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We pay 16 here. Although I think I have contact info for a high school student who works for 10.
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I used to get $2.50. Man.
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We have 2 HS girls we use and pay them each $8 an hour. We live in central Texas and have two kids, 8 and 2.

I asked them both (when they started) what they charge and they both said it didn't matter but suggested like $6, which just seemed too low to me.

I thought $8 was pretty good, but it's low compared to the posts here!
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Originally Posted by Sasharna View Post
I wouldn't offer (or accept) any less than the state minimum wage these days.

seriously.. I agree

I can't believe some parents and some babysitters will accept anything less than that. it doesn make any sense to me- you can get paid more do work at McDonalds than to watch these kids... which is harder/more important???

Anyways- $10/hour
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My 14yo sits for the family across the street (3yo SN boy, 1yo boy, 1yo Labrador Retriever) - they pay her anywhere from $10-20/hr, depending on the situation. Sometimes, if Mom's just taking a short run to the store, she'll toss in a freebie. If it's for a few hours in the evening, she doesn't have to feed them and the boys are asleep (so she can do homework), she'll get ~$10. If she also has to feed them, they'll kick it up to $15. But Sunday morning, when she had both boys and the dog for 6 hours, she came home w/$120.

They have a good relationship and she never feels ripped off. In fact, she's just this side of family at this point. If she's not available, my son or I will step in - the boys know both of us, and that consistency is important for the older one. He gets paid; I'm helping out a friend.
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I babysit/ do childcare for 2 friends in my home with my ds. They each pay me $7.50/hr. (I would like more, but one of them makes $15/hr so its exactly half her pay while she's at work so that seems fair, and the other makes less than that, so I end up making more money than her while she goes to work)
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The going rate is $15 an hour here.
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Originally Posted by *MamaJen* View Post
I guess it depends on where you live and how old the babysitter is, but what's the range? Not for a day of daycare, but for an evening out, that kind of thing.
I've had both an adult friend and a teenager watch DS, and neither I nor them have really had a set idea of what the cost should be.
I want to be fair, but not extravagant.
I live in SF bay area, and I just hired a 25 year old who just finished college, for $15/hour.

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For weekend/evening babysitting by a responsible, older teen , I've paid about $10/hr here in MA.
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$15 to 20 an hour here in Chicago.
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A lot of it depends on who the person is and how much advanced notice they have.. I use to babysit a lot before DD1 was born and right after she was. If I had some notice it was usually either dinner (if Im babysitting for a close friend) or 7-8 an hour. Usually it was a military family (I was a Marine at the time) and I knew how hard it was to make ends met so I didn't charge them much.
Ive never paid for a babysitter for DD. Shes stayed at one six times, twice for date dates and 4 full days when DD2 was in the NICU and I was at the hospital with her. All 6 times I exchanged favors with the people watching her or they did it for free. I always offered to pay but they never accepted.
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In my area it depends on the babysitter. If she is a college student, she'll probably charge between $10-$15 an hour. If she is a high school student, she'll charge $6-$8 per hour.
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Dang! I remember when I was babysitting and making $2 an hour in the mid-late 80's.

I pay sitters $10 an hour to watch DS, but seeing as how I only make $5 an hour as an in home child care provider, it is extremely rare that I can afford a sitter. It hurts to go out for a few hours and have it cost me an entire day's pay.

I did go out last night though and spent $20 on a sitter for two hours so I could go to a knitting group. It was absolutely heavenly, and I don't feel badly about spending the money at all. My last sitter that I "hired" was last summer for a few hours so I could drive about an hour away to pick up a king size bed frame from freecycle. (Yeah, I live it up when I get a sitter! )

Most of the time I end up doing child care swaps with friends who have kids so I don't end up paying anything.
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