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December 08 - What's For Dinner?

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OK It's December now! So, what are you having for dinner? Feel free to include lunch and breakfast, too, seems like people can always use ideas for those meals. :
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Today: turkey noodle soup
Tomorrow: Pork N potatos (casserole thing)
Wednesday: Herbed Lentils & Rice
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Company Christmas Party Potluck
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I don't know. Maybe turkey & mashed potatoes, maybe turkey noodle soup. I don't feel like either right now so I'm not sure.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal and ww toast. Ds1 had breakfast pizza at school and ds2 is home with daddy and I have no clue what they had.
Lunch was a turkey sandwich on ww, chips and homemade clam chowder for me, fish for ds2 and a burrito for ds1. No clue on dh. I'm sure he'll eat something involving turkey.
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Today: Hearty Tuna Buns
Tomorrow: French Toast
Wednesday: Tuna Casserole
Thursday: Goulash (which we froze a couple of weeks ago)
Friday: Broccoli Cheddar Quiche, fruit with yogurt cream sauce
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Winter Squash Soup
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Coming back for December. I'm hoping to try tons of new recipes this month! :

Dinner tonight will be stuffed manicotti. The filling is Italian sausage, tomato-based sauce, & Ricotta cheese, among other things. We're having steamed broccoli, a mixed greens salad, and garlic bread with it.
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"Wendy's" Chili for tonight, so probably Irish nachos tommorrow (amer. chili on french frys)
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Tonight is baked GF ziti with homemade roasted tomato sauce with this recipe: http://recipes.epicurean.com/recipe/...ato-sauce.html with italian sausage and fresh mozzarella. Mmmm....

And these cupcakes for dessert: http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/2...uten-free.html :
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Pizza tonight. :
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matzah ball soup. usually I make it w/ mini meatballs but today I put in 2 cups of cubed turkey - natch
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Tonight was linguine with red sauce, salad, & garlic toast.

Tomorrow will be a turkey pot pie with cinnamon apples for dessert.

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Back on the diet today.... wedding dress wearing in 5 mths and counting

Tonight was mexican mac & cheese and steamed broccoli... So good, I'm looking forward to leftovers tommorrow
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Tonight will be beef tongue and potato hash. We'll probably have apple/fennel salad with that, unless another veg jumps out and grabs me. Maybe some broccoli...

Tomorrow will be lamb burgers/patties, and probably kale.
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Tonight I made a cool dinner. I mixed ground beef with egg, salsa, taco spices and crushed tortilla chips (like you would for meatloaf) and then gently pressed a thin layer of it in a pie pan. I baked it til done, covered with lots of cheese and then poured on a layer of corn bread batter. Baked it til done and served with sour cream, salsa, etc. The kids were nuts for it. It was basically a tamale pie, for those who have had that before, but by mixing the meat up that way, it all held together and wasn't so messy for the kiddos, plus I got a few eggs in them as a bonus!
I also shaped some of the meat mixture into little patties and baked them for quick breakfasts, lunches, snacks...
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We had nachos last night. So tonight I'll make turkey noodle soup. With some vegetable and maybe breadsticks.
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Lasagna was last night.

Tonight something with stew meat.
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Tonight - Swedish Meatballs over egg noodles

Tomorrow - Normal Wednesday night dinner at church

Thursday - Crock pot Mac and Cheese w/ pork chops

Friday - Crab Manacotti
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Well, I had good intentions for last night, but TWO of my kids started throwing up, so the plans went out the window. The other, non-vomiting kid and I had an egg in a window and bacon.

Tonight we're having grilled boneless pork chops, purple hull peas, steamed broccoli, and Annie's shells & white cheddar.
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Tonight will be pork tenderloin in the oven, sugar snap peas, glazed carrots, and some sort of starch for DH and DD (I'm low-carbing it until Christmas!)
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Woot! We have a change in plans!! My DH got a nice buck (6 points) today, so we're having tenderloins and heart for dinner now I'm soo excited! Not sure if we'll butcher tonight or in a day or two... we'll see
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Yesterday: Fried rice with leftover pork loin and shrimp
Today: Homemade ravioli with meat (pork & beef) & ricotta filling, marinara-type sauce
Tomorrow: Sichuan pork (tahini-based sauce for ground pork, served over udon noodles)
Thursday: going out to eat for BIL's girlfriend's post-dissertation-defense party (yay----kid friendly!!)
Friday: Chicken teriyaki with steamed cabbage

I guess we're feeling a bit asian this week. Just can't decide which country!
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