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Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
DaisyMae- I guess I have never heard of this appointment. However, it may be a good idea to get a gameplan for next cycle just in case. At our clinic, we make the game plan on the CD3 US, depending on what is seen on u/s
We don't do a CD3 US, so maybe that's why the follow up instead?
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Dm360-so sorry about the # but hopefully the supplements will do the trick.

Daisy-re has never done follow up after iui. We just wait out the 2ww and go back when af comes or for a beta if af doesn't come, but that nasty af seems to always come.

Naturalmom- we are going friday for u/s, i'll let you knowhow it goes.
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DM630, I am praying that you have a bean in there and the supplements help! My doctor also says that 5 indicates ovulation.

Soc, well I am just 1dpo. Obviously no symptoms yet, but I am already going a little crazy wondering what is happening right now. Did the sperm make it to the egg? I wish I knew! Every month the 2ww seems longer and longer. I have chosen my first test date as Dec 13th (12dpo). Maybe everyone here will be able to keep me honest and hold out till the end?
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Thanks for all of the positive thoughts sent.

I was able to talk to the nurse again..once I was able to calm myself from thinking it was over.
She reassured me that it doesn't mean that the IUI didn't work, it is just more of a concern that my body does not produce enough progesterone, so the fun progesterone suppositories twice a day should help. I am still holding on to hope.
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You can add me to the list, it's my first time doing IUI. I gave myself the trigger shot last night and tomorrow morning I'll have the IUI. I took serophene on CD 3-7. If nothing else, it feels good to at least be starting this process even if this cycle isn't successful. I'm sure it gets old fast, but right now it feels exciting.

Best of luck to everyone on their IUIs this month!
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As I mentioned in the other thread my DH is out of town this week. I am having such lovely fertile signs. My temps seem more organized that the last two cycles. Beautiful CM. There was a faint line on the OPK this morning and if it is strong tomorrow morning they can possibly schedule us for Friday afternoon. It really depends on his work schedule. He's about 5 hours away and I don't see any way we could plan a rendezvous.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
As I mentioned in the other thread my DH is out of town this week. I am having such lovely fertile signs. My temps seem more organized that the last two cycles. Beautiful CM. There was a faint line on the OPK this morning and if it is strong tomorrow morning they can possibly schedule us for Friday afternoon. It really depends on his work schedule. He's about 5 hours away and I don't see any way we could plan a rendezvous.
I am so sorry. This is so frustrating. Its looks like you might have a chance for friday. Just take one day at a time. I am in a weird situation soon also.
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Originally Posted by wtg4miracle View Post
Blueyezz4--I hope you are feeling better. Maybe all the stress from the sinus infections is not good for ttc. You are in a lot pain and your body is focusing now on getting better. This is good that you are trying to get your health in tip top shape. Maybe the polpys are causing alot of pressure and fluid buildup in your pituary gland.

sorry I have been so chatty, I just need to talk. I feel so alone and frustrated lately.

Thanks WTG! You might be right... maybe all the pressure in my head is causing an issue with my pituitary gland = infertility. You never know. Hopefully if that is the case then after all the swelling subsides it will change things for our infertility. We will see. That would be great. Sorry you are feeling so alone and frustreated lately. Don't feel alone!!! We are all here for you!!!! Take care of yourself in this challenging journey!!

Originally Posted by soc View Post
Blueyezz: goodluck with the specialist/sinus issue. It's a real b*tch that you're even going through all that. Hopefully it will be sorted, and you'll be back on the TTC wagon.

No real symptoms to report... the light achy cramp set in today in my lower belly, with a bloated feeling. I'm hoping like mad that this is a good sign...
And that it's not AF getting everything lined up for arrival. Oh, I hope, HOPE, HOPE there is a little bean in there...
Soc - I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you this time. I looked at your chart and it looks good!! I sure hope this is your month!! I really do find hope in other people's BFPs, especially if they are from this forum!!! Take care and keep us updated!!
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The faint line must have been the tail end of the surge. Today I had nothing on the OPK and my temp went up. I'm sending all my spare fertile vibes out to everyone else in this thread.
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I had my follow up appointment today. If this cycle didn't work, we're changing from Clomid to Letrozole. The nurse practitioner thinks 6-7 follicles is too many, but more importantly my uterine lining is far too thin. It was 3.9 at the time first IUIs and 4.1 at the time of my second IUIs. Not good at all.

I'm praying that the Clomid is the cause of the issue, otherwise she said thin uterine lining is one of the hardest problems to deal with.

On CD3 when I had my antral follicle count and wasn't on any drugs my lining was 4.2 and presumably got thicker as my cycle went on which gives me hope that the Clomid was the cause since 4.2 is higher than either of the measurements I had much later in my cycle after taking the Clomid.

Anyone have experience with uterine lining issues? Is there anything I can do to help it? I go to acupuncture once each week and will mention this at my next appointment. Are there any other things I can do? Vitamins? Supplements? Dietary changes?

Please let it be the Clomid that caused this. :
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This morning is 13 dpo and there was two lines!!!!!!! The second one was lighter then the control, but you didn't have to squint or turn it on an angle to see it. We waited 10 minutes and it was still there. I think this is the BFP I have been waiting for. I want to go to the store and buy a case of tests just to make sure. I am in disbelief. I will test again tomorrow morning and call the doctors for a beta! :
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Congrats DM630.
I happy to report the same--took HPT this a.m. (15 dpo) and I got a digital "pregnant". wow. I am in shock.
This was IUI #7 (mid November) and I was so totally sure I was NOT pregnant that I have already planned on IUI #8 around christmas (as you can see in earlier posts).

Just so everyone can have faith: this was my 7th IUI and it was unmedicated. We have been trying for 37 months!! We are dealing with severe MFI.
So it's possible. IT can happen.

Now, fingers crossed that this works out b/c I am in my mid 30s. And I know the possibilities.
I am just trying to take it easy.
GOOD LUCK to everyone. I can't believe I am writing these words.
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Good news all around today!!!!!! Congrats to both of you!!!! :
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DM630 and FayeO, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so happy for you two, what great news!:::
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Great news!!!! :::

Tomorrow is my beta, so hopefully I will have similarly great news to report. I'm skeptical though after learning how thin my uterine lining was. Maybe the Crinone did the trick.
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Yeah FayeO and DM360!!!!!!!:::

DaisyMae- One of clomids downfalls is thin lining. Letrazole is so much better for that.
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You give us all inspiration. This is thrilling!
A VERY happy healthy 9 mths to you both
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I just posted this on the other thread but I wanted to put it here too in case you guys didn't see the other:



Thanks everyone for the well wishes!!
I do hope this starts a chain of BFPs for everyone.

Just so you don't throw in the towel yet, remember (and I know I already said this):
This was cycle #37 for me (TTC)!! 36 long and difficult failures.
And this was my 7th artificial insemination (my RE insisted that I try 9 TOTAL before moving on to IVF). I thought she was loony.
But now I see the logic.

Anyway-I just want to encourage everyone to persist even though it's exhausting.

I think this board really helped me muddle through.
Thanks again.
And hopefully this works out for me. Still cautious...
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Congratulations, DM630 and FayeO! That is wonderful news!!!

DaisyMae08, good luck on your beta! I just found out I may have uterine lining issues myself and am anxious to hear if you have learned anything about it. I went for my u/s this morning, cd10, and they said I had 3 good-sized follicles but the uterine lining was too thin (I didn't know enough to ask for the measurement). I had an u/s on cd10 unmedicated in Oct and my lining was pretty normal (just a little on the thin side), so I hope this is due to the clomid. I don't really know how badly this affects my chances for this IUI - I hate to spend the money if it's really unlikely to work and wonder if we should just try next month with letrazole?

I am so disappointed - I really really wanted to go ahead and do the trigger tonight, but the RE wants me to hold off until Tuesday night in hope the lining will thicken. The IUI would be Thursday AM, cd14. My other worry is that I usually ovulate on cd14, so if I o early on the clomid we'll miss it. I'm doing OPKs, but I tried them last month and missed my surge, so I don't have a lot of confidence in them. Ugh. I know a lot of you have been on this rollercoaster for a long time, but I can't believe how quickly I went from hopeful excitement (this AM before the u/s) to anxious worry (now).
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