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Hey ladies, just checking in for a minute while dh is roughhousing with the boys.

No snow here just super cold : It was 20 today with a wind chill of -8. And, I have a 3 yo who refuses to wear a coat! It's supposed to be rainy and in the 50's later in the week though! I'd love a good old fashioned snow storm, but those don't seem to happen any more. The kids are dying to go sledding and make a snow man!

We just resumed using our fireplace- we had a fire all weekend and loved it! We lost a huge old oak tree so have lots of firewood. We gave some away to several different people and still have lots left over for us.

I mailed my second-to-last holiday package today- I NEVER get stuff out until new years, so that's a huge accomplishment! Only one more to go for the IL's- but I need to make more chocolate-dipped stuff. I decided on those, plus some raw organic crispy honey-coconut nuts in a jar made by a local mom, and donations in their name to one of my favorite charities.

For the boys, my sister, mom, friend, and their babysitter sent boxes of little things for them, plus I've picked up stuff like sticker books and playdough accessories and legos from the thrift store over the past few months. So that is MORE than enough, and I feel good that we spent so little this year and won't be overwhelmed with "stuff". I've been doing major purging around the house, too.

Congrats on the job, Amy- sounds like a great situation!

Mel- I hope you're feeling better- I'm sorry about the bleeding and feeling weird you were experiencing. I hope you got the rest you needed.

Originally Posted by lovetobemama View Post
"Well, you're excused, but now it's going to smell like mom-bottom in here!"

I love the words from a 3-yr-old.
I laughed as I read this so had to tell my 6 yo what I was laughing at- now he's going to be saying mom-bottom for a long time to come!!

Originally Posted by MelW View Post
We have "bum-trumpets" here. As in "mum, are you playing your bum-trumpet again?". Special thanks to my husband for that one

Originally Posted by Bex80 View Post
Hey mamas. Just wanted to say Hi! Everyone sounds so happy and healthy, I hope you guys all have a wonderful holiday season.

DID and Helen, thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do along with the MDC community for HH.
Hi Bex, it's been ages since we've heard from you! Did you have another baby??

Teresa- I hope your dobie is ok! I can not imagine letting my dogs eat all they want! I have labs too and they would never stop!! They follow us around and grab our food, eat the trash, as well as their own food!

Wow, congrats on your last day of work! How totally exciting!!! :

Spughy- omg that is gross!! Your poor dog! And poor you having to clean it up!!

Ugh oh- on the topic of dogs, my next door neighbor just called and they found a stray dog! It is an old one with a limp, and it is soooooooo freezing outside, the poor thing! I hope we can find it's owner soon, I'd be going nuts knowing my old dog was outside lost on a night like this.

Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
i clean and clean and my house is a mess always. i need someone to come help me declutter/de-pet or something! and rue is screaming at me every moment i dont hold her, which means ngaio is feeling extremely neglected..she is watching far too much tv..and just creating mass chaos in our home as a result. i was hoping for the kids to go to their dads this weekend, but elwynn cried himself to sleep saying how he doesnt want to go..and i cant mke him..it just doesnt feel right.. so my hope for a quiet house to get christmas set up here is gone.. maybe i should just call off the whole thing all together. it just sucks.i usyually love this time of year..but doing it with 3 kids..alone..sigh.
Fern I'm sorry things are tough right now. I hope the season and the new year will bring some light for you all.

Ditto on the house and the chaos; I clean more than anyone I know and my house is a filthy wreck. Literally dirt everywhere and I am sweeping, vaccuming, mopping, dusting constantly! Plus my kids want my attention every minute of the day. And I walk into my neighbor's house with 2 kids the same age and everything is neat as a pin, and she has loads of free time to do yoga, read, lay there and daydream while her kids play happily together for hours, and take naps on their own. I don't get it!!!!!

OH- and homeschooling is going well. It's amazing; by 9:30am we've usually done 5 subjects without even trying- on his own, Ethan will initiate measuring us with the measuring tape, writing some words, reading a book together, looking at the calender, counting with marbles, looking up the weather, or doing a craft without me even planning a school day. We are all so much happier with more free time and him getting to do normal kid stuff and not locked into homework and such a long day.

Ezra just started preschool last week (right in time for a 2 week break for the holidays!) it went just fine. The only major downside is the commuting; so far I've arranged my life so we can walk to everything or drive a couple miles. So actually spending time in the car driving every day has been a real pain. But it's a totally low key, play based school and pretty affordable so I'm happy with it!
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Mary gets the award for the most thorough catch-up that has ever been posted on our DDC!
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LOL, I think Kavita wins that award hands down!
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Originally Posted by Awaken View Post
LOL, I think Kavita wins that award hands down!

Oh, I think you get the Most Thorough Catch-Up Post award.

I think I'm a front runner for Most Frequent and Rambly Posts award, though.
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My BFF just got a today!!!

I can't stop smiling!!
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Yay, Amy! It's so much fun to have friends to be pregnant with! I'm kind of flying solo in my circle of women friends here, though many of them are those lovely, earthy women for whom birth is always a blessed, joyous, and sacred event, so I feel lucky to have them around!
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Heh, my DH has babylust too- he was pointing out that 21 months is actually a really nice age gap. I told him he was nuts :
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Amy, how exciting!!!!

And I hope everyone who celebrates is having a lovely Christmas Eve! Finley fell asleep before we could do a lot of the fun stuff, but that is okay. Tomorrow will be great. Am about to go set it up and hopefully also do a bit of (last minute) baking.


Kavita, how are the Hannukah festivities going in your house?
We haven't been very good Jews this year (DH is Jewish), and will do a Hannukah celebration on the last night to make up for it.

As for babies, we are officially "open"/trying, so that is super fun. I don't think I'm pregnant this cycle, though, but it was just our first one (with no big plans or intentions in terms of timing).
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Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating it and Happy Hannukah to Kavita and barcelona (and anyone else?).

Our solstice party went really well despite the city getting another big dump of snow the night before - many of our invitees live in our neighbourhood, and the buses were running so it was fine, we had a packed house all afternoon and everyone had a lovely time.

Now I've done my Santa bit and I'm relaxing with a nice glass of late harvest Reisling. Mmmmm.

barcelona - have fun with the babymaking!!! With me & DH officially not not trying, maybe we'll be in the same DDC next time 'round?

Too much to respond to since I last posted, but I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of all my MDC-mama friends and I hope you all have lovely holidays!
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Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a very happy Hanukkah (sp?) Kavita
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Whatever and however y'all are celebrating, happy day off today to spend with your gorgeous families!
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Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah, Mamas!! I y'all!!
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Hi and happy holidays, everyone! I took a little while offline to get some stuff done, so I'm reading and catching up today. I did manage to finish the yoda sweater for the new baby, but didn't manage to finish fixing my photo program on my computer. I'll link some photos of that and Neela's skirt once I get it fixed. Neela has decided the skirt is too itchy and not flowing enough, so won't wear it, though

I worked yesterday and had Christmas dinner with Matt's uncle and his family. Work has been crazy with the snow and horrible roads in Vancouver. On the 24th and 25th most of the residential streets were too snowy/icy for anything but big trucks and 4x4s, so we were only doing the most essential of home visits, and often walking in through snowy sidewalks from the main streets. Now I'm off for a few days, and we're staying at my MILs house and having a big family dinner with my sisters and Matt's brothers tomorrow. My MIL is actually in Arizona right now, so it's nice to have lots of space here at her house
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I cooked a sucessful dinner for 10 people last night accomodating all of the food allergies/preferences, etc. that our combined families bring. And no family drama, either!
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Mel, that right there is a recipe for a lovely family visit. I can report a similar success--we just had my mom, two sisters, niece, and nephew in town for two days, and it was remarkably smooth and stress free. Dh and I split the cooking/baking and did a few meals of the cheese, crackers, and dipping veggies variety, plus my mom and sister brought up pumpkin bread, two quiches, and Christmas cookies, so there was plenty of food to keep everyone grazing happily. And we just found out today that dh's brother and sister and their kids are coming on the 31st and 1st, so there's just enough time to recoup from one family before hosting another. . But his siblings are equally enjoyable and stress-free, plus it keeps Woody seriously entertained to have people here, so I can't complain.

Oh, and Mel, I'm working on the baby yoda sweater, too! Only I misplaced the small-project bag in which I was storing it, so I haven't been able to bang out the last sleeve and then seam it up...
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Oooh, that reminds me, I want to start knitting again too! I need to find a simple little project to get back into practice.

Mel & Teresa, all the family gatherings sound lovely!
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Originally Posted by HoneyTree View Post
Oh, and Mel, I'm working on the baby yoda sweater, too! Only I misplaced the small-project bag in which I was storing it, so I haven't been able to bang out the last sleeve and then seam it up...
I re-knit mine three times before I got it "right"- it was my first ever sweater, and I was going to make it a bit bigger, but then ran out of yarn. Then I realized that even at the correct size I didn't have enough, and did the sleeves in a contrasting colour and had to "hide" a little contrast under the wrap. I like it, but was pretty sick of the whole project once I hit the third round of knitting the front panels!!!
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Yeah- I did mine for nausicaamom as a DDC swap, and I was going to do matching ones for her boy and mine, but when push came to shove I just couldn't face casting on for it Amy, I'm loving these baby hats at the moment.
WW3 has broken out here- something to do with something of Skye's in Isaac's hands and she's CRYING, mummy. Then I tied them both up in playsilks and now they're happy again : (not literally tied up, obviously, but it bought me a few minutes.)
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Oh my gosh, Brynn is SO SICK! She just cannot stop coughing, and even made herself throw up this morning because she was hacking so bad. I'm pretty sure it's just a bad cold but I decided to take her to the doctor to have him check her ears just in case. She's never had an ear infection, but might as well go ahead and check it. I listened to her chest with the stethescope and didn't hear any crackling or wheezing, so I don't think it's bronchitis. But poor babe, she's never had a cough this bad!! I just hope I don't get it, although it's going to be pretty hard to avoid since she's been coughing and sneezing IN MY FACE for the past 48 hours. Sigh.

Helen, Holy cow those are ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much for the link! What is Ravelry again? Is it like an online community where you talk about knitting and swap patterns and stuff?
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Oh, those hats are SO cute! I love the "cupcake" one.

We had a nice Christmas and successfully avoided getting any excess "stuff" - Rowan got more toys of course, but a manageable amount and the big ones are staying at the g'parents' since they have lots more space than we do. DH and I got mostly socks, and puffy down vests from my ma. I am a little concerned about actually going up to visit my mom next week - she told me to "bring a bigger suitcase than you need" which doesn't bode well. She has toned Christmas down since we were kids but she's still pretty stuff-intensive, even though she did go along with my request to just do a donation in my name to the farm project I've been working on, she didn't RESTRICT herself to that which is a bit unfortunate. I am, of course, hugely grateful that she has the means and the will to buy us stuff, I just wish she wouldn't.

Christmas day was actually a little hard for me, I was totally PMSing and I talked to my mom and sisters on the phone and they said they were having moose fondue and lobster for dinner... we were having the usual ham/chicken/overcooked veg at my ILs - then I forgot the lovely soup I was bringing for lunch until we were more than halfway there and DH said "nevermind, my mom will have soup" and by "soup" he meant lipton's chicken noodle crap, and I just lost it and spent a good hour crying because I was missing out on the lovely food day I used to enjoy at Christmas, and DH totally didn't get that it was really important for me to have at least ONE special foodie thing to enjoy, and I'd saved the soup specially for Christmas. But later that day my FIL, bless his heart, brought out the single malt scotch he'd been hoarding, and that made it a LOT better. But otherwise it was pretty mellow, no family drama or anything. And I felt kind of stupid being upset about the soup. Because it was just soup, and technically I don't even believe in Christmas anyhow.

Our snow is finally gone, thankfully, and life can get back to normal. And now I have to go and make a BIG otter cave for Rowan.

Amy, I'm sorry Brynn is sick - Rowan's had a bit of a cough but nothing bad, just in the morning.

Helen, using playsilks to tie up children is a fantastic idea! So versatile, those things.

I am having knitting trauma too - I found that I'd cast on 10 extra stitches for the back of Rowan's dress and had to unravel it when it was about 2/3 done. Live and learn, live and learn....
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