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Originally Posted by janaya View Post
#2 got it last night. his was a little more harsh than big brother's, surprising given he's still nursing (he couldn't even keep breastmilk down). it seems he's done now though, knock wood. is there any sadder little kid face than the puking one? my heart just breaks into a million pieces when they are all scared and shocked and grossed out. :'(
Awww, poor Tristan. And poor mama too! I know just the feeling you mean.

I'll never forget the first time Aurelia threw up. It went all over my boob. Hehe. I guess I will say that is one downside of extended bf'ing (well, as extended as my boobs let me go).
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It is way worse when they are that little and can't understand it at all. Lor's face when he threw up broke my heart. He would just cry and cry. And then he'd feel hungry and beg for food (I would nurse, but no solids) and I felt like such a mean mama not letting him eat! I hope Tristan is feeling better soon!
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Originally Posted by bjorker View Post
I would head on over to Amazon in a second. Especially if I could work anywhere near the books. I'd settle for distribution center work, though (hear that, Amazon? ).
Originally Posted by ErinBird View Post
Me? We moved across the country for Amazon
Originally Posted by MonAmiBella View Post
Mine is former MS, after 10 years he needed a break so he's at Amazon. I miss the health insurance! His commute is longer now, we're out east of Redmond but he seems to like it and doesn't complain about more time on the bus.

We live in Tacoma so I don't usually look at the Seattle threads, but today I did and it's fun to see how many amazonians there are. Hubby is one, again at long last (he worked Seattle Customer Service in the mass layoff in '01, the day after he proposed)...we met while working there...I was in Tacoma when there was CS there and he became one of my cyber-team Leads right before we met, LOL. Anyway, he spent 6 years in various jobs and companies that ended up giving him the perfect knowledge and experience to get the job he has now with them, and we're just SO happy he's there.

And since we live near downtown Tacoma, and his commute involves walking, Tacoma downtown lightrail, the Sounder train, and more walking, he was able to get in the whole week of lots of snow! Only missed ONE day and that was after it started icing in Tacoma. He got lots of "thanks" Starbucks giftcards from his department for that.

OK go back to your normal Seattle talk.
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Originally Posted by ErinBird View Post
There seem to be a number of DH's co-workers doing that commute as amazon feeds itself with new workers. We live just south of downtown in part for the shorter commute and general proximity to DH during the day (DD and I can bus downtown for lunch or whatever if he is working longer than usual hours....).
Erinbird - are you in G'Town neighborhood?
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