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Weekly Chat 12/01!

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Our first weekly chat in our official due month! Hooray! Chat away!
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Happy December! Birth announcements every day!
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Hey ladies,
Hope you all are doing better than me. I am just getting by. Didn't puke today; that is an improvement.

DH might get strangled if he goes crosstown for work this week; we have had two trips to L&D already and been sent home twice. If he gets stuck in traffic and I'm stuck here I don't know what I'll do. Or if he misses the birth....heaven help him.

Somebody tell me about how great you feel and how much fun you're having folding all the little clothes...please? I need some vicarious happy vibes.
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I am so sorry to hear you are puking mom2annika. That sucks!

I wish I could say I am enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy, but I have PUPPPs and I am not coping very well. I was thinking about whether I'd rather be in pain or itch, I think I'd rather be in pain. I can't seem to get a handle on this at all. The only cure seems to be birth so I am really hoping for a baby soon, but I feel guilty since I would love to enjoy these last weeks.

Ugh. I hope the rest of us are feeling better.
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Just got home from my appointment with the MW.. I thought I felt the baby drop a few days ago and she confirmed that and thinks she's approaching 7 pounds right now. I've been losing bits of my mucus plug for the last few days and I'm still having fairly regular cramps, so hopefully I'll get to meet my baby soon! It could definitely still be a few more weeks but I'm doing what I can to move things along, drinking my RRL tea and :ahem: with DH. I'm really excited now, I feel ready

I took the 3-hour GTT on Friday (yes, the day after Thanksgiving.. It was SO. HARD. to leave the pumpkin pie in the fridge on Thursday night!), and my numbers came back completely normal. I doubt there's anything they would have done at this point if it turned out I did have GD, I've been trying to eat better anyway because I just feel better and have more energy when I do.

DH told me last night that if he did some more reading, he'd be okay if we "accidentally" have the baby by ourselves at home He's so sweet, I would not have expected him to be okay with that. We'll probably end up going to the hospital late in labor, I wouldn't mind having other people around since this is my first and I have no idea what labor is going to be like for me, but maybe we'll actually plan to UC with the next one. I've come to terms with having my baby in a hospital so I'll be happy either way. I really like both the MW and Dr., and the hospital's policies are a lot more mom- and baby-friendly than I expected they would be. We'll see what happens once I actually go into labor.

Hehe.. one of my cats is SUCH a toddler. She likes to follow me around in the kitchen, and when I stop paying attention to her she'll stand on her hind legs and pull the cabinets open, like "Hey Mom! Look what I'm doing!"
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home visit & ultrasound today.
I'm not terribly nervous about the us, but I have to admit there's a nagging worry in the back of my mind. They "found" marginal placenta previa in July. There's been absolutely no spotting ever. This is a high-tech us facility, so I know they weren't imagining it. The doc said no sex, but no more explanation than that. But he also said that he was 97% confident it would resolve itself, so no reason to worry - why the no sex, then, I wanted to ask, but my kiddos were there! Well, we decided to DTD in September, and we've been horny teens since then - still no bleeding.

I have no real complaints, other than my inability sleep past 9 and to "do" as much as I want. My swelling is under control with maternity-knee-highs and gallons of water and a daily nap. I'm determined to force myself to call a chiropractor today, but the pubic pain is really not so bad these days. I still think it would be helpful to get an adjustment.

Olivia: I have chronic skin itching, due to eczema. Pre-pregnancy, I was taking 3-4 benadryl at night just to get some relief. My itching is under control with 1 benadryl at bedtime and pregnancy oil on my belly. Hot showers are really one of the biggest triggers for itchiness - hard to break that habit, I know, but that and good lotion (Nothing scented) have been the most helpful. I like aveeno lotion, but I love love Body Shop shea butter. I'm using an oil from California Baby now, and it's super greasy, but gosh it feels good!

have a great day y'all!
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It's been up and down here. I am emotional a lot and DH and I are both more irritable and short tempered. My feet/ankles keep swelling and I am going to try and go into a therapy pool today at the gym to see if it helps. My left is much worse. BP is still fine and all urine tests fine. LO is moving lots. Sometimes it hurts when he moves. I get nausea again on and off. Constipated- not fun. Can't get comfortable at night. Will strangle the next person that tells me I will have this baby in January instead of Dec.
This last month thing is a real mental challenge. Tonight is last birth class we will attend and it is a labor simulation where you bring your birth bag, birth ball, etc and they play some sound cd that mimicks the amount of time of and between contractions but shrunk down to about 1 hour.
I have a million things on to do list incl. thank you notes, christmas cards, grovery shopping and I have to wear my slippers out because of swelling. Oh well, time to get going and out of my fuzzy pink robe.

WIsh I wasn't due at the end of the month.
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I had my midwife appt yesterday, and the baby has dropped and my cervix is "favorable." I'm huge and uncomfortable, but otherwise alright. Some swelling. Just slow moving in general. I feel like we are ready, so I'm just trying to keep things up (laundry, dishes, etc.) and not get behind.

Originally Posted by kimnm View Post
Will strangle the next person that tells me I will have this baby in January instead of Dec.
My midwife said, "You should be thinking in terms of it possibly being another month." : (My last was born at 42 weeks.) I know I should, but I really don't want to!

Since I have a history with eclampsia I'm nervous now, even though all the tests are good. I test my BP and protein at home as well as at mw appts, and all looks good, but it was all good last time and then shot up in labor, so I can't help but be a little anxious. I just want this baby to be born and have this all over with.
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I'm all nervous about my friday prenatal appointment. The last appt my bp was 135/80 and I asked for it to be retaken at the end of the appointment and they didn't think it was "necessary" and wouldn't redo it.

So now I'm not sure if it creeped up due to stress and rushing to get there, or what. It was at a prenatal very late in pregnancy last time at kaiser that they freaked out and said I had pre-e and had to be induced, so its very very stressful to go in for me which doesn't help any. *Sigh*

Other than that I've been doing pretty well. One or two contractions a day I can actually 'feel' (they don't hurt, but they are more than the BH ones), and nesting like mad, and oh my goodness will my body stop trying to clean me out for labor *so* frequently (excuse the TMI )?!

This weekend we're doing my belly cast and having a baby shower, so I'd sure be happy if Fiona would stay put until after all that and the appointment goes smoothly.
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i was let off of bedrest and fairly instantly tossed into 12 work days for a dream come true project that is just so exciting, i dont even think about the discomfort until i come home and collapse. its weird. i started working when most women stop, (plus i had to come back from a couple months of BR) but its really worked out for me. i know id be obsessing adn feeling every pain and ache and as it is, im absorbed in other things right now. and when youre doing something super cool, the energy just seems to come naturally. as long as the babe is moving and bopping, im a okay.
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StarMama - I have kaiser... When I go to my OB's office it's 20 pts higher than when I go in to perinatology.. I don't think it's a dr's thing - I think it's my OB's nurse!

After DH has been out of work for a month (he does contract work), they call him in for Thursday! My DD is Sunday and I have a scheduled induction on the 13th (gest. diabetes). %$#$@# It has been SO WONDERFUL to be at home with him for the past few weeks. This totally messes up everything! But we can ALWAYS use the gobs of extra money so in he goes (my decision). The project is set to last for 2 weeks, so if I go late and it ends early (always likely with these things) it could work out great.... except I still have to drive myself to my twice weekly NSTs! I haven't driven myself in weeks!
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Wow Holly that sounds awesome! What are you working on?

Brandy oh my, kaiser totally doesn't follow the protocals for bp most of the time here. I have to make sure my arm is up at heart level, my feet are on the floor, and the nurses try to get me to talk the entire time they are doing it! Gah!

So the induction for GD, kaiser doesn't want you to go more than 41 weeks is that it? I'm going in to do the first 1 hour screening on thursday (seems so silly to me at this point, I'll be 38 weeks friday but it seems I have to jump through their hoops to get a midwife at the birth) and was curious.

Hubby works away from home there? Can he return for the birth in the midst of things? Are the NSTs to do with the GD or something else? Can I ask you 50 million questions?
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I guess we're in the homestretch! I am definitely talking to this baby about staying in for mommy. We just moved to a new apartment on Sunday and aren't quite finished with moving everything out of the old place and since we have so much more space, we have more stuff to buy--curtains, a kitchen table, a couple lamps, some rugs...it could go on and on. Baby's due 12/29 and though I am getting more uncomfortable, especially trying to sleep, I can take another month if it means I get enough time to finish settling in. And my shower is this weekend :
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Star Mama - kaiser doesn't want me to go past 40w! my OB wanted to schedule me for this weekend but we went for next weekend. I've had GD since like 24 or 25 weeks tho... I live nearby the hospital so I didn't bother with a MW. Seriously, 10 minutes away, I didn't want to deal with hiking an hour to the place with the midwives (because I can show up late!). DH can leave whenever he wants so it's fine, but there's issues with quitting the job & getting unemployment again and all that. If he has to go back to work after the baby is born, that's sucks, but if we have to do it, it's just for a few days (creating bubble of peace around this situation... our hands are tied with the unemployment rules so pls nobody suggest we just skip it!). I'm just cranky about it because I didn't expect there to be any pre-xmas work!

Anyways, the 2x/week NSTs are for the GD. Doing the test does seem silly at 38w to me too! I think weeks 36-38 are the big gainer weeks, but if you have GD & it's out of control, I guess after could be pretty bad too.

I'd planned to go to target to return some gifts after my daily walk, but was too pooped. We'll go in the morning before walking tomorrow. Pregnancy at 39w is HARD!!!
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I'm worried about induction pressure too Brandy (we are on the GD thread together) I have a biophysical on Friday. I don't want to be induced but I'm 38 weeks on thursday and there is no sign I'm going anywhere labor wise any time soon. I suspect that left to my own devices I would go late and I'm afraid they'll panic about that, but we'll see.

For my own sake, I'm ok with the baby coming any time after this weekend. I'd really like to get the christmas tree up for my son and go to a birthday party that was promised this weekend. After that its ok. Though my mom keeps saying we have to wait until the 16th or at least til after the 12th (the 12th is her last day of work)

I'm not miserably uncomfortable exactly but I'm sick and exhuasted and not exactly comfortable either and SOOOOO tired of dealing with the GD, so my feeling is that if we have the christmas tree up he can come whenever he wants
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My PSD(pelvic seperation) and TMJ(jaw sticking) are killing me. I wake up in the morning and can barely open my mouth...OMG it hurts so bad. And there's nothing to be done about it. Poopy.

No matter what I eat at night, I can't get that full feeling. I eat protein and all the stuff I'm supossed to, but it doesn't work. Oh well. It's almost over right...??? LMBO
I forgot how much I HEART strawberry yogurt. mmmmm.

So we have decided to do Christmas gifts a little diff this year with Ash. We are going to get her SANTA presents and let her open those the morning of. And then we are going to get her a card with a coupon in it saying that she has $X amount of money to spend how she would like. We want to get her learning how to spend money, and how to add/subtract more. So this way she can get exactly what she wants.

I just realized that we can't have sex for like a month after baby is born.............................................. ........wha?

I've been sleeping a lot the past few days...I woke up at 2pm today, then fell asleep for 2 hours tonight, got up to eat something then fell back asleep for about 2 hours...this NEVER happens. And I'm actually really really tired right now. Has this ever happened to you ladies right before you went into labor? I'm thinking that maybe my body is making me catch up a little bit bc I'm about to be up for awhile...???
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my u/s was just perfect. Everything looks great. Baby on target growth-wise, too. Still measuring right about 37-38 weeks. The marginal previa did move, and we've been given the all-clear to have a "vaginal delivery". I thought it was hilarious how he said it. This doc is a high-risk ob who does u/s all day long on a high definition machine. He's got 4 kids, and he's always been so nice and easy-going. He didn't flinch about my age or the fact that we're having a h/b. And, his parting comment was: "I'll see you in 18 months."

uh, NO.

My children are at least 4 years apart, no reason to think another would appear THAT much sooner! Although, I confess, that I've been secretly thinking about having another .... sooner than 4 years down the road, of course ...

Then we had celebratory orgasmic sex. (although, I confess there's a little voice inside of me that wants to avoid anything that "might" trigger labor - but I also believe that nothing will trigger labor until baby is really ready to be born)

Today is my DD's 9th birthday! : I can't believe it's been 9 years!

Well, I vowed this morning not to sit glued to the computer all day today. Too much to do to get the house ready for birthday party this Sat - and to get it ready for BIRTH. I know I won't be doing much after the baby ...

Soothing vibes : to all of you mamas who are hurting today!

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Just have to share my excitement, even though it's totally not baby-related. I was at the store getting stocking stuffers, and saw that Cadbury's has released an "ornament egg" (essentially a Cadbury Creme Egg dressed up for Christmas in red foil). Can I just say how happy I am? ::: These are my fave candies in the whole world. Yum.
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I flipped over in my recliner in the wee hours of this morning. DH got up around 1 or 2 this morning bc he couldn't sleep, I was going to sit down in my chair, and I guess I sat on the upper half a little too much and *flip* it goes backwards with me in it. DH came running over to try and get me up, but my chair sits in the corner and I was pinned in. Squished Evan a bit, but nothing serious. I did pull something in my left chest/shoulder region though. It's a bit achey. I told DH that it was mighty good(and a sign from God in my eyes) that he was awake and sitting on the couch.

I slept really bad today...I sleep during the day rather than during the night bc of Insomnia...I kept waking up every hour and when I drift off to sleep I had weird dreams and I tossed and turned...what's this all about?! GRRR. I should still be asleep...I didn't go to sleep until8 this morning...so I only got 5 hours of sleep. ::yawning:

Mom is taking me to my MW appt tomorrow! YAY! The office is downtown Dallas and I live about an hour away w/out traffic...plus I don't drive really anymore if I don't have to. So I am excited needless to say! Plus I get to see the new addition office! They are getting so big, they had to rent out a loft appt a few blocks away. And I'm the first batch of appt's that get to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <stoked> I just talked to one of the MW's and she said that they are all praying and pulling for me to have my baby. They know how miserable I am, and she even said that she "will see you tomorrow with or without the baby...hopefully w/out" But it will be w/out, I assure you.

I can't friggin eat anything w/out my reflux acting up. Geez oh my.

TMI>>>I'm trying to have all the "O"'s I can have to try to dialate my cervix. By myself...I don't want to DTD, it hurts. Plus I'm getting back in that "please don't touch me" stage of pg. I guess that's bc I"m huge and grumpy and wanting this to be over. My nipples hurt SO bad! Yikes! I woke up with another sizeable leak on my shirt the other morning. And when I clean out the dried gunk, it's glistening inder there! YAY!

Hope everyone is hanging in there..."It's almost over!!!!!!" lol
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Eek! Glad you are okay Jenn! I am so scared of falling or anything.

I feel bad for DH.. I have been really short and cranky with him the past two days... I just feel so miserable. I'm completely emotional and no thoughts are very rational. I was almost in tears yesterday because I just wanted Kallie here in my arms. I know it's not good for her to come early... but I think I have officially reached the DONE feeling of pregnancy. *nods*

I feel ready. There are some things yet to get, but nothing major that is stressing me out... she could come today and I'd be perfectly fine about it.

We put the seat in the car this weekend.

I really can't wait to meet my daughter. Work is getting harder and harder to get through because I am so bloody antsy to nest at home. lol

Two more weeks then it's Christmas and my nice long break. I can do this... just two more weeks...
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