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Seasons books

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I know I've seen the titles recommended here before so I apologize for asking a redundant question...

What story books do you recommend for introducing the four seasons. My son is almost two and learns everything like a little sponge! Now that he's not at the tasting stage any more I would like to get a nature table started for him. I think the best way to introduce them would be a few simple stories that explain the seasons!

Thanks in advance!
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What about the Gerda Muller Seasons boardbooks? They are only picture books-but perfect for toddlers-my DS who is 22 months loves them- and just stares at the pictures.
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Thank you! I've seen those at diff online stores and they look beautiful! It's hard to judge without seeing them in person, so I'm happy to hear that your little guy likes them! Mine is obsessed with books (esp if there are pictures of animals), so I'm sure he'll like them. I keep getting Waldorf-y toy store coupons and sales in the mail. I'll keep an eye out for some to get a birthday present!
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: we love those!
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We love the Gerda Muller ones too. Before I bought them I noticed my library had them as regular book (not board book) as a compilation (it also has some text unlike the originals) but I was able to check them out before ordered. It's called Circle of Seasons. My 18 month old stole the book from me when I was looking at it on the couch. I ordered the books the next day. They are still very popular here--DD is now 3 and her 6 year old cousins love them too.

Here is a link to the Amazon listing


And the worldcat listing- so if your library doesn't have it they can request it through interlibrary loan (just change it to your zipcode)


We have those and a DK one with real photos of all four seasons. Most of our other seasonal books cover just one season at a time, with the exceptions of some life cycle books (trees, plants) and 'Spring is Here" by Taro Gomi - it covers the whole year of seasons but has abstract art (but my DD loves it).

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Does anyone know of any seasonal books that aren't just picture books?
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The Sibylle Von Olfers books: The Story of the Root Children, ...Wind Children, etc. are great for talking about seasons, and they have both illustrations and words--great for early readers.
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another vote here for the Gerda Muller books.
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Thanks all! I just ordered the Gerda Muller board books and The Story of the Snow Children - since we're actually in the middle of that season right now! A bit of a splurge to do it all at once, but my little guy is so into books that I know they'll be used and used and used some more! We didn't have anything planned for his birthday (just a few days after Christmas) so this will be perfect! And a great introduction to the idea of a nature table.
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I like this windy book http://www.amazon.com/Windy-Robin-Mi...8418343&sr=1-3 and I haven't seen the others but I'd like to.
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We liked this book when my girls were little:


There's a section for each season with poems, songs, fingerplays, riddlesart, handwork and cooking ideas.
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Ooops...for anyone trying to figure out what riddlesart is....it should be riddles, art....
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Thanks all! The first two of the Gerda Muller books arrived and they're lovely and detailed and just what I was looking for!! Can't wait for the others to get here! I am glad I got the snow children one to read also. He likes looking at pictures, but he also enjoys having stories read to him.

These will be a perfect intro to doing a nature table! He'll be two years old right after Christmas so I think the timing is perfect!
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I second A Child's Seasonal Treasury. I'm also really into the Wynstone Press seasonal books right now.
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The Snow Children arrived last night. I opened the box and my little boy saw the book and ran over saying "We wead it togedder!!?!?!?" It's a beautiful book and very engaging for my son. Thank you very much for the recomendation! I'll definitely be getting the others eventually.
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Got the rest of the Seasons books last night and they're just beautiful! Baby boy claimed them immediately - which is fine, I still have Spring and Summer to wrap for his birthday at the end of the month. He adores them and dragged Winter off to daycare (he gets to bring one treasure to daycare if he wants). I love the curly red-headed boy---looks just like my curly red head!!!
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