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I'm glad that everything seems okay now. What an awful scary ordeal!
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Definitely praying for you both : I hope things continue to hold steady and they can figure out what's going on.
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Not in your ddc, but I hope you and the babe are okay this evening. You two are in my prayers.
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Thinking of you and praying! Hang in there, little Amelia- you too mama!
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Thoughts, Prayers and healing vibes sent you and your daughter's way.
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Not in this DDC, but :
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I'm sorry about this ordeal Ally! I hope it was just an anomaly!
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Thinking of you both, and saying a little prayer.
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: keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Due 2/10/09
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keeping you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers!
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I'm praying too! I pray that God gives you comfort, peace, sleep, and protection for both of you. You aren't alone!
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Oh Ally!

We're all thinking of you and your little one.
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I am not in your due date club either but I am thinking about you too.

This exact thing happened when my youngest was in utero. Around the same gestation too. I was so terrified because listening to that heart rate is so scary. They didn't find any structural abnormalities with us either and the arrithmias slowly got better over the next month. We had an echo right after the birth and nothing ever came of it. I still get the doctors to give a good listen when we go! The midwives couldn't figure out what had happened. There was some old meconium staining on the placenta so it semed like some sort od stress event had happened.

Thinking about you. Hang in there mama!!
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Allyrae - you and Amelia are definitely in my thoughts! I'm sorry you had to go through this scare.
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Not from your DDC but praying anyway...
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You're in my thoughts.
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I'm not in your ddc but wanted to tell you my baby developed an arrhythmia (skipping every 5th beat) at about 18 weeks. I was panicked and immediately scheduled an ultrasound. Before my u/s, just two days after hearing the arrhythmia I was in a car wreck, and having cramping, so I went to my midwife to listen to the baby and much to my surprise it had resolved. At the u/s they found no structural defects. I did a lot of research and found that it is fairly common, and they think it happens a lot more and is just never noticed because it occurs when no one is listening, and is often just small stage the baby goes through during development. I know it is scary! My baby is 15 months now and never had an issue since. I hope your babe's problem is the same type of thing and resolves without further incident. Best of wishes to you!
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Thinking about you guys!
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Thank you so much everyone... : It's been an action packed week I suppose. Yesterday, they brought me in for an ASAP nonstress test, which she passed. She actually has a very reactive heart, so even though it's beating abnormally, she reacts to her movements. The nurse said that's not something they see this early generally, so that bodes very well for her. They're still not sure what's causing the PACs, but after seeing her reactive NST, they think it's something that may go away. But just to be sure, I have another fetal echocardiogram with the actual fetal cardiologist in a couple weeks--that person will be able to check to see if there's any reason at all to think this issue will affect her in a negative way, and maybe he/she'll (not sure which it is) will be able to tell us the probability of this going away. Hopefully it's a nice high probability...

Oy...yeah, a little too much excitement for one week. Hopefully she's in for some calmer times during her last 5 weeks in mama!
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