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January IVF

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Welcome! This is a place where those doing a January IVF can discuss and support each other. Of course those who have done IVF cycles, graduated, or those thinking about doing IVF are welcome too.

Please join in and introduce yourself.

I'll start...

I've been trying to conceive since April 2007 with unexplained infertility. So far, I have tried 4 months of Clomid, 1 month of injectables, and 4 IUIs. I will begin BCPs in approx. 2 weeks. ER & ET will be around the end of January.

I look forward to meeting everyone!!
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hi snowbell - good to "see" you again, i remember you from the august IVF boards.

my dp and i have been ttc #1 since august 2007 also (how depressing to be coming up on two years of ttc already!) after many, many tries between us, we moved on to IVF in september and did our first ET (2 embies) the first week of october. i got a bfp, but at the first u/s, there wasn't a heartbeat. i miscarried two weeks ago (at 9 weeks pregnant). i'm still an emotional mess, but am trying to look forward.

we'll be doing a FET in late january or early february. thanks for starting this thread!

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Hi Sarah,

I have been following your blog - I am so, so, so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you have been going through. I really hope this time works.

Take care of yourself right now.


(btw, you are a wonderful writer)
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aw, you flatter me. i definitely don't feel like a good writer. the blog has become kind of an addictive outlet though, especially recently.

thanks for the kind words. its really been the most awful part of the entire ttc process. we have six frozen embryos left ~ i'm going to try with those before quitting.

i love your name! "adrienne" is on our short-list for girl's names (if ever we have a baby!! )

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Hi Sarah and Adrienne, I'm glad we'll be here together. We're doing a Jan IVF too, our first. We've been TTC #2 since about April 2007. We have a 3 year old conceived after 14 months, 2nd round of Clomid, who now I consider our little miracle! This time around we did 4 rounds of clomid, 2 IUI's and decided enough is enough. So we've met with the doctor, had my saline thing, cervix "mapped", antral count, on the birth control pills. I think next up is an injection class in a few weeks. The heavy duty meds start beginning of January I believe, with the retrieval/transfer occurring near the week of Jan 11. I'm excited and nervous as heck!

Sarah, I'm so sorry for your loss Were they able to determine anything? Looking forward to reading your blog.

Adrienne, thanks for starting this thread. I've been MIA on here for awhile, but now I have a "home". Do you have a schedule yet?
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I may be joining you ladies. I have my consult today, and then I'll know my dates betters. If I compare with last time, then I'll likely be on bcp's in January and not stim until February.

Sarah - I've been where you are. It's horrible, but does get better. I pray that we both have sticky embryos next time that result in beautful babies 9 months later.
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I'll be : and cheering you on
and possibly joining you.
I'm in my 2nd follistim/iui cycle and if it doesn't work, we'll likely move onto ivf, more like end of Jan/Feb.
Hopeful wishes for all~~
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Hi everyone, I am currently 3 dpiui, but if this cycle is not a success, we have already agreed to go talk to a clinic about IVF (my obgyn does the IUIs - much more affordable for us). While we consult on the whole IVF process, I will do my last IUI/clomid cycle. If that doesn't work I want to start right away on the IVF in mid Jan.

I didn't know you had to be on BCPs when you started IVF? So does that mean you have to take a 1 month break between an IUI and an IVF cycle? :
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Hi All, I am currently in the midst f an IVF cycle. I have my egg transfer(ET) on Sunday. For me from the time I started to BCP 10/29 to know it has been 37 days so far. I have cut one day off of a "normal" if there is such a thing because my follies were the right size. So all in all it will be from 10/29-12/7, not by any means fast. Hope evryones stay is short.
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hi all ~

jazcat - no, they didn't give me any answers as to why this pregnancy didn't work...just vague "these things happen" rationales. my RE didn't think it was worthwhile to do any analysis of the embryo.

julia's mom - thanks for the kind words. it is a horrible place to be, indeed. i'll be praying for sticky babies for us all next time around too. looks like we'll probably be cycling/transferring close together in the new year.

jennifer & bellybean - hope these last iui cycles works for you and you don't have to go down the ivf path. belly, i think the average time on bcps is around 3-5 weeks. i started bcps 8/26 & started stims 9/19. its a weird, frustrating thing to be on bcps while trying to get pregnant!

krissy - good luck on sunday!

~ sarah
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Hi All!

Sarah - That's great you have 6 frozen embryos. I keep thinking I really hope we have embryos to freeze.

Jazcat - It looks like we might be synched up! When do you start bcp? I will probably be starting mine around Dec. 15th. I don't have a schedule yet but I am thinking my ER will be around mid January.

Julia's Mom - How was your consult?

Poetgirl - Hi!! I really hope your injectable cycle works! I am having good feelings about it!

BellyBean - I love the name! Yes, unfortunately you have to take BCPs before starting the stims. To my understanding the BCPs are used to suppress your system so the Dr. can manipulate your hormones better. When I did an injectable cycle I had to take BCPs the month before, which made each cycle 2 mos. long! Good luck in the 2ww - hopefully you won't need IVF!

KristinaMarie - Good luck tomorrow! If you don't mind, can you tell us your IVF path so far? How many eggs were retrieved, fertilized etc. I'll be thinking sticky thoughts for you tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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No problem Snowbell...

We have been trying since we got married...2005 with no luck. Tried clomid for 6 cycles. Got pregnant on my 2nd cycle, that ended at 8w5d in April 08with an ectopic. My Dr assured me that we wouldn't have a problem conceiving again even though I lost my right tube. Tried 4 more rounds of clomid..those didn't work.

So we went to a Dr friends had gone to..Started down the IVF road, found out that my left tube is blocked for reasons unknown. I have PCOS, Endo, and tubal defect.

I stimmed very well my Dr said. They want 3 follies over 18mm to trigger I had 6 over 20mm. When they retreived they got 22 eggs of which 13 were mature, and of those 13, 11 fertalized. We did ICSI even though we don't have male factor, I just couldn't imagine going this far and not having a fighting chance of fertilization.

Hope everyone's stay is short and sweet. Feel free to ask any questions.
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Thanks for sharing KristinaMarie! It sounds like everything has gone very smoothly - I'm wishing you lots of luck today! How many are you transferring?

So...right now I am very worried about 1 thing in this whole IVF process. I recently found out that my IVF clinic does progesterone shots instead of suppositories!!! Maybe that seems likey a silly thing to be worrying about but I am really freaked out by having to take intramuscular injections! My clinic says they have to be injected on the top sides of the buttocks, so I guess that means my dh has to give them. How lovely...every night I get to lay down and he gets to give me a shot in the booty.

Have any of you done these before? Please tell me what they're like and if you have any tips to ease the discomfort. Thanks in advance.
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adrienne - im not gonna lie, the projesterone injections kinda suck. there are some videos on youtube of women talking through the process. we watched several before attempting on our own.

a few hints: first, DO NOT lie down for the injection. being in this position allows you to clench your muscles, making everything more difficult. find a tall dresser or table you can face and lean over, then turn your feet inward, toward one another. this sounds strange, but try it - its nearly impossible to clench your muscles while standing this way.

second, ice the injection spot before and apply heat afterwards. some women recommend heat before and after, but i found i liked the ice better - i couldn't even feel the needle go in.

third, after the shot, make sure you walk around, move your legs, and rub the injection site to help the oil dispurse & prevent muscle knots/bruising. i forgot to do this once and paid dearly the next day when i couldn't sit down without flinching.

finally, and this hint is just because i am a big coward, i never looked at the needle. i'd let my dp get everything prepped and then i'd walk in the room after she was ready. i kept my eyes closed and just focused on happy baby thoughts.

~ sarah
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Hey All,

Just a little update..we are home from transfer, actually in a hotel, they would't let us drive the 8 hors home. So I am here on bedrest for 2 days. we decided to transfer 2 embies. When we went in they let us know that 8 of the 11 made it to day 5, 3 of those were blasts, and 5 were 4-5 hours from being blasts. They will call us tomorrow and let us know how many they are freezing.

As for the progesterone shots, I have found also to stand up. First shot i bent over the bed, and I am still sore from that. I don't feel anything when the needle goes in or the fluid is pushed, and I make sure to rub it pretty good after. The nurse drew circles on my bum so that DH knows where they go.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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Update on my consult. Well, I went in for my consult last Thursday. When the dr asked when we were ready to start again, I said as soon as possible. Then when he found out I was on cd8, he jumped up and rushed us to a room to do a hsn (where they inject saline into your uterus to check for polyps, fibroids and such). The results were fine. So, he said we could start immediately on bcp's and do the transfer in early January. I went in Friday am for CD3 bloodwork (even though it was CD9 for me). The bloodwork came back with a high level of prolactin. They scheduled me to return tomorrow for a repeat prolactin check. If it is still too high, then I'd have an additional drug to take to reduce the level while cycling.

Regardless, the consult took us by surprise. Since I had a period over Thanksgiving, we were sure it woudl be at least a month, if not more, until we could start again. Everything happened so quickly at the office that we didn't have time to process until we got home. We've decided to wait a month to start the process. Getting af is a miracle for me (since I NEVER have af without medication). We are going to see if it's possible for me to ovulate and get a period again, before starting on ivf. Hopefully, that time will also allow my prolactin to regulate. We've found peace with our decision, and that is the most important fact.

So...I'll probably start bcp's in January and transfer in February. I'll lurk along with those of you going sooner.

As far as the PIO shots... I did give them to myself. My dh was gone for a week of the tww and I really had no other easy answer. I just stood in front of a mirror and pretended it was someone else's butt. It actually hurt less for me to give them, then for my dh. Regardless, I concur with not laying down and trying to relax the butt muscles as much as possible before the shot. They're not bad, once you get used to them.
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Originally Posted by snowbell View Post
I recently found out that my IVF clinic does progesterone shots instead of suppositories!!!
I was sooooo nervous about the PIO shots at first. But, it turns out I prefer the shots over those yucky suppositories and if possible this cycle will stay on PIO vs. suppositories.
Big tip, ice well. I use an ice pack that comes with the shipments and ice the are for abotu 10-15 minutes before shot. I never feel it that way. I stand leaning against the counter with the side I am getting injected leg relaxed. DH gives me the shot. I can totally understand being nervous, I was. But once you do the first 2-3 it is so easy.

I am in the middle of my IVF cycle now. Day 8 since started stims. Tentative ER/ET Friday/Monday.

Good luck ladies!

January is October babies and I have an October 2003 baby! I am sooooo hoping for a baby #2 before October 2009.
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Good Morning everyone. Is it Monday already? I feel so blah, not sure why. I hope the sun comes out today.

KristinaMarie, I will be crossing my fingers for you. What is your testing date?

To those that have done IVF before: How much resting did the doc prescribe after your embryo transfer? Was it lay-down resting? Or try to take-it-easy resting?

Snowbell, I've been on the BCP for 3 weeks, tho I think the schedule says to stop taking them tomorrow for a few days, then resume again.

I'm trying to get the retrieval/transfer bumped up 2-3 days because we're having an out of town guest and I don't feel like explaining why I need to go somewhere for 3 hours. I hope she can accommodate.

PIO shots ~ LOVELY!!
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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
To those that have done IVF before: How much resting did the doc prescribe after your embryo transfer? Was it lay-down resting? Or try to take-it-easy resting?
After ER it was one day of lay-down resting and then as I felt up to it. For ET, it was one day of take-it-easy resting. We actually went for a short, slow walk and a nice dinner date out. We did successfully implant. I don't think there is real research to support either way. Do what you are most comfortable with, and what you will not regret later on. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
To those that have done IVF before: How much resting did the doc prescribe after your embryo transfer? Was it lay-down resting? Or try to take-it-easy resting?
Mine was to take Milk of Magnesia night before and then transfer day and next day only clear liquids and minimal eating for transfer day and next. Also, bed rest for 2-3 days. I did 3 days of bed rest and plan to next week also after transfer. They do not allow you to drive more than 1 hour home that day, so if you are further, then hotel next door for 2 nights.

Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
I'm trying to get the retrieval/transfer bumped up 2-3 days because we're having an out of town guest and I don't feel like explaining why I need to go somewhere for 3 hours. I hope she can accommodate.
Mine will not even give me a date now for retrieval/transfer so I can attend my grandma's funeral. I am on Day 10 of my cycel since starting stims. If they can do retrieval Friday I can attend Saturday funeral and make it home in time for transfer. I am still working on them to figure out by tomorrow what we can do so I can attend. My clinic is fairly strict though. But, honestly I think that they have to do what is optimal for your follicles, etc. Good luck!
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