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Red Freckles

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Ok, I'm a very freckly person and I've definitely had new ones pop up since I've been pregnant. Recently I have quite a few (double digits) red freckles. Not red like a regular freckle with irritation but the freckle itself is bright red or even hot pink. Anyone have this or know what it is?
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Where are they? Have you been vomiting or straining really hard? They could be capillaries maybe?

Honestly though, I vote normal freaky skin/pigment changes from pregnancy.

Pregnancy makes all of my freckles/age spots much more pronounced. Could be you had these lighter, very pale freckles already but never noticed them until the hormones kicked in?
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I have them too, although mine have been around for a while and not related to pg.

They are called Cherry Angiomas

Definition of Cherry Angioma
Cherry angioma is a cherry-red to purple colored benign skin tumor of unknown origin that appears most frequently after age 40.

Description of Cherry Angioma
Cherry angiomas are the most common vascular lesions to appear on human skin. They are made up of clusters of dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin, which accounts for the cherry-red or purple color. No one knows exactly what causes them.

Cherry angiomas can occur almost anywhere on the skin, but most commonly on the torso. They rarely occur on the hands or feet. When they first occur, cherry angiomas are about the size of a pinhead and do not protrude above the surface of the skin. However, some grow to 1/4 inch across or more, and become spongy and dome- or mushroom-shaped.

A cherry angioma is painless and harmless, but many persons want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Large angiomas can bleed profusely when they are injured. Because of this, don't puncture them or try to remove them yourself.

You can develop cherry angiomas anytime in your life, but they are most frequent after the age of 40.
They really don't bother me and they are so small that I am probably the only person who notices them. It says that most people don't develop them until after 40, but I have noticed them since about 28ish.
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Thanks! I looked up cherry angiomas online and that looks like what they are. I'm glad they aren't dangerous - my husband thinks they're cute! (he'd have to like freckles to be married to me!)
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You're welcome....yeah, they're really no big deal. I too have regular freckles (red head)
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I have these too. I got my first one around 23 or so. I never thought much of it, but I'm glad to have found what it is.
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DH just pointed out 3 of these on my belly and back last week. We were wondering what they were, glad to know they're harmless.
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