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December IUI's

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Hello, Heres to a fresh new month, new thread, and a bunch of BFP's. I carried over much of the info from November, please let me know of any changes/updates/ or anything you want.

Waiting for O
Lissame-TTC#1, IUI #1 clomid/menopur/trigger
Natrualmom- IUI#6, lots of drugs

Waiting to know-2WW
DaisyMae-IUI #3 letrazole
Barefoot Farmer-2nd IUI with injectibles
Shesabuckeye-TTC 2 years, IUI #1 clomid/gonal-f/trigger
Soc- IUI #3
BellyBean- TTC#1 IUI #2 clomid
Poetgirl- IUI #5/follstim

aiting to be ready
Needle in the Hay

Faye0- IUI #7-no meds
DM360-TTC 2 years, IUI#3 injectibles
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Thanks for adding me!

Hoping the cysts will be gone when my pills are done. I am hoping with all the timing my IUI will not fall around xmas time.

It will be my first time with clomid and IUI.

I will be taking clomid 100mg days 3-7. I have no idea if I will be a fast, slow or no responder.

Anyone with Clomid experiences please I would love any info on it. What day did you have to trigger etc.

You can tell I am little nervous about this.
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Thanks NatrualMom!

Spotting today, so...
You can put me down as waiting to O, I guess, for IUI#5, 2nd Follistim Cycle. We're going to lower the dose to 50 iu to see if I can develop a few more days. The RE is just not sure if my eggs could really be that mature/capable of being fertilized so quickly. It will be interesting to see if this cycle is any different. If it doesn't work, it's off to ivf next where we can suppress my twitchy ovulation instinct.
I guess I'm okay. I have to just accept the past cycle and move forward. It's a mental relief to be off the progesterone at the least, really muddies me lately.
U/S tomorrow and hoping for no cysts, they've been so common here lately.

I am sure getting ready for donor sperm has a challenging emotional terrain that comes along. Hope the cyst resolves quickly and a successful cycle for you soon!
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Thanks for adding me natrualmom.

December will be IUI #8 for me (no meds)> And you are right, I am waiting to O.


Faye, TTC #2 since November 2005. Dealing with newly diagnosed MFI.
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Oh Poet- this really sucks Its a good idea from your RE though, because you did super resond, and it was atypical. And I hear you on the progesterone...yuck!

AFM- Ordered 2 vials of donor sperm today. It was odd, to say the least. It was hard for DH to sign the forms last night, but he did. 21 more days to get off the BCP's (yes, I'm counting down!!)
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Naturalmom - Thanks for starting the new thread! Isn't it crazy that it is alredy Dec!!! I can't believe it! 24 days till Christmas!! Wow!! Anyways, I guess you can add me to the waiting to be ready list since I'll be watching from the sidelines this month. Went to get a 2nd opinion about all these sinus infections I have been having and he said I have sinus polyps and wants me to start a steroid dose to see if it will shrink them and give me some relief. Not too excited about that, but know I have to do something and can't go on living like this! He also said there may be some kind of connection between my nasal polyps and the infertility we have been experiencing. The appt was way too much info for me to absorb it all at that time, but next time i see him I'll have to maybe ask some more questions. Figures, I go through 2 IUI's/3 cycles of Clomid and all that stuff to end up in an ENT's office and have him tell me why I might not be getting prego?!?!?! Go figure - that would just be my luck. Wonder if anyone else has heard about this. Maybe i should post something to see. Good luck to all of you this month with your IUI's , I'll be cheering for you and hope to see a ton of Christmas babies!! I'm hoping to jump back on in Jan, but want to get this whole thing figured out before we spend more money out of our pocket.
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Blue- You are updated! Wow, I really hope this is what it takes for you to get your BFP. Could you run this info by your RE to get his/her impression? Stalk away, we love the company! And yes, its crazy how close Christmas is!!!
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Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Blue- You are updated! Wow, I really hope this is what it takes for you to get your BFP. Could you run this info by your RE to get his/her impression? Stalk away, we love the company! And yes, its crazy how close Christmas is!!!
Thanks for updating me!!! I could pass it by my RE, but at this point in time i really need to deal with the sinus problem before we start trying again. I will for sure talk to them about it once we are back in the TTC mode b/c I don't want to be spending money if there isn't much hope to begin with b/c of this issue that might be affecting our fertility. It is all a mystery!!! One day at a time, is my moto!!!! Good luck to you!
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Poet--I have to agree with natrualmom that maybe you responded to soon with the meds and that you might need more "nourshing" time with your eggs. I think one of these cycles you will nail it just right. I think tweaking with your dosage will be beneficial. I was surprised before when you had to trigger early.

Blueyezz4--I hope you are feeling better. Maybe all the stress from the sinus infections is not good for ttc. You are in a lot pain and your body is focusing now on getting better. This is good that you are trying to get your health in tip top shape. Maybe the polpys are causing alot of pressure and fluid buildup in your pituary gland.

Natrualmom--gl this month with the donor. I am so happy for you that you are at peace with this. I think this is so amazing. I really think your whole family will be alright with this. You and poet amaze me on how you girls have been so strong and positive throughout all of this.

sorry I have been so chatty, I just need to talk. I feel so alone and frustrated lately.
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Hi wtg4miracle, I have taken 4 rounds of clomid (50 mg days 3-7). The only side effects I have had are hot flashes and a few emotional breakdowns (might not have been related). However, I have heard that the higher the dose the more side effects, but on the flip side there is also a better chance for more eggs. We haven't done a trigger shot, my doctor just times with LH surges/positive OPK. Overall, I don't mind the clomid especially since it has my cycles under control.
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Naturalmom - Thanks for starting the Dec thread! I'm excited to try an IUI this month, though nervous about taking the hormones. Just started Clomid today (cd4); I take that for 5 days, then the Menopur (FSH + LH) shot on cd9 and have my 1st u/s scheduled cd11, next Monday. I'm nervous about the hormones - already have a tendency to be moody - plus I'll have to give myself the shot because DH will be out of town that day!

Please update me as I am taking meds this month:
Lissame-TTC#1, IUI #1- clomid/menopur/trigger

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Thanks for adding me Naturalmom, unfortunatley we are all back but it's good to have you all here. Some days are better than others, but at least we could all talk and learn from each other. Hope I could be in the December IUI, all depends on if cyst is gone this week.

wtg-took clomid for 3 months. Wasn't bad, just lots of hot flashes. I triggered only on month the day of my 2nd iui, my RE does 2 in one week. That caused a lot of cramping but you seem to deal with anything to get what you want so bad. Good Luck to u.
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MOMTOALEXIS- What day do you see if your cysts are gone? Keep up updated. We should have a new cyst thread, the way they are showing up around here!!!
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Do most of you go in for a follow-up appointment before having a beta?

We didn't do it last month with our first IUI. Because we live so far away, they let us skip it and we just planned on doing the same protocol this month of IUI #1 didn't work.

We did IUI #2 last Saturday and Sunday and we have a follow-up appointment scheduled for this Friday. They said they usually like to do it 7-10 days post IUI. Our appt. is later than that because of a referral mix-up. What do you even do at the follow up appointment? Is there an exam? Or do you just discuss the plan for the next cycle in case?
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I got the results of my progesterone test. My level was only 5.They want it to be at least 10. I am going to start taking progesterone supplements tonight to help compensate. The Dr. is baffelled. They said that my cycle looked good so they don't know why my levels are so low. It makes me sad that maybe this cycle didn't work
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I am waiting to know.
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DM360- . I am very sorry. Hoping the supplement brings your level up. I understand that at least a 5 means you did ovulate, though. Is that what your doc says?

Nummies- Updated. How did your procedure go?

DaisyMae- I guess I have never heard of this appointment. However, it may be a good idea to get a gameplan for next cycle just in case. At our clinic, we make the game plan on the CD3 US, depending on what is seen on u/s
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Thanks Natrual for the thread! Very efficient!

Poet: so sorry to hear about the spotting. You are completely in my thoughts.

Blueyezz: goodluck with the specialist/sinus issue. It's a real b*tch that you're even going through all that. Hopefully it will be sorted, and you'll be back on the TTC wagon.

So, how is everyone else in the 2WW? Any news? Symptoms to report?
Well, I'm impatiently waiting for Friday, my official test date, to arrive. And the time is DRAGGING in. The first week in my 2WW went by quicker!

No real symptoms to report... the light achy cramp set in today in my lower belly, with a bloated feeling. I'm hoping like mad that this is a good sign...
And that it's not AF getting everything lined up for arrival. Oh, I hope, HOPE, HOPE there is a little bean in there...
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Naturalmom- Thank you so much for asking about me! I was beginning to think that no one could see my posts. IUI went great. I posted our wash numbers on the ONE thread.

soc- Good luck! i hope that this is it for you!

DM- So sorry.
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Thanks for letting me know that clomid is not that bad. At this point I can deal with anything. I just want it to work.

Yes natrualmom we should have cystfest here. What gets me is that mine were not induced by nothing. I have been off depo-provera for over 2 years now. This is scaring me to bits. Please let these cysters be gone when I am done with these pills.

poet--I am so sorry. I wish I was there to give you a hug. I don't know what to say.

soc--I am praying that there is a bean in there.

I feel for everyone of you here. I will be going through this rollercoaster soon.
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