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Today I came across a fascinating article on maternity care (or I should say, "care") in Bolivian hospitals.

Some ostensibly well-intentioned efforts to bring better prenatal and maternity care have backslid into some horrific practices:

In addition to isolation during labor, mothers complain of frigid rooms, unfamiliar food and being forced onto delivery beds that Cornejo says "resemble torture devices, with all their straps and buckles and stirrups."
It comes as no surprise that Bolivian women, particularly from indigenous cultures, are eschewing hospital birth in favor of their traditional birthing practices (which, according to this article, some doctors are treating with derision).

Read the article for more details--it's very interesting.

I hear a lot about birthing practices in Europe, particularly in discussions about how midwives and home birth are viewed globally. But I hear relatively little about traditionally under-developed countries.

I'd love to hear from some mamas with knowledge or experience in this area. Where non-European/non-Western countries are concerned, what attitudes have you learned about or observed regarding childbirth, midwives, home birth, and the treatment of women during childbirth?