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Originally Posted by christophersmom View Post

Mine will not even give me a date now for retrieval/transfer so I can attend my grandma's funeral. I am on Day 10 of my cycel since starting stims. If they can do retrieval Friday I can attend Saturday funeral and make it home in time for transfer. I am still working on them to figure out by tomorrow what we can do so I can attend. My clinic is fairly strict though. But, honestly I think that they have to do what is optimal for your follicles, etc. Good luck!
What a horrible horrible position to be in! Did they give you any indication at your last ultrasound? When is your next one? It seems there ought to be SOMETHING they can do to hurry things along just a little. I'm sorry about your grandmother

They gave me a calendar with a "Possible Retrieval" day. I'm guessing that means retrieval day can be that day +/- 2 days?? Wish the doc would get back to me. If she cannot accommodate, I'm going to need all of you to help me come up with a good excuse why I have to take off for 3-4 hours the day after my guest arrives
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Jaz- Christmas shopping? Volunteering at the soup kitchen? Walking dogs at the dog pound? Just kidding. Hope you can work out the timing!
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Thank you everyone for giving such great advice on the PIO (what does that exactly stand for?) shots! Sarah, I love all of the steps you told me - I plan to follow them all!

Kristina Marie - Sounds like a great transfer! What are you doing to keep yourself occupied at the hotel?

Julia's Mom - Wow, I am very impressed you gave yourself a shot in the buttocks! You must be quite flexible! Also, way to go on getting AF! That sounds like a great idea to give your body some time to see what it can do on its own.

Christophers Mom - Good luck! How has the process been for you so far? I'm so sorry about the death of your grandma.

Jazcat - awhhh, the joy of house guests and infertility. I wish I could come up with a good excuse for you but I'm drawing a a blank.

As for me, I have a question. I just got very stressed (you guys probably think I am always stressed - I promise in normal life I am usually not). I will probably be starting BCP on Sunday. The hitch is my cystic fibrosis results aren't back yet and my husband's infectious disease results have not arrived yet at my IVF clinic (they were mailed from my old RE's office) and these are both prerequisites. I am waiting to hear from my pre-cycle coordinator but I wanted your opinions. Do you think I will have to wait for those results to arrive before I can start the BCP? If so, that would mean I would be out for this cycle and not doing IVF until February

Or do you think the clinic will let me begin the BCP?

Just wanted your 2 cents!
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Just lurking, but I vote start, because you can stop, and they are relativley inexpensive if you do stop.(If cost was a concern) Also, Better to bank on things going right than wrong for a change!!!!

PIO=progesterone in oil
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Snow-I would start the bcp you wouldn't want to not start then everything be a go.

As far as test date I will have my beta on 12/16, and I won't test before...hopefully.

To keep entertained while on bedrest we are playing cribbage, reading, tv, naping, surfing the net. Its going quickly. I only get up to pee and get my injections, other than that its on my back. Thank goodness for bendy straws.

Hope everyone had a good monday!!!
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Thanks for the replys naturalmom and kristina marie! i definitely want to start the birth control...i just hope my clinic will let me.

Kristina Marie - that sounds like a lot of fun. Even though my clinic is 1.5 miles away I kind of wish I needed to stay in a hotel!
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My vote woudl be to start BCPs. too. It is easy and they can actually maintain you on them until you get the records back. I think it woudl easily work out.

Update to my dilemma is they scheduled my grandma's funeral for the 20th. She is beign cremated and that was the easiest thing to do to ensure all family members are there. It saved my dad $950 on my family's tickets, too. So there is less stress now.

My cycle is okay. I am really sick, see my hyperstimulation thread. They are trying to get my levels down via ganirilex acetate in order to trigger. We shall see.

Right now I did US Sunday, Monday and today, I go for BW/US again tomorrow. My doc does BW every day starting at Day 3 of stims and US usually every other day starting on Day 7. But, I think since I am hyperstimulating I will have an US/BW every day from now on.
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Christophersmom ~ Glad things worked out for the funeral. But I'm sorry to hear about your hyperstimulation. What does the doctor think? That would be soooo awful to have to throw away the cycle.

snowbell ~ I'm on bcp for about 2 months, with a 3 day break in between, which I'm on now, the break. So I would *think* there would be no issue starting them, even if this isn't thee cycle.

KristinaMarie ~ Sounds nice indeed! Ya know, you COULD test yourself before the 16th, if you wanted to, assuming the 16th is 14DPO (or retrieval)

Natrualmom ~ I like the volunteering idea! I could say I signed up for something months ago. Hmmm, I'll have to have a very specific story. Gosh, I am such a bad liar....makes me so nervous.

My doc emailed me and told me she would take a look at my schedule and would try to make it work, bumping me up a few days that is. Now I'm waiting for her staff to get back to me. Crossing my fingers.
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So the Dr. said I can start the BCP but the lab results have to be in before I start stims. So I feel relieved and I am actually looking forward to all of this...

Christophers Mom, I feel so bad for you! I'm sorry you are experiencing OHSS. I hope your syptoms get better.

jazcat, it is hard to lie but the volunteering idea could possibly work. But aren't you going to be sedated and on bed rest when you get back from "volunteering"?! So why are you on BCP for two months? When you start back up how long will you be on them? I will probably be starting mine on Sunday.
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Originally Posted by snowbell View Post

jazcat, it is hard to lie but the volunteering idea could possibly work. But aren't you going to be sedated and on bed rest when you get back from "volunteering"?! So why are you on BCP for two months? When you start back up how long will you be on them? I will probably be starting mine on Sunday.
It would be the transfer, not the retrieval. I know I would be totally sedated for the retrieval, but I think the transfer is super fast and easy....anyone?

I don't know why they put me on the BCP for so long. They did say "to give my ovaries a rest", but not sure why 2 months. On Friday I start taking them again and then I take them for 21 days before I start on Doxycycline.

Btw, anyone else doing the "antagonist" protocol? And does anyone know why this protocol is chosen for someone?
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Long Lurpon cycle here, not sure why any cycle is chosen for anyone. I knwo you don't have to do BCPs to do IVF, but most practices do it to get women on a set schedule.

Transfer is super easy and just a happy pill, but after transfer is 2-3 days rest, so you may need to rethink what you are planning.
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christophersmom I'm sorry about your hyperstimulation, I know the feeling, I was hyperstimulated in October, but not really in a consecuence of the medicine, the real reason was my LUF Syndrome, In my last control in November 26th my right ovary was still producing estrogen and hyperstimulating my self, sounds incredible, but it have been in activity since October 1st, first we try to stop it with natural progesterone but it doesn't work (I can't use Birth Control pills for other medical reasons) now we use a new medicine and already start a new period last monday, next monday we will check again with an ultrasound if finally my right ovary is in rest, I hope it is, so probably in January we will try for a new IUI, because this VERY LONG cicle probably is lost also with the xmas and new years festivities. The only thing that I learned with this Syndrome that the hyperstimulation if we don't stop the cicle with the help of the BCP its take longer, with the BCP you stop your cicle and start a new one pretty soon. The only good thing in my situation is that the Doctor give me all the pills free so I save a lot of money. I wish you feel better soon.

Snowbell we have been trying for 8 years and the last 3 years with the help of the medicine, now we are waiting for the last chances, February will be the final month and if we don't get pregnant we Quit of any other treatment because hubby start travelling in Octorber 2009 for at least a year, so these are our last months looking for a baby. Thanks God I already have a 9 years old son, who is claiming every day for a brother or a sister.
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So here I am sitting here 4 days post 5 day transfer, and not feeling a thing. Argg why does this have to be so hard? I go to the bathroom expecting to see something on my panties or on the TP, nothing but CF...Not a single sign from my body.
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Good luck Krissy, I know it is hard to wait. Not too much longer. With my last IVF I had no implantation bleed. Even with losing one embryo right away. Two attached.
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victorian patch - what a rough road you've been on. good luck with the iui.

kristina marie, how was the car ride home? i am thinking about you...take it easy on yourself.
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Snow, the car ride home was actually good, I had a nice nap My poor hubby just gets to drive. Since I posted, I have noticed twinges on both sides, almost feels like my ovaries though. When I had my ectopic I had no symptoms, no pain, no nasuea, no nothing, and my HCG levels were in the 10,000 range. So I am just going to go with I don't feel anything, and wait for my Beta on the 16th. I am going back to work tomorrow, and I am sure people wll be wonderng where I have been, the joys of living in a small town, and working at a bank. My christmas party is this weekend, so that will keep my mind off of it for a while. Hope everyone had a good hump day.
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Ok, gotta vent to you guys. I just got yelled at by my case manager. She called to tell me that yes, they are going to change my calendar, per my request. Yay for that. Then I asked her if this would change when I begin taking the BCPs again, since I'm currently scheduled to start tomorrow. She asked me if I was bleeding and I said yes. Was I bleeding yesterday? Yes. Apparently I was supposed to call the clinic on the first day of bleeding. All the calendar has on it for today is "Possible Cycle Day 1, Call Clinic to Report". To me, that meant, call the clinic to let them know what's going on. She said it meant I was supposed to call on CD1.

So I'm to take the BCP today, instead of tomorrow. Really I was supposed to take it yesterday, according to her. But ya know what? I wouldn't even call today CD1 since I always have spotting bleeding before the real CD1. CD1 for me is the first day of heavy bleeding. Who knows if I'll even have that since I'm on the pill now. Didn't want to get into all that with her :

Sorry for the ramble....don't like getting scorned with a mother-knows-best tone of voice. At least I'm getting the calendar changed. She said everything will be bumped up 3 days - should be perfect. I hope.

In other news, the pharmacy called and is going to send me my PIO, $86. Not sure why that was the only drug ordered. But there's plenty of time.
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Hi all,

We had our consultation last Friday, and it looks like we'll be starting on our first IVF cycle in about a week when I start my period. Since I had somewhat adverse reactions to the pill in the past, I won't be taking BCPs. I've never actually heard of anyone not taking them before, but I'm totally thrilled about not having to take them since they gave me AWFUL migraines.

As far as we know, I'll be starting the Lupron around January 5th or so... I'm so excited to finally be moving FORWARD! :
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jazcat - i'm sorry for the scolding you got! this whole IVF process can be very confusing. there are always so many different directions, which i don't always find very clear. : but it sounds like it worked out for you and i'm glad you got your calendar moved up. now you won't have the added stress of a visitor right in the middle of this.

Welcome ladylaura!! I feel the same as you...excited to be moving forward!

kristina - how are you feeling? were people at work nosy about where you were? try to have a nice, fun and relaxing weekend! (i'm sure that's much easier said than done...)

afm, i am home sick today. i haven't been sick in so long, so i bummed that i'm getting sick right before starting IVF. maybe i'll take it as a sign that i need to be super healthy right now. at least i have a few weeks before starting stims to get my health back. what you are guys doing to stay healthy?

i believe af is arriving. some bright pink spotting this morning. i am happy because i haven't had any dark brown spotting. i usually get that for several days before af comes. hopefully, i will have a "healthy looking" period. (sorry for TMI!) i do have to admit that i was holding out hopes of getting pregant this past cycle. hoping for a miracle really. well, i'm not going to think about that now. just fully embrace the road ahead...
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Thanks for the validation Snowbell....I feel better
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