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Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 View Post
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is very different than distilled vinegar. I am not sure if the study was done on one type of vinegar.

I found this too.

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I'm on day 5 today and the stomach problems seem to be getting much better. I think it a was something unrelated.
I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level already, which is helping me to exercise more. I've also noticed that I'm not craving sugar nearly as much as usual. The only problem is that I tend to not eat as much as I should normally and the co is keeping me fuller longer which is then making me *really* not eat enough. I have to make it a point of forcing myself to eat more, but at least I'm paying more attention to what I eat also.
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Originally Posted by 425lisamarie View Post
*snip* And eating coconut oil just to lose weight? How does eating coconut oil alone make you lose weight? If it's causing digestive trouble maybe it's just making you look like you're losing a few pounds like any diarrhetic would do??

But carry on I suppose. I'm just baffled by the idea of actually looking physically different by *only* taking coconut oil. What is it about the oil that makes you lose?*snip*
I am baffled by *only* taking CO and loosing weight. But, really I haven't only been taking the CO/ACV. I've been eating much much much better and my energy level is much higher so I'm much more active than I have been in recent months. That is what I really think is helping me loose the weight. I think the CO is helping too because I'm finally getting fats into me. I've been denying myself because I thought it was what was making me fat. I really do feel so much better now! That's the real reason why I'm so excited about taking it

Originally Posted by cortsmommy View Post
I feel the same way about needing something to help change my mindset and get me going. I used the coconut oil before and it DID make a difference. I feel strongly that it will work. I know that I need to heal myself so I can have the energy to get moving. We can support each other on this journey! Good luck.
Mindset really is a huge part of it isn't it. And when you're feeling low and no energy it's really hard to get out of that sad place in your head. And it's soo tempting to just stay that way...because it's easy! Except, having energy and feeling great about yourself is easy too if we're eating what's good for us and treating our bodies with kindness and respect, like how we treat our kids! We can DO IT cortsmommy!!!

Originally Posted by Maeve View Post
*snip*The only problem is that I tend to not eat as much as I should normally and the co is keeping me fuller longer which is then making me *really* not eat enough. I have to make it a point of forcing myself to eat more, but at least I'm paying more attention to what I eat also.
I've found the opposite to be true for me. I'm starving all the time now, where before when I was eating junk I never felt that hungry feeling in my belly. Probably because all that crap was just sitting there in a big yucky lump. Now, I'm using all that I eat. Even my poo is different

Congrats to all of us who are making happy lifestyle changes
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double post...oops!
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I was just reading about everyone's weight loss with CO & ACV and I just wanted to say congratulations : We've had some awesome success stories!

I've been doing CO & ACV for a week now and I lost 1 lb. I'm ok with this. I would have liked to lose more but it's possible that I didn't lose as much as some of the other people doing it because I was already eating healthy so CO & ACV were the only things I changed and I don't have that much to lose, 19lbs is my goal. I'm not saying this to be snarky, just to explain a possible reason why people may have different success.

This was my first week doing CO & ACV and I noticed that two weeks ago before I was doing it I lost 2 lbs compared to the 1 lb this week. I'm going to keep doing the CO & ACV this week and see how I feel and how my weight loss goes. If I lose more weight without it I'd consider stopping it.
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I lost 2 pounds last week total. I'm still taking my acv and co these last few days but I've been eating some serious junk food, like really bad. I've got family visiting and although I made a pretty tf friendly holiday meal yesterday (no one noticed any difference!) I've been snacking on the cookies and candies and pies like nobody's business since thursday. So far no gain! My family leaves tonight and with them goes the junk food! Hopefully next week I'll continue to lose.
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I'm bummed. I've been doing it for almost a week, plus exercising well and nothing. Not a budge. I know it's not much time and I'm not doing it for just the weight loss, but I had really hoped to see even just a pound.
Oh well.
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Originally Posted by Maeve View Post
I'm bummed. I've been doing it for almost a week, plus exercising well and nothing. Not a budge. I know it's not much time and I'm not doing it for just the weight loss, but I had really hoped to see even just a pound.
Oh well.

I'm sorry you're seeing any results yet. When I first started co I wasn't getting enough of it in me to make a difference, maybe 2 teaspoons. I was a bit discouraged but then I upped it to 2-4 tablespoons a day and last week I dropped 2 pounds. I don't know how much you're getting but I have read that some people have to take 5 or 6 tablespoons to start losing. But don't feel bad, remember this oil is so good for you and you are definately making your body happy by feeding it good fats! Oh, and you're exercising
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What else are you all eating? Do you have your CO and acv in the morning and still eat toast/oatmeal etc? What about lunch/dinner?
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Did that get everyone's attention?

I just wanted to "remind" everyone that you are supposed to start off with CO by taking SMALL doses and working your way up to large doses!!!

Taking a large dose of CO right off the bat can cause you to RUN to the nearest toilet where you can hope you dont have to clean your pants!

Many people who start on CO experiance "die off" type symptoms (gas/bloating/loose stools). Many people take CO to kill of candida and it has the effect of "cleaning out" your bowels!

Start SMALL and work your way up! Avoid "skid marks".
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Well I'm not having THOSE issues yet...but I feel like I want to puke. The CO is bad enough, (I'm taking 2 TBSP) but the frickin' ACV is killing me. I seriously can't handle it. Can I just drink kombucha instead? I don't know how I'm going to keep up with this when now all I want to do is puke
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Originally Posted by AnnaArcturus View Post
All right, I was intrigued between this and the Hibernation Diet thread, so I decided to take it with my evening prenatals. I'd tried the tablespoon of raw honey last night, and that went well, who doesn't like an excuse to eat candy? Tonight I went for an all-at-once approach mixing the tablespoon of coconut oil, Bragg's ACV, and one of raw honey together in a cup of strongly brewed white jasmine tea. And... I loved it! Who'd have thought? I mean, I actually liked the taste, it went well together and I didn't even notice the coconut oil (ours is refined and therefore pretty tasteless, but I imagine a coconutty flavor would go pretty well with the jasmine, I'll try virgin coconut oil next chance I get to buy it). First impressions are that I feel terrific, though I credit placebo this early in the game.

On the other hand, I've heard about scratchy throats and upset tummies, but has anyone felt a weird warm throb in their throat? Not a painful throb, just weird. We've all had sore throats from the dry air and possibly colds, and the brew helped with that, but still I'd feel better if I was sure what this symptom means. Thanks! BTW, my husband thinks I'm crazy.
AnnaArcturus, are you still doing the honey/CO/ACV combo? Are you seeing results? I did the combo of three last night and really liked it, but this morning I just did CO and ACV and I hated it! I hated it going down, and then my stomach was upset for about an hour. Maybe I spoiled myself with the honey last night?

Also, does it make a difference whether you do this on an empty stomach or with food? My DBF wants to do it with me, but wondered if he could put the CO/ACV in a smoothie. Thoughts?
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I think that's what I did wrong, I started with too much. My body adjusted though I guess beause now I seem to be fine.
But definitely not a fun way to start out though. LOL
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Well, been doing CO and ACV for a week, 1 tbs each am and pm. Started at "x" weight, lost 2 lbs, and am back up to "x." Of course, AF just arrived today. We'll see after another week or so. I'm getting nervous. I'm at the very top of my barely acceptable weight range right now. Really afraid to go over.
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I'm still doing the co/acv and at a week+2 days I'm down 8lb and holding for now. The holiday treats have started trickling in...but I am maintaining at least! Also I really don't have the desire to eat as many holiday goodies as I have in past years and that is a HUGE accomplishment for me! I'm excited to see what the new year and some warmer weather (so I can get more exercise) bring
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So, are you doing anything else besides the CO/ACV cocktail? Restricting grains and/or sugar? Following the EFLF structure? I'm on day two and don't notice a difference yet, so I want to make sure I'm doing what I need to do...
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I'm out. I've been doing CO & ACV for 2 weeks and I've lost 1.5 lbs. I was averaging about 2 lbs a week before I started the CO & ACV. I think taking in the extra calories from the CO as a supplement has caused me to lose at a slower pace. I'm still going to cook with CO and I'll keep taking ACV, but I want to try a week without and see what happens to my weight. I had the same diet (Paleolithic) before and during the CO & ACV experiment, so I really don't think this has to do with my food.

I'll report back in a week.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their CO
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For those of you who have been having upset stomach or nausea from taking the coconut oil, I have read that if your body isn't used to eating pure fats and oils and/or you haven't been eating a great diet in general, your liver may be overburdened and not able to handle the sudden consumption of the oil. You should work up your dose gradually and/or take something for liver cleansing/detoxifying such as beet kvass (I've yet to try beet kvass though, so I can't tell you how to make it or how much to take, etc.).

I had nausea, headaches, and lightheadedness from taking cod liver oil when I tried to take 2 tsp. right off the bat. But I found that by starting with only 1 tsp. and splitting it into two 1/2 tsp. doses (one morning, one night), I completely avoided those side effects. I can now take 2 tsp. without a problem.

So I imagine that coconut oil could cause the same problems for people as well. If it causes an initial reaction in you, I don't necessarily think that means it's bad for you. Sometimes, especially if you have a history of poor nutrition like myself, you need to do some cleansing and detoxifying first before your body can digest and assimilate these new nutrients.

I love coconut, so I don't find the oil hard to take if it's liquid. If it's still solid though, it does make me queasy because it just feels like I'm eating wax. There are plenty of things where the taste is OK for me, but the texture is just blech (like waiting for that solid butter oil to melt in my mouth--ew!).
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Woh, I guess I took too much last night! Yep, barely avoided the skid marks. Took a big old tablespoon because I was hungry and I like coconut.

I'll work up gradually.
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I'm still hanging in here. I haven't lost anymore than the 2 pounds but I am very happy to maintain during the Christmas cookie making marathon that's happening at my house I likes me some cookies! I have even baked the cookies with some coconut oil to replace some of the butter and I'm using spectrums palm oil shortening instead of crisco (obviously, I guess cause crisco isn't TF). This way anyone who eats my cookies is getting some good, healthy fats in them
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