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sending lots of no accident vibes to all! i have to drive today for the first time in 3 weeks since DH is back to work. swung by costco this a.m. because DH is out of sandwich materials, and i forgot the bread. dangit! i still have to go to my NST today so i will drop by trader joe's for bread & basil (for my lemon cookies).

i also want everyone who is uncomfortable and in pain to feel better!! babies come out!! i'm due sunday but no labor for me!

starmama - glad you passed! at this point i'm glad for my 2x/week NSTs... I went in Wednesday early because Tuesday LO wasn't active as normal, and no activity in the morning. strapped me down and she went wiggling away.

bmcneal - i think maybe hubby is just trying to get close to you subconsciously when he is sleeping.. i have noticed that DH is sleeping in the middle too!

i apparently had a bizarre nightmare and talked in my sleep last night. this never happens. my sleep is definitely off, but i'm still trucking
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I have noticed in the last few days that I am up DH's butt when we sleep. Which has not happened since before we got pg. I get real clingy when I don't feel good...so I'm wondering if my body/mind is freaking out about having this baby. I also think that I am afraid that he won't be home when/if I go into labor...every time he leaves the room I ask him where he's going....I NEVER have done that before LOL.

I took a sleeping pill last night from the MW...thank the Lord I did! I slept SO good! I only got up once to pee, and once to take DD to the bus stop. I took the pill at 9pm, and at 9:30 I was making a fried egg sandwhich, turned around to go sit down and !BAM! was SO dizzy...it kicked in lol. I was laughing bc of how funny I felt. So I ate my food and don't really remember going to bed. It felt great to actually sleep. I just woke up at 1 pm. However, the only bad side about it, you can taste the pill in your mouth. And pretty much eveything you drink, it tastes like the pill. The only thing I drank that it didn't taste like it was Dr.P.

Anywho, I feel much better. I had a huge meltdown yesterday. I was breaking and really wanting to go get induced. Seriously...I was about to drive myself to a hospital and have a baby. Thankfully I didn't, bc I know how bad I would have felt and would have been so mad at myself. So !YAY! for me not being weak! LMBO!

Have a good day ladies!
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s Jenn

Sounds like we are having a lot of similiar emotions going on in our heads. I literally broke down cryign this week becuase the overwhelming feeling of wanting Kallie here NOW was so strong. It took a bit to shake it.

I'm also worried of DH not being around when it's time and not being able to get a hold of him. I think I need to see if there is a number to page him at all at work too just in case his cell is dead or something.

And I have been feeling super clingly lately. We work opposing shifts and I have been asking him all week to come home and wake me up just so he can sit with me a little bit in bed... it's generally 1:30 am when he gets home and I have to get up at 6 am for work... likely not a good idea screwing with my sleep even more, but sometimes I just really need to see him and have him hold me a little bit.
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Now I want lemon cookies.

Ultrasound today and midwife appointment. Everything is good except apparently I have a yeast infection? I have no itching so she's going to culture before giving me cream, but I have had a lot of vulva swelling so maybe yeast is actually the cause and not just pregnancy. Well darn.

We did the GBS just because I want to know, I have to have antibiotics anyway either way, so its just for my own comfort...if its negative I'll feel more relaxed about it, if its positive I'll feel like at least the antibiotics are necessary so either way its a positive for me. (though I hope the test is negative)

I'm worried with just one car about going into labor now. Kind of silly but still it bugs me.
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Just went potty and a pretty sizeable amt of um....'goo' came out. I wiped, stood up and felt a nasty cold sensation on my inner thigh, looked down and it looked like I had a bad cold and sneezed old blood...LMBO! But...I'm not sure if it's really ME loosing my plug, or what she did to me yesterday. My mom said it's probably a little bit of both.

I highly doubt 'this is it' as I'm not contracting, but heres to hoping!!!!

(I woke up with 2 dried milky spots on my shirt instead of just one!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Mind if I join the chat at this late date? I see I'm not the only one sleeping badly, getting clingy and frustrated, etc... and talking in my sleep, too. Last night I apparenlty asked DF, at 4 am, what he said about the phone bill (he hadn't said anything about anything).
I'm also convinced that this baby simply isn't going to be born at all - that it will either just vanish, or have to be cut out of me sometime next year. : I'm only 39w tomorrow, so there's no logical reason to think this, but I somehow don't even feel pregnant anymore, much less about to give birth.

Jenn - well, it's a sign of some more dialation, at any rate, right? I hope it does lead somewhere for you!
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I know my siggy says I'm not supposed to be posting. But it's my birthday and I couldn't resist.

Had a GREAT appointment at the maternity clinic yesterday. I thought I had already had an appt. with this doctor and did not like her...but apparently they had sent a different doctor into the appt. (last time) instead of the one I had actually made the appt. with, without telling me. Turns out I DO like this Dr., a LOT. So that was nice. Then DH and I toured Labor & Delivery and the Mat. wing. We're impressed/excited. This hospital birth might turn out way better than I ever expected, especially since I'll have a doula too.

DH made me the yummiest turkey sandwich for lunch (mustard, miracle whip, tomato, good turkey (fresh from the deli), lettuce, pickles, and AVOCADO : ) for my birthday lunch. Tonight I'm having chicken noodle soup with dumplings (a childhood favorite) for dinner, and DH is making me a cake.

No presents this year ('cuz of the financial stuff we're dealing with). But it's not a bad birthday.

Yesterday I was having contractions, some hurt, some just seemed to be good 'ole BH ctx. But it got me all excited! I can't wait to meet my baby!

Oh, and the doc said my baby seems to be a perfect size! Despite what the people who look at my belly and go "OH! You're going to have a big baby!" say. (What every pregnant woman wants to hear, right?)
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::: snap

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashton says HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!!!!!!!!! (she saw what I just wrote and REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to say hi and happy birthday!)
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I'm done with driving today without incident. Now I just have the cookie party to drive to tomorrow. You take 2 dozen cookies and come home with 2 dozen cookies. Erica - planning on stocking up on cookies to chow on afterwards. NOM NOM NOM. I may end up taking 3-4 dozen depending on how many i make... Have to make sure I have lemon basil cookies for us too, though. (decided that nuts/chips/raisins were way too pricey for giving away. I'm so cheap! but everyone will think that basil & lemon are upscale.

I now know what everyone means by being clingy. Called DH to let him know I was home from the dr's trip and he didn't answer. WHAT IF I WAS IN LABOR?!?

I guess I'll take a nap and then see about making those cookies. DH is putting in 12 hours today. The good news about him working is that in 2 days he's tripling what the unemployment check would have been for the week (which is why he does contract work in the first place - lots of dough, little time).

Oh yeah, what does it say when the other PG moms at the ob/gyn's office maniacally insist that you go first in line??? I think they thought I was about to explode right there on the carpet or something.

Happy Birthday Holly!!! For those of us due NOW do we think that deli meat is back on the menu? I've been holding out for herb roasted turkey breast from le costco but DH is a hypochondriac and I don't want to give him a heart attack by eating lunchmeat.
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Originally Posted by brandyk View Post
For those of us due NOW do we think that deli meat is back on the menu? I've been holding out for herb roasted turkey breast from le costco but DH is a hypochondriac and I don't want to give him a heart attack by eating lunchmeat.
Um...I've been eating deli meat all along... :

Though, if you're concerned you can eat it safely by heating it to steaming.

(And thanks for the birthday wishes everybody, including Ashton )
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham

The broccoli needs dance lessons. He's got no rhythm.
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We don't have a microwave, so DH lovingly steams lunchmeat for sandwiches for me. Seriously he would get so nervous about it I just don't eat it cold.

But I could NOT do that to the expensive herb roasted turkey or beautiful roast beef. No way!
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so I had a baby a few days ago.....

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Tracy OMG congrats!!!

Holly, Happy B-Day!!! My BDay is in a few days too. And why are you suppose to be going dark? Obviously I don't check in everyday...

What is Kaiser?

Anyhow, I am at the other end of the spectrum - only 36 weeks today, so noone would be surpised if my LO came in January. I would like that actually except that DH is wanting the tax deduction for this year (how bad is he??) I know its still early but I am getting antsy to meet Alex face to face. Everything is done, the only thing I am waiting on is my CDs to arrive - the thirsties covers came today, and they are soooo cute.

Well actually this little guy definitely can't come for at least another 2 weeks: I am a PA and have to take my board exam on 12/15 - as you might imagine, studying is going really well with the PG brain. I feel like I am retaining nothing. But DH is so sweet, he is like: you are smart, you already know all this stuff, you will pass with flying colors. Meantime, I am freaking out. I have been uber-specialized for the past 5 years (only practicing urology) and the boards are all across - 30% cardiology, 16% pulmonary, etc. and urology is 3% - thats great!! Thats all I know. So I am freaking, and DH keeps asking why I am edgy. Plus he is distracting me with offerings of things I really wanna do (decorate the house for Xmas, go out to look at the lights - its my favorite things to do and I have to put it off - not happy!!)

My appts went well today - I am GD, so they measured the baby today 6lbs 9 oz, 60th% so he is not too big yeyey!!! And I actually lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks b/c of my strict diet. I also found this supplement, I don't know if anyone ever heard of it but I started taking Prickly Pear Nectar, and its done a great job of stabilizing my sugars so I am really happy about that. My cervix is soft, but closed and not effaced, and baby is not engaged thou thankfully head down. And he alway got something in his mouth - today her was sucking on his umbilical cord!! so funny , tech and me actually sat there for a few mins watching him do it, it was so cute.

I can't say that I am sick of being PG, though I would like to get better sleep. And I would love to stop working, But we can certainly use another month of income bf this babe is here. All I can think about at work is going home and getting ready for the baby. Not in the mood for work at all

Sorry to hear about the car accidents - luckily no snow for us here - I grew up in Russia and lived in NY for the past 12 years - I am so done with winter and snow!!! Love living in AZ! I am still walking around in flipflops and Tshirts during the day, and my dogs can still swim , yeye!!

hope everyone feels better, and sending support to all of you
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Originally Posted by Leningradka View Post
Holly, Happy B-Day!!! My BDay is in a few days too. And why are you suppose to be going dark? Obviously I don't check in everyday...
Oh, I'm just trying to break my MDC addiction a little bit.
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I am being grumpy with my husband because I'm 38 weeks pregnant and whiney and I want to be spoiled. If I don't get some spoiling now, when am I going to? He keeps ignoring me and complaining he is tired, so I told him he wasn't freaking pregnant, and he is trying to be nice to me.

Happy birthday Holly!

Tracy you have to change your signature

cookies. I want cookies.

Prickly pear necter, huh. interesting.
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Originally Posted by hollyvangogh View Post
Oh, I'm just trying to break my MDC addiction a little bit.
Now why would you go and do a SILLY thing like that!
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Congrats Tracy!

Well, I'm 39 weeks today... this is when my youngest DD was born. We have a two-hour drive ahead of us (taking the kids to visit XH), and my parents offered to do it because "we thought you wouldn't want to go so far out of town". I really don't feel like anything could happen today, though *shrug* (and if those are famous last words, well, great! )
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Warning! VENT

I'm so flipping annoyed!!! I started taking Lunesta to sleep. I took one night before last, the whole pill, and slept for a loooong time. So I decide to just take 1/2 the pill last night so I wouldn't be so 'out of it'...didn't do ANYTHING. I have yet to go to sleep AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to top THAT off...the taste of the pill apparently crawls up your friggin throat and stays put in your mouth causing ANYTHING you drink to taste like it. I have let it wear off until I can drink water like I am craving. If it's not one thing...it's another. Sheesh!

Needless to say I'm back to the whole..." I can't do this any longer, want to be induced", but not near as bad as I was the other day...no crying, yet. DH is at work doing inventory until about noon or so, hopefully earlier. And I told him that I need to get out of the house or I'm gonna go crazy. So I think we are going to go walk around Garden Ridge then over to my parents house.

I'm so hot right now, I'm sitting here, nekkid, bc I can't stand anything on me. Weird.

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Originally Posted by hollyvangogh View Post
Oh, I'm just trying to break my MDC addiction a little bit.
I've thought about that too, but I figure when baby gets here, that'll cure me instantly!
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