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So I'm being induced... tonight...! UPDATE!!

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I'm due today, went in for an OB app, still nothing new happening with my cervix, blood pressure still up, failed NST, inducing tonight. Yah, tonight, tonight. So I'm checking in at the hospital at 7:30. My doc is hopeful that I can skip the pitocin and I REALLY hope he's right. I can't handle that mess all over again.

My doula is sick so she may have to send someone else in (whom I've never met) when labor starts. My doc thinks I should be able to sleep through the night and that things will get going in the morning. We'll see. I'm nervous. I really wasn't planning on having a baby today or tomorrow when I went in to my app today. I was really hoping that this, my last pregnancy, could end with me going into labor on my own but, now I know that isn't happening.

So I'm leaving my house in about 20 minutes so I have time to visit my dad (who JUST had heart surgery a couple hours ago) to say happy birthday to him and see how he's doing before checking in at the other end of the hospital. Got all my junk, dd's junk, and dh's junk packed, had my mom pick up my dogs and take them to spend the night at her house, and cleaned up a bit so I wouldn't have to do it when I get home a a couple days.... and now I'm overheating, hungry, feel sick to my stomach from worrying, and.... yah, thats it. Wait, I still have a cold and dh just came down with it this morning. JOY!

wish me luck!
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Good luck Tracy! I hope you get a good night's sleep and have a wonderful birth!!
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Good Luck! You'll be in my prayers. Here's sending happy birthing vibes to you!
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Good luck!
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Good luck Tracy, I'm sorry its not going quite the way you wanted but here is vibes that all they have to do is give you a tiny push and you'll go into labor on your own.

Hugs, vibes and all that jazz!
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Smooth birthing vibes mama!
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Tracy, I wish you the best of luck! I hope everything goes well. I am thinking about you and am sending some peaceful labor vibes your way.

Much love and light to you! Hopefully you will be holding your sweet babe soon :
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Good luck... sorry it has to go this way, but I'm so happy for you that you get to meet your baby soon!!
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Originally Posted by terrainthailand View Post
Good luck... sorry it has to go this way, but I'm so happy for you that you get to meet your baby soon!!
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Good luck Tracy, and remember that in the end, the important thing is that your baby comes out safely. I know it's not what you wanted, but if it results in a happy, healthy baby and a healthy mommy, that's really all that counts.
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Wishing you the best!
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Sorry you have to be induced...hope that everything goes smoothly and you could be holding your baby right now!
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Thinking of you and wishing you a happy birth!
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I am sorry it's not exactly what you want; I just know when you are holding your sweet baby in your arms you will only remember how much you love and have wanted to meet her.
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Good luck - I hope everything is going smoothly and you can post about your new baby soon!
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Hope everything is going smoothly and you are holding your little one soon!
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Tracy I hope you are already holding your baby, I'm thinking of you!
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Showed up at the hospital at 7:30. I got the big corner room, which was nice... about 600sq/ft to move around in . My induction started at about 9pm or so. Different method than they used for my first induction. In no time I was feeling contractions. The monitering during the night was a bit limiting to my mobility and I only managed about an hour of sleep due to the contractions but, not too bad. They inserted the 3rd pill into my cervix at 6am and within a hour of after that my contracions were regular and about 2 minutes apart. Thats when it got REALLY painful. I called my doula and she was there shortly. I went from a 2cm to 5cm pretty quick and the pain went up like mad along with it. I was doing fairly well moving around, sitting on the ball, sitting on the toilet (which was the best position to cope with pain oddly), leaning over the bed, squatting, kneeling on the floor, laying on my side, and basically anything else my body told me to do. Not once did I lay on my back (like I was stuck doing almost my entire first labor .

I made it to 8cm and was in fight or flight sort of pain. I was doing my breathing, and low moans, and all that good stuff but, it turned to yells and fast breathing eventually. With my swelling increasing (due to the vulvodynia I'd been dealing with for some time) and the intense pain I opted for the epi. I felt bad at first but, when I was able to relax, calm down, and focus on my birth and baby I didn't regret it. I had it for such a short time that I didn't have to get a bladder cath, and didn't cause uncomfortable numbness. I never had to up the doesage or push the little, "gimme more!" button like I did with the first birth. I made it to my threshhold of a 9 on the pain scale and 8cm so I was happy with my decision. I began pushing after 12pm and was holding little ds at 12:44. So much smoother this time around!

No rips or tares! No stitches! No ungodly swelling! I was out of the hospital by 1pm today, able to walk around, go to the bathroom, shower, and feel almost like myself again! SOOOOOOO much better this time. All around 1000% improved over my birth experience with dd (even though I let the pain get far worse before putting myself out of my misery).

Dd did great with the whole expereince and really loves her little brother. Dh fell in love with his little boy right away. We're all home now and getting back into the swing of things. My back pain is catching up with me but I'll probably be feeling much better by friday. I really can't complain, it was a good expereince this time and even though I was induced again, I don't have anything regretful or unhappy to say.

ds was born at 12:44pm, 7lbs 12oz and healthy. He's sleeping and eating well.

thank you everyone for all of the well wishes and good thoughts for the birth. It worked!
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Congrats! Sounds like an awesome birth!
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Im so glad things went well for you. Congratulations :
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