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Today I have what I *hope* will be my last pre-baby mw appt. DS and I are going to the children's museum and then to the mw where we will "listen to baby's hawkbeak (heartbeat)" (according to ds!). Everything is ready for the homebirth, except I keep forgetting to make or find some receiving blankets. I'm ok physically, other than that baby is pushing a lot in one spot and it hurts. And just general uncomfort, but not too bad. Hoping baby comes this weekend, I'll be 40 weeks on Monday :
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Hi ladies,

I've been a regular lurker for the whole pregnancy, and hesitate to post unless i actually have something to contribute (which usually isn't much since this is pg #1 for me, and I'm just soaking it all in!) but this has been a crazy week so far, and I needed to just share with other women who are about to pop!

I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I've been working full-time this whole pregnancy, driving about 45-60 mins both ways to my job (only 15 miles, but it takes a long time!) My plan has been to work right up until baby decides to make his/her appearance, then I'm done for good to be a W/SAHM. No big deal, right? Lots of women work right up until the end of pregnancy, we need the money, I'm low-risk so far and actually a lot closer to the hospital where I'm working than when I'm at home. (We're planning a natural hospital birth with DH coaching, my mom as doula as she is an experienced natural/homebirther, and my wonderful OB who used to attend homebirth deliveries, but now only delivers in the hospital.)

Well, Mon AM we had our first snowstorm, and I thought nothing of it except that I needed to get up early and extra careful on my drive to work. The roads were pretty nasty, and I hadn't gotten more than a mile from home when some crazy driver trying to turn left out of a side street on my right side pulled out into the street and crashed right into the passenger side of my car! I saw it coming, but because it was slick, there was no way I was able to stop or get out of his way. It was a fairly gentle hit, all things considered - airbags didn't deploy, I had my seatbelt on properly below my gigantic belly, and I didn't hit the steering wheel or anything, but I was very shook up and scared and started crying right away, worrying that the baby was hurt or something, even though I felt fine. Long story short, once the police finally got to the scene over a half an hour later, :, I was having *tiny* contractions, I was still crying from anxiety and not being able to reach DH who had apparently left his cell phone at home, and I must have looked like a mess. The officer took one look at me and my pregnant self and freaked out, sputtering about how they didn't tell them anything about me being pregnant or he would have been there sooner, blah blah... . Anyway, I told him I was perfectly fine, just a little shook up, but he ignored me and called for an ambulance. (I probably wouldn't have believed me either.) My car only has minor damage, but the other guy's car was pretty smashed up.

So, I got a nice ride to the closest hospital - which just happens to be the hospital that I specifically chose NOT to deliver at because of their high intervention/c-section rates/not mommy-friendly-ness - and was promptly hooked up to all the monitors and wires to check on baby. My LO was doing just great and I was feeling perfectly fine and calm (in spite of the many anxious medical workers around me!), BUT I was having regular, though miniscule contractions, and they were worried that they might be a sign of placental abruption, so after sitting in the ER for about a half an hour, we (DH had arrived by that time, thank goodness) were taken up to L&D for observation. I got up to my own room in L&D and had a myriad of nurses coming in and out while they had me change, pee in a cup, then hop in bed for them to hook me back up to all the equipment. The EFM was on the whole time we were there, and while it was kind of fun to be able to hear LO's heartbeat and all the precious kicks and squirmy sounds that I've been feeling for months, it was very uncomfortable because every time I adjusted on the miserable bed, it stopped picking up properly and someone would come in and tsk-tsk at me. lol. Then they wanted to hook up an IV to try to "flush out the contractions" ... I'm 38 weeks pregnant, and I've been having contractions regularly for 2 weeks, if I'm going to go into labor, then it's going to happen, fluids or not! The IV was pretty awful for me - they had to stick me 4 different times before they finally found a vein that worked, and then after they finally got it in I asked another nurse if she could clarify again why they had to put in an IV, and she said it was in case they had to do an emergency c/s! : It was all just very uncomfortable and scary for me, considering that I've never been a patient in a hospital before and my whole pregnancy has been very simple and hands-off with "medical" things, thanks to my wonderful OB. Suddenly I was thrust into a very unfamiliar world!

Ugh, we finally got out of the hospital at 5:00pm after being there all day long. The contractions were just BH (I knew that!), a vaginal exam (Double ugh!) found me at just a fingertip dilated, not sure how effaced but apparently not much, -1 station, and no issues in any bloodwork (they made me get another Rhogam shot, even though I had just had one a couple of weeks before. ).

Now I'm really nervous about driving or working any more during this pg, but I also don't want to sit at home doing nothing... it's snowing again today, and I'm dreading driving home in the weather. Maybe I'll make DH come pick me up at work...lol he'd love that!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent!

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Oh MOMMA! That's horrible! I'm so sorry that you had to go thru that! So glad that you and LO are alright though. You should always speak up when you are in a position that you aren't comfortable. I learned that from my first. They push you into everything that you don't want to do! :

Again, sorry you had to do all that, and I'm glad youand Lo are perfectly fine.
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<<<hugs>>> for Lisa. I've considered *asking* for an IV to stop these miserable prodromal contractions, but after hearing your story maybe I'd better just be glad to be left alone.

I'm a SAHM but also don't just want to sit here staring at the walls (plus my 3 y.o. can only watch so much TV)---we tried to get out this morning and go to MOPS (a church-based group for moms with preschoolers). I couldn't hear the speaker thanks to my miserable head cold, and I couldn't sit still either. All I wanted to do was come home and crawl into bed. I hate to wish an end to my pregnancy, but this one has NOT been fun. I wish this babe would come on out!
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I posted the new thread about possibly needing an external version next week, which I am scared about, but there are some good things to my week. I survived hosting Thanksgiving and my in-laws last week with only slight annoyance with MIL in my kitchen--I have control issues. We took the hospital tour last night which we really didn't need to do since nothing has changed in the last two years aside from the additional OR that was built to accomodate more C-sections.
The best part of my week is that my mom is getting on the train in Seattle tomorrow (she only flies if she is with my dad and on medication) and arriving here (Chicago suburbs) Saturday to help out with DS etc. and staying until after my six week post-partem checkup. I am so excited. My mom is great and super supportive and helpful.
Now I just need to clean up the house a little bit and put clean sheets on the guest bed before Saturday and get all the baby clothes washed in case I do end up with a C-section next week.

Lisa-- That is really scary and not a pleasant way to spend your day. If the weather keeps up like this, starting your leave a little early wouldn't be such a bad thing. Any extra rest you can get before baby comes always helps.
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I seem to have a bunch of spotting today... I don't know if that means anything different from the other random spotting I've had on and off for a while.

(vent) At preschool pickup apparently I had some kind of "bug me about my parenting please" neon sign on my forehead because a mom that I'm not familiar with struck up a "when are you due" conversation that took a 90-degree turn into "have you accepted DelayedVaccinationSchedules as your personal savior?" (Same as pushing religion, to me: (a) totally not interested in joining your belief system and (b) if it has changed your life I'm happy for you but really don't need to hear the details.) I couldn't think of a polite way to make her stop. Really, "do you know about ___? oh, ok then" ought to be enough to content strangers I'd think.
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Originally Posted by odenata View Post
Just have to share my excitement, even though it's totally not baby-related. I was at the store getting stocking stuffers, and saw that Cadbury's has released an "ornament egg" (essentially a Cadbury Creme Egg dressed up for Christmas in red foil). Can I just say how happy I am? ::: These are my fave candies in the whole world. Yum.
Wanna share? I *love* Cadbury Creme Eggs! DH said when we go out shopping in a couple of days, I can get some. And some fresh fruit too! (I've been wanting fresh fruit *so* bad lately)

Does anyone else feel like their babies are nice and comfy cozy where they are? Besides a bit of crampy feelings on Tuesday, I haven't had *any* signs that LO is going to be born soon. He's not due until the 28th, so it's not a big deal, really, just wish there was *something* to remind me it won't be long.

DH was playing the Playstation last night, and all of a sudden, he said "It just hit me." I thought he was talking about something in his game, but he said "No, it just hit me that it's only a couple of weeks until the baby is going to be here."
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Sorry I have been absent! I have been battling this pity me attitdue for awhile. Dh is in VA and will not be able to be home for the birth. I hope everyone is doing well during this exciting month!

I went to the doctor's yesterday, he thinks that the LO is about 9 lbs!!! They moved my due date up to the 15th which makes me nervous; I am really fearful about getting a c-section.

I forgot how busy December can get! I have this huge list to get done and no energy to do it but I can do it after the 15th if LO comes that early. I am getting so excited to meet the baby!

Good vibes and hugs!
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A 6-year-old girl today told me, "You must be having twins." :

I'm really stressed today because I saw the "by-the-book" midwife this week and she made me do a bunch of tests, all of which turned out completely normal, but she made me feel like a ticking time bomb of bad-birth-outcome. Now, three days later, I'm getting feelings of "maybe I should just get a foley done," but I don't know if it's really my mama instincts telling me that the baby needs to get out now, or if it's just a natural reaction to the lack of control over your own body that comes with the birth process. I'm not sure how I can tell the difference between those two things, really. Also, little O keeps flipping posterior and putting the hurt on my spine. That worries me, because I've had a persistently posterior baby before, and it was all bad. Long gestation, long labor, c-section at 10 cm and +2. Not something I aspire to again. [/whine]
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Originally Posted by Swandira View Post
A 6-year-old girl today told me, "You must be having twins." :

I'm really stressed today because I saw the "by-the-book" midwife this week and she made me do a bunch of tests, all of which turned out completely normal, but she made me feel like a ticking time bomb of bad-birth-outcome.
One of my best friends from college just told me it looks like I'm having twins. I know she didn't really mean anything by it, but it's tiring to hear comments about how big I am all the time.

I'm also VBAC and have to have BP and urine tests twice a week and a non-stress test and and AFI every week, and although they've all been normal, it makes me feel like I'm broken.
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Just had to go and get the GD screen done today. Yes at one day shy of 38 weeks. Going from homebirth midwives to kaiser midiwives means I have to jump through all their hoops. Since I was measuring 3 cm over it was all OMG BIG BABY and 'if you don't get testing then a midwife at birth may turn you over to an OB because they don't know your status'. Sheesh. Like there can be much impact at this point? Stupid stupid stupid. But I sure hope I passed. I picked my health nut hubby's brain (seriously he's lost over 150 pounds in a year, he has educated himself big time) on what to eat before, did light exercise before the test, snuck out a side door after drinking the crap (omg the orange is awful gave me heartburn) and wandered for a good 25 minutes (after the tech said "sit down and DON'T MOVE" ). I hope hope hope I pass the darn thing, doing the 3 hour test would suck now, I had a yuckola reaction today, got all lightheaded and nauseated and heartburny. I think if this screen comes up that I need the 3 hour I'm going to see if they'll just let me run with assuming I DO have it so I can prove it as diet controlled with enough time before birthing to have a midwife at delivery.
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Ugh - I really wouldn't want to drink that stuff right now, StarMama - I feel for you. My heartburn is horrible with normal things, and that stuff sucks big time.

Hope it comes back negative for you!
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I've had it with my kids today. I seriously want to send them to boarding school or something. I'm sure it's hormones from being pregnant, but I just am completely stressed out beyond belief.

One and a half more days to get ready for DD's birthday party ............ I need to eat no sugar between now & then so I can eat my Granny's sinfully delicious chocolate cake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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you guys all sound great. lisa, that accident mustve been so scary. hugs to you. jen glad the previa is gone, starmama i have a huge babe and my blood is fine. you dont sound a bit worried, im sure your test will be fine.
and cadbury eggs sound great!
did i say i was feeling great? im actually feeling like ass when i get home after a long day. i also have the pelvic seperation and still have my cerclage. im grateful my ob doesnt see me so often and is minimal testing even tho im higher risk but im happy to see him tomorrow. will have more info then.
am grateful to hubby who is being a champ. star my project is a tv series so its terribly exciting but of course a trip in the ninth month of pregnancy.

big congrats everyone, im thrilled for all of you.
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Hey Holly get them to take that stitch out before you go into labor!

My husband was in a car accident tonight. He's ok, no one was hurt, the car is so old though that they probably will total it, which sucks. No money for another right now and the timing is just sooooooooo bad. I'm grateful he's ok though. He was so emotionally shaken up, I felt really bad for him, I'm glad no one else was in the car though.

Oh gosh I just read up and saw Lisa's post. UGH! no more car accidents people! I'm glad you are ok Lisa and that you got out of there. I was so nervous driving after DH had the accident. I wish winter driving would just not happen for this winter.
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I'm typing this with a sleeping pill in me...Lunesta. I love this stuff.

I spent my entire Wednesday night AWAKE and bawling my eyes out. I went in about 4am to take a bath to calm down, came pretty damn close to having a panic attack(which I talked myself out of), went to go lay down in bed with DH and then preceeded to bawl my eyes out everytime he touched me to console me. I had reached my "breaking point" and wanted it to be over. I can't sleep(Insomnia), can't eat(horrible reflux, that wakes me up in the middle of the night having to catch myself to not throw up), and I just am miserable all around. I called my mom, crying and she said to call MW to see what to do(bc I was at the point of no return>>>going to the hospital to have this baby...induced<<<<<). So I get off the phone with her, and my MIL calls. I'm not sure if DH told her to check on me or if she just randomly called. So she tells me that if I need to have the baby, then go do it, bc it's not good for either of ust o be stressed out. So I left msg for MW, called mom back and she said that she(mom) was coming over to be with me until DH got home at 1pm(the earliest he could get off to take me to MW). So in the meantime, MW calls me and sayd "Just come on down and lets see if we can start something to get this baby out." She checks me and I'm only at BARELY 2cm...:, 10% effaced:, and while she is stripping my membranes tells me that she doesn't think my cervix is ready, that this might not do anything at all. I was sooooo dissapointed. I was hoping to hear that I was further along. I'm having ctx, just not the ones that actually get my cervix going. <picture me in there with MW, and my mom hearing this news trying to NOT cry> MW said that it won't be this week for sure. So I bet we WILL have our Christmas baby afterall... DH still says he thinks the 15th....meh.

Membrane stripping...I thought it would hurt WAY worse than it did...it was uncomfortable...but it didn't hurt. Not even the pains afterwards, they hurt but not enough to whine about. Hmmmm...?? I did have a bit of brown tingy when I wiped a couple times, but other than that...I'm good.

She got me a Px of Lunesta to sleep(which REALLY does kick in 30 minutes later LMBO!), and Nexuim(which after you take it...you can taste it in your mouth...everything you drink, it tastes like it...the only thing that I found you can't taste it in is DR.P....GREAT.)

I'm gonna go back to bed now, I'm exhausted, and might not rememeber typing this as these sleeping pills are amazing.
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When is this going to be over!!!! I am soooo done!!!!!
If I could lift my left leg with out feeling like I am being ripped open it would no tbe so bad. Sleeping is a joke...and my kids are driving me NUTS too. I *feel* like they are talking too much, asking for too much and just being too much. Even though I know they are not..it just feels that way. My sister came in from Alaska this week and she is annoying the crap out of me too. With no pain/pressure/contractions nothing until she was in labor, she has no idea how hard it is to get around.
my grandparents are calling me with "that" tone in their voice like " you have had the baby days ago and did not call us" that is supper annoying...
Sorry about the car accidents. We have one car working for the past 5 months and I drive around 120 miles a day and DH has to have the car to see clients... this makes it impossible!!!
And being in a car accident this far long would be sooo scary. I am sure I would have been balling too!!!! And then to have the Hosp behave in a way to raise serious concern!!! I kow they are covering their butt...but really is it good to be like that!

Only 6 days till D-Day....please I am Begging you LO please come NOW!!!!!
mommy needs to be feel real again!!!!
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Originally Posted by i0lanthe View Post
(vent) At preschool pickup apparently I had some kind of "bug me about my parenting please" neon sign on my forehead because a mom that I'm not familiar with struck up a "when are you due" conversation that took a 90-degree turn into "have you accepted DelayedVaccinationSchedules as your personal savior?" (Same as pushing religion, to me: (a) totally not interested in joining your belief system and (b) if it has changed your life I'm happy for you but really don't need to hear the details.) I couldn't think of a polite way to make her stop. Really, "do you know about ___? oh, ok then" ought to be enough to content strangers I'd think.
Yeah, every time we go to preschool (it's a co-op) the talk always turns to pregnancy and birth. I get to hear all the birth horror stories, like "I could have died, baby could have died, I don't go into labor on my own, ". I just smile and nod. And then yesterday one of the moms said (from across the room) "wow, you're like twice as big and when I last saw you!" I said, "thanks!". Then she felt bad and I knew she didn't mean it like that, but still :

I was really feeling the discomfort last night. It's getting harder to walk around and try to clean the house. I cleaned, did dishes, cooked dinner and I felt SO awful after that. DP was like, why don't you just sit down and relax? Ok, but SOMEONE needs to make dinner for ds. And if I don't get something ready for dp's lunch the next day, he just won't eat which doesn't do much for maintaining the stress levels.

Hugs to you Lisa and Erica about your car accidents! Not a super safe time of year out there on the roads. Hope you and your loved ones are ok.
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No more car accidents! Jennifer did you get some sleep last night?

I passed the GD screening!!!! With a 96! Kaiser's cut off is 139 so I totally passed!! I'm sooo happy!!!

Now I'm just all nerves about the prenatal this am, however Fiona isn't moving around much yesterday afternoon and at night (she's usually a night owl and moves a lot oh about when I lay down to sleep) so I'm glad that I can get her checked on at the prenatal rather than a stressful L&D trip.

And everyone please send me strong backbone vibes, I'm going in asking to redo the GBS testing and know she's likely going to want to just blow it off, but man antibiotics do a number to me pregnant/early nursing and I so want to avoid them if I can.
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I didn't sleep very well last night. Between waking up to pee, waking up because my hips hurt from laying on one side, waking up because DH and DD took all the comforter :, and waking up because I was getting stuck between the mattresses (we have our mattress and boxspring pushed up against our futon, because when this LO comes, the mattress will *not* be big enough.), it was a pretty restless night. Not to mention I couldn't fall asleep until 2 am. Finally, I got up around 7.30 this morning and went and laid on the floor with the other blanket to try and sleep, but it didn't work. (It doesn't help that when I got up, DH had *way* a lot of room between himself and the side of the bed

The tire on our van is/was flat. So flat I couldn't go to class Wednesday. We called and had a repair place come tow it, but we haven't heard from them yet, which means I missed class yesterday and today Finals are next week, so it would have been *really* nice to know what is going on with it. They were supposed to also do a tune-up, so I'm going to pretend that that is why it is taking it so long (even though they are usually done faster)

On a happier note, though, I think I might be able to get some housework done today and it might even be enough that we can set up our Christmas tree.
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