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Does anyone still wear their 2 year old often?

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I admit I've pretty much stopped carrying my 2 year old. She just wants to walk or she's too heavy for me. I still have my ring sling and a mei tai. Occasionally, I put her in one or the other but mostly she just sits in the cart in a store and otherwise walks. I miss carrying her I was just wondering if anyone still gets to carry their 2 year old around in stores and such.
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I carry my 2.5 y/o most of the time. She hates shopping carts and I would rather wear her than listen to her cry and scream. I do ring sling for quick trips and a mei tie or wrap for longer trips. She is a wanderer and does not stay close so letting her walk is not an option I am comfortable with.

Some night I wear her down to sleep. She has just stopped nursing to sleep and I find she can get her cuddle time in and I can still do the stuff that I need to do.
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I wore my daughter a lot until she was about 3. She is a petite girl though. I still carry her but she doesn't fit well in my pouches anymore. I miss it too. Thank goodness I have another one due any day now.
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I often did just because my boys it. I miss it now
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Oh yeah, my 2 yr. old is often on my back in a MT when out. She loves it and I don't have to chase her.
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I wouldn't say often, but I do wear my 29mo at least a few times a month... usually when we're travelling or on "needy" days where she needs a lot of physical touch and I need to get stuff done! Most of the time she's too independent/active to put up with the mei tai for long!
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I wore the 2yo I watched in a Beco and could still carry his 4yo sister in it. They're petite though so something like an Ergo that doesn't up up so high might be a better bet for some kids.
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I've got into wrapping and have been carrying my son in a wrap anytime we go in a store for a long time, i also carry him when we walk to drop my 5yr old off at school in the morning and in the afternoon to pick her up. He's starting to get used to it It's much easier than him throwing a fit and me having to carry him in my arms which makes him seem even heavier than 31lbs.

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I carried DS#2 in a hip sling when we went out, until he was almost 3. The older kids preferred to walk when they were that age, but DS#2 was a snugglebug, and it made him easier to keep track of in stores and crowded areas.
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Once a week I babysit another toddler boy. When I need to run errands and have both boys, I wear my son in the ergo and put the other in the shopping cart seat. My son's still pretty light though, only 25 lbs. at 25 months.
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My ds will be 2 in feb and I still wear him a few times a week - I have a pouch sling and do a hip carry. Works well at church when I have to keep him from trying to "play" the drums or "tune" someone's guitar! 1/2 hour is about our max, though - he gets sick of it then and wants to run and I'm tired by then, too.
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dd will be 2 in Jan, and i wear her whenever we go out. I used to use the MT all of the time, but mow we just use it whenever she needs to take a nap, otherwise i use my pouch, so its easy and simple to get her in and out whenver she is running around in the store, and i can just leave the sling on, instead of having to take my mt off and carry it around with me.

I am only 5ft and i know i will be wearing dd for a long time to come, i just hope she dosent get as tall as me anytime soon lol!
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I carried my son until he was two, I used a kari-me in the early days which was great and then a adjustable side sling. That was good, because it was very quick in and out!
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I still wear my 31 month old in the ergo
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Naked Baby is almost 21 months, and two days ago was the first day in his life he wasn't worn for at least a little while. But yes, we're still wearing him, though much less now; usually just out and about. I anticipate wearing him at least occasionally for another year or two (.
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I wore my son on occasion till recently!! He will be 5 in 2 weeks. We live in NYC, so I have no car and sometimes he just gets tired of all the walking. I usually put him up in a backcarry in a ringsling.
A few weeks ago I had him in my old Beco in a backcarry and it was so lightweight.
Last year I used Mei Tais a lot.
Of course he is walking most of the time but I think I could carry him for a while longer if I really wanted. He weighs 40 lbs.
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I wish she'd let me. I have a bunch of wraps that I wish I could use more but she's miss independant. Thankfully I often babysit a 22 month old boy who LOVES to be worn. I miss the closeness with my own dd though.
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gosh, my son was just too big by 2 1/2. He's consistently been around 90 percentile for weight and height. We did it once in a while when he was 2, like in airports or for portions of hikes or whatever. But once he hit about 30lbs it just was too exhausting for me. He's just turned 4 and is a great walker, can go long distances at a good pace. I enjoy wearing younger friends, and I look forward to wearing the new baby on the way, but I don't think I'm going to have kids who are the right size to be worn past toddlerhood!
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I've worn my friend's daughter, who's almost 3 and about 35 pounds. It really depends on the wearer and the carrier -- my friend can't wear her any more because of her back, and I probably wouldn't in a mei tai anymore, but I'm happy to do it in my toddler SSC.
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My youngest has associated being worn with going to sleep, so she flat out refuses. She wants to sleep in a bed, thank you very much. But yes, I do miss wearing her.
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