in the long haul. The chiro mentioned that just because I have run over the years does not make it a good idea for my aging body.
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jeanine: the Ils aren't so worried about it being dangerous, but that we're going to stunt her emotional and social development by having her in the bed with us. They expressed this to DH, not to me. When DH told me, I was boiling. I waited till I simmered down (a few days) then I calmly told them about the Okami study and McKenna's research from the 70's, and as soon as I was able to substantiate positive evidence supporting co-sleeping, they completely tuned out.

In all other ways we get along well.
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Wow, I missed a lot. I just caught up by skimming a few pages. We had a nice Christmas, our family lives locally, so we spent Christmas Eve, with my parents and Christmas Day with my ILs. Also, DH aunts and uncles and cousins on his mom's side were up visiting. Milo got a waldorf doll, and a wooden bowl and spoon both from Nova Naturals. He also got toys and books, and my ILs gave us a bike seat for him. That will be a lot of fun to try out. It snowed here a couple weeks ago, and the snow didn't melt for a week, which is unusual. On Christmas morning we had snow flurries, but then it warmed up and melted. Milo is walking really well now, all over the place. He also loves to climb. He just got a premolar on the bottom, and is getting another on the top, so we have had some interuppted sleep at night. He wants to nurse a lot, and when his teething pain is really bad, at night, I have given infant motrin. I have definitely noticed that these teeth seem more painful than his front ones. He has also had a runny nose for two weeks, I think because of the teething. Milo loves looking at books, loves dogs (whenever he sees a dog or a picture of one he says woof woof) and loves to play with cars and trains. We went to Ikea last weekend and bought him a small tent and a rug that has an illustrated scene on it of roads, and buildings and landscapes (for $25) and he plays with his little wooden trains on it. I Love Ikea. Anyways, gotta go for now.
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more of an update on Linus is taking steps. :

He is walking voluntarily now, not just when we stand him up. Still mostly cruising but he will lurch a couple of steps to reach the next chair or where ever he has set his goal. I love to stand back to watch people learn and grow, develop and change. If gives me such a charge of energy.

Are you getting ready for the new year? I am working on my resolutions today. I'll touch on fitness, budgeting, homeschooling, and probably through in something about positive outlook. I need a couple of good mantras. Style grace and humor has stood me well this year.
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Yay, Linus!

For the new year - Definitely a more positive outlook, getting more organized, and budgeting and financial planning.

About not fitting in - Andrew says I need to just "play the game" but I don't want to be a fake or sacrifice my beliefs to do that. For him its so easy to fit in anywhere because he's a people person despite being really dorky, he has well rounded interests so he always has something in common with everybody. I don't think he gets it. I think I'm fairly easy to relate to once people get to know me, but I guess its the whole judging a book by its cover kind of thing.
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