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Spughy, go seam your knitting, huh? I'm waiting for the pictures...

Fern It's always good to hear from you, but I'm so sorry about your Xmas box. I can't imagine being without mine: not so much the tree, but my nutcrackers and stuff.

I want snow. I hate global warming, hate climate change, hate that I get to say "I told you so." I just want a covering of snow big enough to make a snowman with my kids, and I want it here in the southwest and not to have to drive to Durham for it. So sniff. I wish to be all cold and frozen and snowmanny.
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Helen, I'll go outside and have a talk with the snow about heading over your way. I'm usually a snow-hater, but having Neela makes me a little more understanding of it's joys. But I much prefer to look up at the mountains and think that it looks beautiful and I could head up there if I wanted.

We have "bum-trumpets" here. As in "mum, are you playing your bum-trumpet again?". Special thanks to my husband for that one

Hi Fern! Wishing you a happy holiday in your cozy home! Brrrrrr :
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I have to report some Ella hilarity. The other day, she's walking around talking on her cell phone, having a very involved conversation. (I have an old cell that was replaced and long out of service, and so I took the battery out and she plays with it sometimes.) I was working in the kitchen and she comes over to me and says something like, "Mommy, say something. Shhhh!" So I said, "Shhhh!" and she got very upset and said, "No, you talk, and *I* say "shhhhh"!!" I'm like, "you want me to talk so you can tell me to shush?" and she says, "yes!" So that's the new game--she wants me to talk loudly when she's on the phone and then she puts her finger to her lips and tells me, "shhhh, I'm on the phone." Me: "oh, I'm sorry, was I talking too loud and interrupting when you were on the phone?" Her: "Yes." Me: "oh, I'm sorry, I'll be quieter. I guess I must shush her on the phone more than I realize!!!

I'm having a bit of a down day here. I should really go grocery shopping and pick up a few items but I'm tired and I don't feel very motivated and I have a headache that I've had all night since bedtime. Ella and I both have somewhat stuffy noses, and her eye is a little runny/sticky and she's been pooping a ton and it's been a weird day-glow green color. She isn't acting like it's bothering her except for wiping her eye and asking for help blowing her nose, but I hope she's not actually getting sick. I swear, winter plus preschool is just killing us. We've been sick more than not these days.

I've been working a lot on our finances here lately, so that's a major preoccupation here. I've mostly taken over keeping the checkbook and recording expenses, doing the budget, etc. I'm glad because we're getting (back) on the right track, but it's very much a hot button issue around here for me and DH and it's hard to communicate effectively about money together. I swear that sometimes it's like we speak different languages--which might be in fact because we do have different native languages, even though he's spoken English from an early age too. Sigh.

I'd better get going, Ella is here requesting cheese. Although she really wants "num-nums" but that's not happening until naptime so she's settling for another food. She is driving me crazy with pinching and grabbing my breasts a lot, I am seriously just wanting to be done with nursing and get some sort of suit of armor so she leaves my nipples the heck alone! I'm trying to cut down on times and situations she nurses and help her develop some other ways of dealing besides wanting to nurse. She really is attached to it, though, so it's hard for me to just cut her off.
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Kavita, if it makes you feel any better, I'm now wishing Rowan *hadn't* weaned because there've been several times in the past couple of weeks when there have been screaming irrationality episodes and I've wanted to be able to just pick her up and smuck her on a boob. However, I do need to report that she slept for more than 12 hours last night, solidly, and this morning was a completely different child - cooperative, happy, cuddly - so Grandma has instructions today to avoid the nap if possible... we'll see how it goes. Maybe her body just needs a long stretch of sleep instead of two shorter ones?

Helen - :. Sorry ma'am. I'll get right on that. :
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Hey mamas. Just wanted to say Hi! Everyone sounds so happy and healthy, I hope you guys all have a wonderful holiday season.

DID and Helen, thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do along with the MDC community for HH.
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Hee hee, these kids are so clever, aren't they? I swear, Brynn cracks me up at least once a day.

I had some wack-o dreams last night, but one of them had an appearance by our very own Kavita. I dreamt that we were picking up clothes from a dry-cleaner and as we walked out, she said, "I can't find the keys to my Porsche!" Apparently, she had an older-model Porsche parked out in the backyard of her house that they never drove, but she kept the key on her keychain. So she called her DH to tell him, and then they realized that the car was stolen. The worst part, though, was that her MIL had been storing $150,000 (!!!) in the glove compartment of the car, so that money was gone because it hadn't been insured. Needless to say, Kavita was pretty stressed out. The dream faded into something else at that point, so I never did find out if the car & money were recoverd. So Kavita, keep an eye on your keys and money, Honey!!
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Hi Bex! Wishing you a wonderful holiday, too!

Kavita, I'll help you find your Porshe and your money if there's a finder's fee!
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Originally Posted by Bex80 View Post
DID and Helen, thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do along with the MDC community for HH.
: After reading the thank you that you sent to Helen I had to go cry for 20 minutes. I'm so honored to be part of HH. :
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
I mean, it felt nice to get the compliment, but I was also thinking, I must look pretty rough without make-up!
Speaking of high school, this is the EXACT reason I told myself at the time that I NEVER wore makeup. I was so worried that people would get used to me looking "pretty" that when I looked like my "real" self, I'd be ugly in comparison. This evolved to my sister and I developing a complicated classification system of "pretty" that included a category of "make-up pretty," as in, she's not REALLY pretty except when she wears make-up. Ah, to be a teenager again...

And dog-mamas, this is so crazy I had to share. So, my Doberman lost something like eight pounds in a week. I just knew he had a tapeworm, so we brought him in. Turns out yes, he did have one, but the vet said that there was something more going on. Turns out some dogs go through periodic metabolic changes that you have to kind of "correct" with volume of food. He recommended that we just let the dog eat until he was full at every meal. I know y'all know how much some dogs can eat. I can't believe I am opening the food bin and letting my big boy stick his head in to just munch until he can munch no more. But, it's working. He is gaining weight. I'm supposed to bring him in again in two weeks to reassess, but this is going to drive me broke if we have to keep it up. And the weirdest thing? This dog is NINE. That's the end of the line for some Dobermans. And mine is chowing like a puppy. Again, !!!
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HoneyTree - I can't imagine letting my dog eat until she's full. Well, I can. She would just keep eating. Labs have no satiety indicator, they just keep going. When she was just young we went to a "pumpkin bowling" thing at my friend Dave's farm, where there were pumpkins in various stages of smashage, and our silly dog went around hoovering up the guts and any bits she could find. Within 20 minutes her waist was completely gone, her stomach was so distended she was having trouble walking. We put her in the car for the rest of the afternoon and she pooped and barfed pumpkin seeds for the next 2 days. Fun. Your dog actually stops when full? Amazing. But I can sympathize with the food bills! I hope your hound recovers fully and is bouncing around like normal again soon!
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Look, spughy, you can't start a knitting blog and declare that you're going to do something "tomorrow" and have nobody mention it... that would be rude

My daughter is just something else. Normally when we ask what she wants Santa to bring for Christmas, she says "my granje"- because we've told her granje (my mum) is coming for Christmas. We were doing some makebelieve at the Christmas party today (Fi from Dramababes did the entertainment) and they went to look for santa, and he gave them presents early, and she opened up a really big box and declared that her brother was inside So sweet
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Sarah, the picture of you on your knitting blog profile is really cute! I'm pretty good about updating my Ravelry, but haven't been able to get a good blog going in quite some time--almost exactly three years, to think of it...
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Aw thanks Theresa! (There is a new post up Helen. And just so you know, the Christmas dress I'm making Rowan is going more slowly than I'd like - mostly just due to not having any time to knit since we decided naps were a bad idea - so it looks like it'll be a New Year's dress. Or a Chinese New Year's dress. )

We still have a winter wonderland here. I'm kinda done with it. It's pretty, but I hate the snow that gets tracked into the house, the constant forays for firewood, the people who can't drive...

ETA: Skye is so sweet. Rowan wants a bird for Christmas. A bird who can poo in his cage. . She's getting fairies. I hope they work too. They don't poo at all.
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we have nothing near snow here. it's even been warm. i am living here in (and not on a tropical island) in hopes of cold weather to fire up the woodstove. so, bring the coldness!!! i guess our woodstove being broken is a sign that i am actually not ready for winter, perhaps.

i have been horrible about making gifts. i am making some for my mama friends but the kids in our life are getting mainly stuff that i have picked up over the year for them. ez is getting some house stuff like a broom and a mop in her tiny size! and, a real, working stethoscope! bux is getting a ball, as she dives for those at friends houses.

spughy- where do you all get firewood?

helen- skye is funny...and awesome!

more later, babies on me needing to go to bed now!
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Fairies, Spughy? What kind of fairies? Skye is reading Chelsea Morning at least once a day at the minute, and I'd kind of like a break.
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I'll take fairies; Brynn is *obsessed* with dragons these days. : We did get her a really pretty one for christmas though, I will say.
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Originally Posted by Gunter View Post

spughy- where do you all get firewood?
At the moment the firewood is the remains of the huge rowan tree in our backyard that came down in the spring. It's not *thoroughly* seasoned but it does burn well. Also we have some scrap lumber DH got from helping a friend demolish a kids' playhouse. Usually though we scavenge - anytime a tree comes down on municipal property (roadsides, parks etc.) the city cuts it up into firewood lengths and leaves it. If we spot some, one of us (me, DH, or our landlord) grabs the truck and takes it. It's a good system because the city gets wood cleared away much faster than if they tried to do it themselves! We did have to pay for some firewood last year but in the 6 years we've lived here, heating solely with wood, we've paid maybe a total of $300 for firewood.

The fairies are little cloth/wool/felt creations from a craft market here - Rowan saw them in the fall and fell in love, so I made a point of searching out the fairy lady and buying a girl fairy, a boy fairy and a baby fairy for her. They've got wired legs and arms so they're poseable and have the sweetest faces, and little acorn hats. They're stashed away right now, but I'll take a picture and post it after she opens them.
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hey everyone.. yes, a big thanks to thoe mamas being hh organisers..ect.. i wish i could, but honestly, my life isnt doing so well. im feeling the stress of the holidays..we are poor. like really. i signed up for a christmas hamper this christmas from our local food bank, whom ive been visiting once a month. its okay though..its just for now. rue is nearly old enough for me to work..if i can find any..and get there.. being still without a drivers liscence.
im hoping i can get my etsy shop filled up and start selling stuff, but time is sooo hard to find these days. i clean and clean and my house is a mess always. i need someone to come help me declutter/de-pet or something! and rue is screaming at me every moment i dont hold her, which means ngaio is feeling extremely neglected..she is watching far too much tv..and just creating mass chaos in our home as a result. i was hoping for the kids to go to their dads this weekend, but elwynn cried himself to sleep saying how he doesnt want to go..and i cant mke him..it just doesnt feel right.. so my hope for a quiet house to get christmas set up here is gone.. maybe i should just call off the whole thing all together. it just sucks.i usyually love this time of year..but doing it with 3 kids..alone..sigh.
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
Usually though we scavenge - anytime a tree comes down on municipal property (roadsides, parks etc.) the city cuts it up into firewood lengths and leaves it.
See, this is just good planning, the kind that they don't do here in Florida. I know that there is far less need for firewood here, but you wouldn't believe what people pay for tiny 3-log bundles!! And of course, the recycling element is nice.

Gunter, I'm with you--70-some-odd degrees here today. For tomorrow, my 31st birthday, we're going to the beach. It's nice, but one does like a little change of seasons when the time is nigh.

So, I'm in the mood for a good Gothic novel. Anyone have any ideas? I've never read Frankenstein, so I'm tempted to start there, but I'm up for any good modern ones...

Today was my last day at school! (Notice above post asking for suggestions for pleasure reading!) My kids were so sweet about my leaving. A few parents and teachers are putting together a shower for me on January 4, but after that it will be a couple of months before I go back. One of my graduating students and her family got me a volume of Mary Oliver poetry as a holiday present . And the cookies! May everyone be surrounded by such good bakers this time of year. I feel finally like it's winter; I needed a little nudge into the holiday spirit.

Oh! Speaking of which...has anyone tried the Celestial Seasonings holiday tea Candy Cane Lane? Probably my favorite tea EVER. This year I'm buying several boxes before they let it go out in January.
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HoneyTree, what does the tea taste like? Should I get a box? One sweet, desserty tea that I really like is Hervey's (?) chocolate mint--it really does taste just like a chocolate mint, and is very yummy with some milk and sugar in it!

Well, I am up sort of decompressing after a long day, amped up on caffeine!

Celebrating birthdays and holidays is turning into a part time job around here!! Amy and I were talking about doing something small and low-key for Hanukkah/solstice/whatever . . . HAHAHA!! It turns out I am really, really bad at low-key! : As of this morning it has morphed into a potluck at my house on Sunday evening and we're inviting some other people too! This turned into a bit of craziness because I got the idea that I'd get some dreidl and menorah cookie cutters and use them to make some sort of salt dough ornaments with Ella and paint them, and that it would be a fun Hanukkah craft for us to do together and use to decorate the house a bit. Then it occured to me that it would be really nice and cute to make a little gift bag for each of the kids with an ornament, a little dreidel, some hanukkah gelt (gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins). The next four hours or so are a bit of a blur--I called the Jewish Federation, two Bed Bath and Beyond locations, a Hallmark store, and a party shop trying to find dreidels and nobody had any!!!! Either they didn't carry them, or they were sold out. Finally I ended up calling the Jewish Community Center and the lady who answered the phone there couldn't tell me where to buy them, but said that they had a few out as decorations but she was letting kids have one if they wanted one, and if I only needed a couple and could get there by seven she'd give me a couple!! So we ended up flying out the door to go pilfer dreidels from the JCC!!! Followed by going to Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael's, and Target in a search for some Hanukkah stuff. I ended up going off the rails somewhat by the time I got to Target, just buying a bunch of stuff and figuring that I'd look it over at home and return as necessary tomorrow, rather than end up not having anything. Needless to say the gift bags are a total wash--I got a couple of dreidels for Ella and her little cohorts to play with, but no gelt, no cookies cutters, nothing! I did get a few things to do a couple of craftsy projects, so hopefully those will turn out well, and I got a few winter/Hanukkah-esque decorative items and so the living room and dining room are looking a bit more festive. I also have an itunes gift card sitting around gathering dust, so if I can get my ipod and my newly reformatted computer to play nicely together I might be able to put together a nice playlist too.
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