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Need Help!! Croup and Whooping cough together!!??

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I posted here in October when my dd(2yo) had Whooping Cough. She has recovered mostly but not fully, still coughing like a veteran smoker.
We have moved internationally this past week (asia to ny) are now exposed to so many new things.
When she coughs, she has a barky sound going out, and then sucking in air like a hoarse Whoop which sounds a bit labored after a few rounds of it before she settles down. She sounds like her throat is tight for a few minutes after the fits, but then is ok.
We have been doing Vit C and the other vitamin on our regimin and I just started giving her Colloidial Silver in the middle of the night, when this aweful coughing started. Plus I have a Homeopathic Asthma drop that I started giving her also.
I brought her in the steamy bathroom which seemed to have no affect at all.
She seems ok other than this aweful cough that sounds like her throat is goigng to completely close!
I am keen on doing Homeopathic remedies, but am pretty green with what to do. I do have a good HFS close by and can get just about anything there.
We do not have a Dr yet, but did look up a Vax Friendly Dr in my area just in case.
Any thoughts, wisdom, experience?? I am kinda scared for my little one!
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bump, anyone??
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Gosh, when ds had whooping cough, the cool mist helped more than the steam. So, you might check about a cool mist vaporizer. It MUST be cleaned DAILY. Any pink stuff growing in it is pseudomonis, and develops a serious respiratory infection. Clean it with vinegar and rinse well. Cleaning out all the pink stuff. Keep it going in the bedroom before bed and all night. At worst case, walk outside, the cool air seems to help.

We gave ds homeopathic Ipecac, when he was coughing so hard to almost vomit. But, it was proscribed by a professional homeopath. I'd just stopped nursing, when dh came down with the whooping cough first, then our son got it.

I almost took him to the hospital, it was so severe. Hydration, and humidification are your best bets. Do some chest percussion to help move secretions. Vit C. Vit. C. Vit. C!!

Fortunately, he was on classical homeopathy, or I'm sure it would have been much worse. We ended up giving him homeopathic "tuberculosis" and "ipecac" when the cough was so retching and compulsive.

Astragalus is an herb for lungs. I don't know a pediatric dose.

Eliminate dairy immediately from both of your diets! All dairy, it creates more mucus production. Do some bone broths. See "Healing the Gut" info: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=434071 70% of the immune system is the digestive system. Here is a link about hidden dairy: http://www.kellymom.com/store/handou...dden-dairy.pdf

We use Sambucol for Kids (also for Adults). It has propolis and elderberry extracts which help lungs/secretions.

I'd see a professional classical homeopath urgently.

She needs constant supervision of her airway.

Also, here is a link to a website that has some info.

And here is a link to another thread discussion that has some good info in it. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=831527

Adding coconut oil, cod liver oil, magnesium, probiotics, vit C, zinc. The probiotics to focus on for a baby are bifidum bacteria.

Also, ask in the Vaccine forum, they'll have some advice. I know it is scary. But, she is older and will recover soon. Ds and dh had it for about 6-8 weeks.

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I alternated ipecac and pertussinum. Worked like a charm...I just needed to keep up with it. Ipecac is a common whooping cough remedy. Pertussinum is more isopathic prescribing (as is tuberculinum) so it can be used along with the remedy. It would be better to see a homeopath for a specific remedy instead of doing a combination.

Best of luck!
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If your child is having trouble breathing you need to go and see a doctor. Really, in first aid the first thing you check is the airway for a very good reason. Not to mention feeling like you can't breathe is just horrible.

It could be asthma, it could just be normal whooping cough, but they could do something as simple as steroids for a few days to reduce the inflammation and make your baby so much more comfortable.
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Splunky, have you seen this thread? I'm really worried about your daughter.

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