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Best of luck Daisy and everyone who is waiting to know
I did want to pop on here and let you guys know that my first IUI didn't work. I was quite disappointed when I found out even though I wasn't really expecting it would work the first time--I was still hoping it would though! Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.
This cycle is off since DH and I are not on the same continent. I'll be back home later in this cycle and next cycle we'll do another IUI, probably in early February.

Happy Holidays everyone.
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Just popping in to report my waiting to know status is neg. That was our 6th iui. I told myself I woudn't get all psyched up for this cycle but I did it anyway. Convinced myself so well that when I poas on Christmas Eve at 13 dpo I was ready with the wrapping paper to give it to dh as his gift. Maybe I just can't handle much more. On Christmas day I broke down crying when my aunt asked me how I was and ran out of the room. Last follistim cycle upon us and then it's a March ivf. Currently stuck in CT w/ parents as flight was canceled tonight.
I'll catch up more personally when I get back for good. Hope someone gets lucky this month here.
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Poet- Replied to you in the One thread, but wanted to say I'm really sorry. All of this sucks.

Needle- Again, sorry too
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Lookin g towards January success. I have kept the thread in Nov and Dec, and don't want to hog it all. I will be glad to do it again, but if someone else does, go ahead!!
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I am so, so sorry Poetgirl. You are in my thoughts.
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POET-So sorry
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Needle and poet -- So, so sorry. Be good to yourselves.
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Oh, Poet...I was SO pulling for you this cycle. I'm so sorry.

Can't wait to hear about your last-ditch-effort-before-IVF January baby (that's what this little bugger is!)

Best wishes to all.
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Day 1 of Gonal-F after 5 days of Letrazole, my ovaries are already twinging. Cruddy night at work.....need sleepy......
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Well I'm out. Started spotting today.I thought the heartache would get easier but each month seems so much harder. Just glad I didn't start spotting before New Years, at least I could get it all out before that. I'll be back Friday to RE to discuss the next step. Hope everyone else is doing okay.
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MomtoA, I'm so sorry. I know how hard this stings. There is no true comfort. Take good care of yourself.

Had a very active day with RE. I am doing my final follisitm/IUI cycle and we are using micro-dose lupron with it so I can grow those eggs a little longer without worrying about early O. It also gives us some info. about how I will respond to Lupron as I also scheduled an ivf consult and put a down payment for it (refund. if pregs). So, sad as I am, once again moving forward. I woke up with the sense that I must must try to be strong here. With this and a March ivf, I may be pregnant within a few mths and my baby will need me to big healthy emotionally and if it doesn't work, I will need my strongest self to catch me then. Easier said than done, but if anyone wants to hop along, I'll welcome the company.
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MomtoAlexis -- I'm so sorry. I was really hoping this would be your cycle. It's never a good time for a BFN, before or during New Year's Eve. Keep us updated on your new plan.

Poetgirl -- Good luck w/this cycle. Hopefully the lupron will work for you. If this cycle doesn't work I would think your IVF course will be more tailored to your body because you're taking lupron now. And you're right about needing to stay strong. I'm trying to be strong on a cycle by cycle basis, but I admit it's a struggle. Some days are much easier than others.

AFM -- I'm 12dpo and just starting to feel PMS signs, or maybe it's all the fudge I've been eating (yeah, wishful thinking ).
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MOMTOALEXIS- So sorry, AF sucks and so does infertility Please hang on there for now

Poet- Lupron seems like a good idea, maybe your eggies will mature. I'm glad you have plan to move foward with IVF, but I hope you don't need to go there. Keep us posted.

Eternal- Fingers crossed. Do you POAS?

AFM- Will do Gonal-f Shot #3 this am...
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Well, after worrying that I would O early and miss snowboarding, I finally ended up getting a positive OPK today (1 day late). I was starting to get concerned since the clomid has made me very regular the last 3 months. So I just called and scheduled my third and final IUI for tomorrow morning 7:15 am. Even with really low expectations, I still know I will be SO disappointed if this doesn't work!

: and : for a this time around!
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Poet- sounds like you have the right attitude! Best wishes!

Bellybean- Good luck with the IUI.

momtoalexis- So sorry about AF.

AFM: PMS symptoms have started to pop up. This sucks.
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BELLYBEAN-Good Luck tom, so glad your in this month.

Thanks for all the hugs and support, it means so much!
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Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Lookin g towards January success. I have kept the thread in Nov and Dec, and don't want to hog it all. I will be glad to do it again, but if someone else does, go ahead!!
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