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cathtoria - for the 2 hour gym class. That sounds hard core!

Happy new year, dingoes! I wish you were all here to have some champagne with me. DH is at work, so now that the kids are asleep, my NYE party consists of me, myself and I.
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Aw, cornflake. : I can relate, as last year's NYE party consisted of me and my mom (who I love, but honestly, is kinda lame). Not that this year is much better, with me and H, already in our jammies, and unlikely to do so much as hug, let alone kiss.

I managed to recover enough to hit the grocery store (desperately needed) this afternoon and holy smokes! Apparently, Whole Foods is THE place to be on NYE. It was insanity. The regular grocery store was marginally better, at least. We had a major fight on our hands at DS's bedtime as H assembled his new parking garage from grandma right before bed and of course, he wanted to stay up and play. No amount of logic could convince him that it will still be here in the morning.

Goals...not sure I can come up with better ones than last years (which I'm pretty confident that I achieved). RR: break 2 hours for a half, finish a 70.3, keep considering a full mary . NRR: remain strong and confident through whatever lies ahead in my marriage. That has to be the big one, I think. That whatever happens, I know that I'm good enough to make it on my own if I need to.

Happy New Year, dingoes! Much, much to all of you! :
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BEC - did you run tonight?! :
oooh it looked cold in NYC! i was watching CNN's coverage [since we celebrate east coast new year's here which puts us in bed at the reasonable hour of 10pm pacific!] and one of their correspondents was running the central park 4 miler with his sweet little daughter! i hope it was a fun race for you!
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Goal: to start and restart Couch to 5K as many times as needed to regain my ability to run 3 miles at a time. I have some other loose goals, but if this is the one and only thing I concretely achieve in 2009 I will be happy.

I don't know how you mamas who run significant mileage with a young babe do it. DS only sleeps on or next to us and nurses like a newborn. Between the kids, the job, and the house I can't commit to anything beyond C25K. For example, I would like to get back to knitting, but realistically I don't see how I will have the time so I'm not going to add the pressure of making a knitting resolution. I just have to remind myself that if all those other things don't happen, it's because I was nursing the baby or whatnot.

The exercise, though, has to happen. My body is so achy and weak, and I could use the emotional boost.

DS awake, must go... Happy New Year Dingos!!! :
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eks the first year of ds's life I couldn't. I had the same problems and my mileage just had to be more limited. I was just too tired. It was also just so hard to get over that hump of getting where it felt good again. For so long it just felt hard. But eventually it did improve and with exactly the mentality you've adopted. I just kept starting over and over and over until eventually I could run further than 2 miles without desperately counting the steps until mile 3 was done.

I ran a 5k resolution run last night, it was fun. I ran it slower than typical for me, but my goals was to push myself, but not kill myself. I think I did it in about 24:40ish...I missed the third woman in my age group by about 4 seconds (I think - my chip didn't register my finish...)
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Welcome 2009!!!!!

I conked out on the sofa at 11:00pm :.

Great job on the resolution run, BBM! That sounds like fun.

eksmom ~ when DD2 was young I remember taking the children to the Y and ALWAYS getting called to childcare to either nurse or change a diaper about 20-30 minutes into my workout. You're doing great, especially with a 8 month old. I know you'll be running 3 miles easily by this summer .

My friend e-mailed me to let me know that a group is meeting up at 1:30pm for a New Year's run ! Can't wait!
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my kids are NUTS this morning. : I'm wondering if it's going to be a crazy '09....

But....thought I would wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is happy and healthy for all the dingoes, baby dingoes, and SO's.

eks, I ran a half when ds was 13 months (with you!) and I'm not sure how, except I didn't have a job at that point and on Saturdays I'd just nurse, hand him over and go. If I had a f/t job then, I am sure I'd be in the same boat. Early morning running works best now, but I could only bring myself to do that after ds started sleeping pretty consistently (about 20 months old or so). so, give yourself a break, and when you can do more, do more. running is ALWAYS there, that's the great thing about it.

dh is in a cleaning frenzy (yay!) and so I will help him til 9, and then I'm out for the first run of 2009!

I have a mileage goal for '09.....it's not really a round number but it keeps my mileage up for the year and allows for some setbacks. 1200 miles in '09, which will be a personal record for me. take care mamas and have a good day!
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I have to say, its nice to hear about others first years. All three of my first years, my running/exercise has gone off the rails (although, I dont have a job Dd2 is 1 on Saturday and I feel like its a huge turning point, b/c with all of them, at 1 year, life started to turn a corner. Im optimistic about getting a work-out schedule started now that she is more adaptable.

Hang in there Eks, it IS hard!! Can you get out for walks, just for the mental clarity/release?
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eks~I struggled the first year too. Then, I sometimes chose running over family time--maybe more often than I should have but it was necessary for me to complete my training, and that's what I needed to do for my own happiness. Babies and young children are draining. I think it's about finding a balance that fulfills you the most.
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I tried replying last night, but something went wrong. Probably too much post run alcohol! Yes, I did run last night! It was so much fun! Total blast. I got a decent time, too! 40:16 by their clock (it was a fun run so no official times), 39:25 by my Garmin. The costumes were cool, and it was so much fun running to fireworks! A guy proposed to his girlfriend at the finish line over the P.A. too! There were more fireworks when she said "YES". Definitely well worth it!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
I don't know how you mamas who run significant mileage with a young babe do it. DS only sleeps on or next to us and nurses like a newborn. Between the kids, the job, and the house I can't commit to anything beyond C25K.
It really depends on the kid. DD barely napped for 20 minutes at a time and it usually had to be in my lap, but if I put her in the jogging stroller, she'd sleep as long as we were in motion. I think I did a 5K when she was 5 months old, a trail 10K when she was 9 months old, but I didn't mange to get a half-marathon in until she was 15 months old. I did an 11 miler once with her in stroller when she was probably 18 months and she was great about it. The jogging stroller saved my sanity a lot.

Now that she's 4, she wants nothing to do with the jogging stroller, unless we're running to the library for books. (She's still ok with the bike trailer, and small enough to fit, thankfully!)
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