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CALL WIC ASAP. All you need is a paystub and "proof"of pregnancy. You and children under 5 qualify. You will get MILK, JUICE, CHEESE, EGGS, BEANS and CEREAL. That will help sooooo much. Probably about $50 or so in food (maybe more...).

Then you can use that 20 for cheap meat, veggie sales (like cabbage! sweet potatoes).

You can do it! :

If WIC is not an option. Beans and Rice, Breakfast (Eggs and toast) will work for a while. I know people who have gone to Dollar store for large amounts of white rice and pasta for $1...not the healthiest...but will supplement your other items. Does your grocery store have dollar sales? We have Kroger with $10 for $10 a lot. Cream cheese, pb, etc.

Do you live near family? Could you go for a meal or two (or could the kids???).

Take care of yourself mama.
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This is a good time of year to go to the food pantries... normally they restock the first of each month.
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I took 5.00 out of my son's bday card and by fluke my dad gave dh 20.00 :

So I am up to 45.00
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Okay, for 45.00:

$2-3 Pinto beans and lentils if your family will eat them
$5 Cheese, cheddar and mozzarella
$3 Eggs
$6 Ground beef in a 2 lb. package.
$2 1 package of hot dogs
$1 2 boxes of mac and cheese
$5 1 whole chicken or turkey if on sale
$4 More milk if you can afford it
$5 on fresh veggies. Carrots, potatoes and celery are usually inexpensive
$2 on canned or frozen veggies. Buy whatever brand is on sale.
$1 Toothpaste
$4 TP, whatever is on sale
$2 1 small container of store brand laundry soap
$43 plus $2 left for tax

I would do:
Pizza one night
Bean burritos + rice for dinner one night
Lentil vegetable soup with dinner rolls one night
A roasted chicken with wild rice and veggies one night
Save the chicken carcass and use it to make broth with the leftover cuttings from your vegetable soup, save leftover meat and turn it into chicken soup. Save a little of the broth for other cooking. If you have egg noodles or can afford them, great. If not, make dumplings.
Meatloaf, potatoes and veggies one night
Use your leftover ham, some scrambled eggs and some diced carrot to make fried rice. Add some peas if you can get them.
Use the ground beef, carrots, onion if you have it, celery and peas with some of your leftover chicken broth, make mashed potatoes and put together a delicious shepherd's pie. It'll go a little further if you make biscuits or bread of some kind.

You'll have hot dogs and mac and cheese twice, grilled cheese sandwiches and leftovers available for lunch. Oatmeal, scrambled eggs and toast or french toast for breakfast.

If you need recipes for any of these things, just ask.
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I am so sorry, I don't have much advice, but wanted to offer a :
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oh no..has it been answered how long this has to go on for? Because you can survive with very little protein for a while...so going to wherevere has 2 or 3 or 4 for a dollar conatiners of pasta(spaghetti, elbows, whatever) is going to really allow you to stretch...A dollar can of meaty spag sauce and 50 cent packet of spaghetti is a $1.50 meal. day old stuff/almost expired stuff can save you a lot too.

I really second the WIC and food stamps...they should have an expidited program that will get you help within a week or two...get moving! I'd hit up food pantries for whatever you can get...go to one place a week, if you cAn....
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Definitely check into WIC. I went and got coupons that very day. Of course, it was not a busy office. Just call and find out what you need to take.

Cheap meals:
Spaghetti or really any pasta (as long as you aren't trying to be fancy)
Meatloaf (use oatmeal to "stretch" the meat) or variations like "porcupines"
Potatoes (they are practically dirt cheap and so versatile)
Beans and rice
Egg dishes
Roast chicken (use in "rubber chicken"--day 1: nice roast chicken meal, day 2: use chicken as ingredient in meal like a pasta dish, day 3: make chicken soup)
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I wanted to add that on Thursdays here our Kroger does mark downs, I got milk for $1 a gallon last week, which was a bargin, and we still drank it before it went bad, you can always freeze it. Oh, and they mark down the meat and produce that day.
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I picked up a 22 lb fresh turkey today for $.19/lb. It had to be sold by tomorrow. That's a whole lot of protein for a few dollars, and you can freeze the extra leftovers in dinner sized packages,and make a ton of soup from the carcass. Check out the meat counters in your supermarkets.

Cabbage is versatile and cheap. My family likes it stir-fried, and it's a good way to extend a few other veggies and a small amount of meat. We like slaw. Carrots are also cheap and on sale this time of year.
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Just throwing this out there, but have you called your church? My husband has a "discretionary fund" he can use to help people out as needed, and the church also has a food pantry. Maybe yours does too?

And I agree about WIC, although it might be a while before they can see you. I know our intake appointments fill up quick and there's a 2-4 week wait. But seriously, call tomorrow. With you pregnant and those littles, you'll get a good bit of food.

Peace to you, AngelBee.
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Originally Posted by KatWrangler View Post
The closest one is like 2 hours away.
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Actually AngelFood has a new location about 10 mins from my house :

Checking website for details....
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I feel your pain. I am sending you my hugs and positive thoughts. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
Actually AngelFood has a new location about 10 mins from my house :

Checking website for details....
Call them!

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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
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Do shop at ALDI, they have great prices on certain things. Pasta sauce, 1lb ground turkey, bags of beans all for $1 or less. You can make some pretty filling things with beans. One of my favorites for cheap and filling is to make refried beans (I got the recipe off the MN WIC website a few years ago) from bagged pinto beans, throw it on a tortilla with some hot sauce, cheese, and sour cream (if those items are around... if not the refried beans and tortilla will do)

Look into emergency food pantries. I am certain you could get some food and that would help you stretch your $20 to feed everyone.
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Sounds like dh will be out of work all of this week His knee is not really doing any better. He wants to start back Thurs.....but I am not so sure he will make it.

I just talked to his boss (also my dad) he said work is not looking really good right now Calls have slowed drastically and he has thousands outstanding from contractors right now.

I guess when it rains, it pours.

Also I know the 2 weeks of Christmas and New Years are always slow anyway with people all being so busy.

I guess we will see......
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Ugh, I hate that this is happening. It looks like you have some great suggestions though.

Check supermarkets for After-Thanksgiving Sales. Things that are marked down because they're nearing 'sell-by' dates. The bakery at our local Kroger ALWAYS has an overflowing day-old table. (I'm the Queen of the 'Manager's Special' )
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