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On bedrest now....

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So I went to get my iron shot this morning. (I've been going 3 times a week for several weeks now.) I mentioned to the nurse that I had quite a bit of swelling over this past weekend, moreso in the right foot. So I asked her to check my BP (which has been a problem in the past). It was high. So the midwife decided she wanted to do an appointment today instead of Friday since I missed my appointment last week. My BP came down a bit after lying on my side for a while, but not enough. So she put me on bedrest and i have do 24 hour urine and go back in on Wednesday. I'll be 39 weeks on Wednesday, so I'm at the end here, so it's not the worst thing. I still have several things to get done here at home, but I'm not super-worried about that. But I am a little concerned that this will lead to talk of induction. I guess we'll see. Hopefully, this baby will just come in the next couple days and there will be no worries.
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I hope you feel better soon and that your babe comes soon too. Hopefully induction talk won't happen and all will be well. Just rest up and take it easy...any day now your babe will be here! good luck w/ the bed rest and keep us posted
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So sorry about the bedrest...I had it for the last 3 weeks with DS and I know it is no fun (Crossing my fingers that I can make it to the end without it this time). Hopefully your 24 urine will be clear so if it's just the high BP you won't have to be induced. Good luck!
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Sending non-induction vibes your way. Come on LO - help out your mama
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I had the same scare last week although my symptoms weren't as strong. Magnesium is good for blood pressure. Eat some bananas! And drink more water than you can ever imagine. If you're not peeing every 10 minutes, you're not drinking enough.
I did this last week and it all turned out fine. I'm fine, my blood pressure is back to 110/70 and no worrying protein in my 24hr test. No talk of induction. No preeclampsia.

Sorry to hear you're going through this. It is such a catch 22 because the stress of it can send your blood pressure up.
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The midwifery archives have some excellent natural suggestions for bp issues...they're at gentlebirth.org. I seem to remember eating watermelon, cucumber, celery as being good too for BP.

Take it easy, I second what the other ladies have said too!
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Take it easy and good luck!
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