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Sledding areas near Seattle

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So I have been doing so much dreaming about snow that instead of wait for it to get here, we will just go look for it.

I remember sledding near SNoqualmie when I was younger and liked that area. Anyone know if there are some areas that are open yet. I looked at the sno park permit and that seems like a great deal (just paying for parking)- but I don't want to go to Spokane, YK?

I will go up tp 2 hours away from Everett, and two hours from Seattle.
I hope to go next week, but obviously if there is no snow I will just have to wait some more.

Help, I want my kids to play in the snow NOW!!!!
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I know there is a great area up in the Pass, I can't remember what it's called, but my ds, dh, and FIL went up there last year. They plan on going again over Christmas break, but I have no idea if there is enough snow yet. Fortunately you really don't need too much for sledding.
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We're hoping to do the same on Christmas Day. I'm subbing for anymore ideas!
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Hurricane Ridge in the Olympics - Bainbridge Ferry to the Olympics.
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Yea, I think we are going to have to wait until at least Christmas as well. Maybe we will run into each other- hopefully not literally. Thanks for the ideas
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Anyone else have a favorite sledding spot? :
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I think Tube City is the name of the place on Snoqualime pass but you play for access and to use their inner tubes. I believe it opened yesterday or maybe today. We went last year and had lots of fun!

As for places you can just go and take your own sleds I'm not sure, but I'd love to hear where others go. I know there is a hill near the parking area of one of ski resorts (it was either Stevens or Snoqualime) where DH and I went snowshoeing and boarding several years ago that was quite steep, but now I can't remember.
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There is one in the pass where you can take your own sleds. It's a snowplay area. You just pay for the parking pass.

I think it's the hyak snowpark mentioned here: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/getawa...9/snowbar.html
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