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Coen Syaoran's Official Welcome! w/pics

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Hey all,
I posted to the birth announcements thread last week, but thought I'd try and get some pics posted. I'm still working on the birth story, so stand by for that (we had an awesome home/water/hypnobabies birth). I also left you all hanging on a name, which we (or rather, DH) finally agreed on Sunday evening: Coen Syaoran

Coen was born at 11:13am, Wednesday November 26th. He weighed 9 pounds even, was 21 inches long, and had a 13.5 inch head. All went, and is going, well.

Birth Announcement I Made

My last day of pg (38-weeks)
And the close up

Me and Baby at Birth

A Family Birth

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby

9 Pounds! Just like our last 2 babies

Big Sister

Big Brother

1st Nursing (with doula/friend/neighbor Amy)

Birth Day!

Brothers Nap Together on Birth Day... a big day for them both!

Checking Out the World

Plump and Angry!

The Kids

Such a Cutie!

Me and the boys

Little Sumo... we're so horrible!
Another of the sumo
Daddy thought it was so funny...
Then there was payback! lol

Just like daddy

Behn is so in love with his new baby brother!

Chubby Cheeks

My Babies

He's just the cutie-est!!!!

Alright, that's enough... will post the birth story as soon as I can get a free hand to finish it.

Best of luck to all those still waiting, may you have beautiful, peaceful births and healthy babies... and to those who are with me on the other side, yay, we made it! Soak in every wonderful moment, they pass by far to fast!
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Welcome baby, Coen!! : I love the pics, mama! Love them!

Especially the sumo...those were so cute..and of course the payback was hilarious You have a wonderful family and I really look forward to the birth story.

Congrats again and enjoy that sweet babe of yours
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Awww! Thanks for sharing the pics. They are so beautiful...something for you to treasure forever. :

I think we're belly doubles...seriously . My preggo belly looks like your preggo belly LOL.
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Awwww! What a wonderful birth and beautiful boy!
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Best wishes and congratulations!!!!:
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Congratulations! :
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Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing! Hope you and baby and family are adjusting nicely.
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Aww..he is absolutely adorable. Such great pics..thanks so much for sharing.
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Welcome to the world Coen! So sweet.
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Awesome photo collection! Congrats and welcome, Coen!
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Congrats!! Thank you so much for sharing!
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Awww!!! Your baby is so cute! I loved the sumo photos. Congratulations on your wonderful birth and beautiful baby.

P.S. Send some easy birthing vibes my way!!!!
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He is beautiful and adorable, and the payback is just too funny!!

How did you make those announcement if you have a chance to answer, I would love to do something like that
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congrats!! beautiful photos!!!
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