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My second VBAC was an HBAC. The first VBAC was an intended HBAC but I started pushing before the midwife got here because I didn't recognize transition (oops...never got that far with DS). Anyway when I started pushing DH called the ambulance (per MW instructions). We were in the hospital for about 4 hours altogether and then we went home at 3 am

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THIS is so interesting! Can anyone share this research??

The one study I read that put me over the edge was when I read that the UR rate for cytotec (the drug I had to induce labor the first time around) had a higher UR rate than a non-induced vbac. WOW. So my risk for rupture was actually higher the first time!!!! scary.
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I actually had a horrible (in some ways) HBAC. Even still, I don't regret planning it. It was as good as it could have been, all things considered.

A homebirth, in and of itself, doesn't guarantee a good experience, which I learned the hard way.

If there was a next time, I'd likely UC.
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I had a fantastic HBAC just a couple of weeks ago (DS was born on Xmas morning). I never had a doubt in my mind that I would have a successful HBAC, UNTIL my water broke and contractions were slow to pick up and get stronger/closer together. For the first two days of labor I was stressing out internally, sure that it was going to turn into "dysfunctional" labor and that I would end up with a transfer and a repeat c-section once I hit the outer edge of the safety window for ruptured membranes. Fortunately my MW was wonderfully supportive and encouraging, and gave me the space I needed to get into an active labor pattern--and 58 hours after my first contraction, DS was born in our bedroom as snow swirled outside!

I have no doubt that, had I attempted to VBAC in-hospital, I would've ended up with another surgery--the hospitals here won't augment VBAC labors, and they never would've let me labor long enough to get DS out.
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Yes - and I did it anyway :)

I NEVER thought I would be comfortable with a homebirth even though I loved the idea in theory. I'm not totally mainstream, but I'm not that crunchy either. But I ended up with an unexpected c-section with my first and when I found myself pregnant again, I started considering it. I ended up choosing a homebirth because it seemed like my best chance not to end up with a second c-section. But I was so unsure I was well into my third trimester before I switched providers and I was still wavered every now and then. And in the end it came down to one thing for me - I REALLY trusted my midwife.

She was VERY experienced and calm and well known in our area so I got a lot of recommendations and I knew that she would know what to do in any situation that came up, would make great decisions and I totally trusted her.

And once I went into labor, I never had any doubts or worries at all. My labor was a long, back labor and I would do it all again in a second. I am SO glad I had a homebirth. And the bond with my second child was much more immediate which is very special to me.

I'm sure you will have a wonderful HBAC story to tell soon
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i just wanted to tell you my mother in law had a vertical insicions c section with her first and went on to have 6 more children vbac. she had them in a hospital though but had no complications. there are risks but dont let anyone scare you because its definately possible. i had a csection and am hoping/praying that with my next babies they will all be hbac!
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not currently pregnant, but hoping for a hbac if/when it happens.
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My first vbac (Nov 2006) was in the hospital but my second vbac (Dec 2008) was at home. My hbac was waaaaaay harder than my hospital vbac, but that's b/c I had a posterior labor and baby came out sunny side up - not b/c I had an hbac.
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