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Yikes Jaz, I didn't see that coming!!!!! Although it isn't great news, at least you have some idea on what was causing some of your problems. Also, now you know that you made the right decision going the IVF route. (I am super excited about IVF, but I also feel a little guilty for some reason...not sure if you had the same feelings).

4AB sounds like a winner! : Keep us posted.
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Joy, you are very well-informed! And I'm wondering how informed my own doc is : Glad to hear your friend got pregnant.

From this page: http://www.inciid.org/article.php?cat=&id=442, I read:
The physician explained however, that although the majority of the embryos looked beautiful, that Jim’s sperm DNA would not contribute genetic information until day 3 and that development up to that time was maternal contribution to the embryo.
So maybe we're looking at sperm DNA fragmentation. I don't know how that changes are situation, or even how it could help us in the future. DH was exposed to some serious hot springs back in July, but that shouldn't have an affect on things now. Need to do more research on this.

Bellybean, I think I did feel some guilt, but I didn't realize it until now!
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JAZ-Interesting to hear all this, with all the things that need to take place in order to have a healthy pregnancy I found it shocking how people get pregnant at all. :But yeah for ET on one fine looking embie. Sorry about the freezing situation but I think 4AB sounds like it will make it, just try and change the name 4AB in 9 months.lol. Take it easy for the next week or so and do whatever it takes to keep busy. I actually just bought some yarn to get ready for our ET. Haven't sewn in over 15years.. Also picked up some books and lots of movies. Just trying to prepare because I am extremely active and resting may kill me.
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Jaz - I don't think hot springs would do it if it was a while ago. Smoking, alcohol, and cell phone and environmental factors can affect it though. If you are thinking about future babies, maybe check into the SCSA test (http://www.scsadiagnostics.com/).

AFM- I'm feeling crappy right now. I'm feeling intuitively not pregnant (i feel that hollow, empty feeling in my belly), and I'm feeling like my local friends don't give a sh*t about what I'm going through. Plus, I've had to isolate myself from most of them b/c they are either pg, TTC and could announce at the worst possible moment, or have a new baby.
I also feel like they avoid me b/c of the infertility or something - like it's contagious or something. Or maybe they think I'm defective entirely or something. IF is very alienating.
and the 2ww sucks! sorry to vent and be negative.
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IVF Drama

okay, i guess no IVF cycle is complete without some drama. i shouldn't have been so naive as to thinking that our cycle was going to go off without a hitch. as i type my hands are still shaking...

i will try to give the short version...

today i had an u/s and the dr. said she would have to see my estradiol levels but she was pretty sure i would be triggering tonight and have ER on Monday. they said they would call me later in the day to tell me what time to trigger (which as we all know is a very important, EXACT time). i got home from a movie at 4:15 and dh and i were looking over some ivf paperwork. it said they would call between 2-4 to tell me my trigger time. dh said i should call since it was past 4 and i said i was sure they would call soon and i'd wait till 4:30 to call them. i called at 4:30 and talked to the IVF operator who answers on weekends. she said the nurses and drs were all in the back office finishing making phone calls and to call back at 5:30. so at 5:30 i called back and the operator told me they had all gone home and to call back in the morning!!!! i told her that wasn't possible - i needed to talk to someone right now - could she page someone. so she paged the fellow who is on call for the night. the fellow called me back (obviously out with friends) and kind of freaked out. she kept asking me if i was sure i had given the correct phone number, if i had checked my messages, etc. i assured her that yes i gave the correct number and that there were NO messages. she said she didn't have the phone number to the nurse but she knew they wanted me to trigger tonight but she could not remember what time. she told me she would call me back. as soon as i hung up i became a mess. i just started imagining the worse: that the fellow wouldn't figure out what time i should trigger, which would mean everything would get messed up or cancelled. of course dh is out for a run at this point so i had no reasonable person to calm me down. he came home eventually (by this time an hour has gone by since i talked to the freaked out fellow and i'm a mess). dh tells me they will figure something out. we then decided to call the fellow to see what the latest was. right then she called me and felt really bad. she said she was able to get ahold of a dr. who looked up the info on a computer and said i am to trigger tonight at 9:45.

so in the end it was fine but lesson learned: i will call them anytime they are a minute late and i will make sure the operators transfer me!

i am so sorry this is such a long post but i am feeling MUCH better now...just writing about it helps.

so i guess the good news is the fellow told me that everyone there thinks everything looks great and my ER will be Monday at 9:45 am!
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jaz, i am stunned by your situation but a 4AB blast is great!!!that is fascinating info about the man's DNA taking over at day 3. congratulations on your ET! what are you doing to take care of yourself over the next few days?

joy, hugs, hugs, hugs. the 2ww is crappy to begin with and to not have supportive friends makes it even harder. be gentle to yourself.

momtoalexis, when is your ivf starting? i wish i knew how to sew!
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SNOWBELL- Sorry about the scare you had, people could be very incompitent at the expense of others. I should be starting stims Monday if everything goes well at RE visit Monday. Finished BCP Wed. and just got AF again today.uughhh. Two AF's this month, isn't that a beauty. Nurse said I may or not bleed after BCP but of course I did.
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Joy, I saw that test, but even if we test and get bad results, then I wonder what we can do about it. I've read that ICSI might help in these cases, but I wonder if there's anything that can turn the condition around.

I'm sorry about your friends. Perhaps they are just trying to be sensitive to your feelings, not knowing whether you want to talk about it or not? I had a good friend who had a miscarriage and it was a bit tricky, trying to be there for her, at the same time take her mind off it. Or maybe they're just too into themselves...maybe a good time to keep some space from them?

Snowbell, well that is certainly drama that you don't need. You'll probably get your chance to vent back at them on the feedback forms at the end of your cycle I'm still bitter about something that happened on our retrieval day, I don't think I've mentioned it here. My retrieval time was 10am, but I had to be there at 9am. We were there at 7:45 so DH could do his sample thing. I dropped off DH, while DS and I went shopping. We go back at 9am and DH still had not provided his sample! They said they were backed up, but there's 2 sample rooms and DH was the second guy there! I was freaking out, knowing I had to start getting hooked up AND babysit. It worked out, with the nurses help, but I seriously did not need that kind of stress that morning. Turns out it was a new girl at the front desk who didn't know what she was doing.

MTA, Yay for starting stims and getting things underway! I was pleasantly surprised with my AF after the BCP....so much lighter.

AFM, slept like a rock last night. I think partly due to the valium. Ya know, I took this valium one hour before my procedure, but it didn't take effect until about an hour after the procedure. So much for that! I do kinda feel pregnant, like something is in there. I know it's not the embryo. I wonder if they shot some air or fluid up there along with the embryo. And I am a little lightheaded....again, probably the valium. Also, I can feel my heartbeat stronger, but I measured my heartrate and it seems to be pretty normal. Just a little stronger I guess. Perhaps leftover effect from OHSS?

Now, when to test......
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hi ladies...sorry so long since i've posted, we've been crazy on the go and our internet connection is not the best right now, were switching companies.

snowbell....that is such a crazy story! I'm interested in how they handle it when you go in again, that is such a HUGE mistake on their part. good thing you got to trigger at the right time though...

so AFM...we got good news on Friday that my hcg was 808!! My nurse told me she thinks im preggers with twins because it was high for 16 days past fertilization. I go in again tomorrow for more bloodwork and possibly an u/s, I'm not sure which, when she told me the good news I kind of went dilirious and forgot to ask what i'm coming in tom am for.

I will keep you posted...I'm still totally nervous about our first u/s. I'm not feeling many symptoms except for being totally HUNGRY...anyone else? And wake up in the middle of the night to pee a lot, I'm not 5 weeks until wednesday so I guess its still early....

How are all you mamas out there?
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I am so happy for you! Keep us posted on your u/s.

Jaz, when to test...big question! what are you thinking about doing? i am so happy you got a healthy embryo put back in on day 5. i am hoping, hoping, hoping that i will be in the same situation next saturday!

tomorrow is ER!! WOW!
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Wow Yogi!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! : : : Can't wait to hear if it is twins!

Good luck tomorrow Snowbell, let us know how it goes. I am starting to get a little worried about ER. Let's keep this trend going!
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::::congrats:::::j oy:
Two bundles maybe??? So exciting!!!!!!!!!!
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Yogi ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Do come back and let us know whether it's twins!

Snowbell ~ Good luck today! I'm thinking about ya.

AFM, I'm feeling a bit crampy this morning. I'm hoping it's you-know-what, but it could be gas, which has been causing me all kinds of pains the last few weeks. We shall see! 7 DPR today.
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Saw Re today for suppression check, everything is a go and I start Follistim 175iu tonight. I feel ready now not as nervous as the last few days. I have 15 follicles total right now. So question, Will those 15 follicles mature with these meds or I just have to wait and see. Re said ER will be between the 28th-30th of January. It sounds like it's so soon but you all know how everyday drags out. Going back Thurs morning, so for now Follistim for the next 3 nights until I see him on Thurs.
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jazcat, cramping sounds like a good sign! btw, i am really sorry you had your ivf issue on day of ER. that must have been stressful to come back and your dh hadn't even gone in yet for collection. i'm glad the timing ended up working out. i have complete confidence that 4AB is a sticky bean!

momtoalexis, how exciting! i am glad you are feeling less nervous about it all. remind me, have you done IVF before? if you don't mind answering...did you use ART to conceive your dd? the number of follicles they see at the suppresion check can go up or down by the time ER comes along (like you said - you have to wait and see). my clinic said they want to get between 5 and 15 at ER. the ER will be here before you know it because you will be busy focusing on your injections everyday.

so for me - they retreived 29 eggs today! not as many as our huge egg producer jaz but i am a little shocked they got that many. but i know that number will probably decrease by a lot. as of Friday I believe i had 23 follicles with 12 mature ones. i am just hoping that at least 10 of them fertilize. i am feeling optimistic about it though! (momtoalexis, at our suppresion check i had 18 follicles.)

as for the ER: the hardest part was putting in the IV. the nurse tried to put it in my hand first and for some reason it didn't work. that was pretty painful. she ended up putting the IV in the crook of my arm. then she walked me into the retrieval room. pretty soon after that the anesthesia started and i felt great!! it did feel pretty good to be so relaxed! what seemed like a minute later, I woke up in recovery. i was groggy at first and in some pain so they gave me pain medicine through the IV. dh and I took a cab home and I've been in bed ever since. i just ate some soup and i'm feeling pretty good. the only discomfort is a lot of pressure in my abdomen and i can tell im already bloated a few dress sizes! i am really glad i am taking tomorrow off from work.

so, all in all, not too bad!
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Snowbell, I can't wait to hear how things progress! Great job producing those eggies Get some rest and keep us posted.
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SNOWBELL-:Yeah for 29 eggs. Glad your feeling okay. Rest up and take care of yourself. thanks for your response, the info def helps a lot. I have not done IVF before. My daughter was not conceived using ART, it was a total accident when I was 20years old with my ex-husband, I actually hid the pregnancy for 5 months because I thought my mom would kill me. Imagine an accident, can't even believe those are possible. Although it was def the best accident I have ever had. I've waited so many years in between because I wanted to do everything perfect this time.(Finish school, find perfect dh, buy house,etc.) That's what's so frustrating everything now seems so right but it hasn't happened, and if one more person says it will happen when you don't think about it, I will choke them. Let us know how those eggies are doing.

AFM-Dh gave my first injection and it didn't hurt a bit
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Congratulations Yogi! May you have a wonderful nine months and a wonderful baby in your arms coming!
Question: those doing microdose lupron, what time of day did you do your shots? I can't find my instructions that say when. I think it's supposed to be 6-8 am and 12 hours later, but I can't be sure until I read it somewhere.
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Congrats all around!
Yogini - Yay! I had a feeling. Major Major congrats! Any symptoms during your 2ww you can share with us hopefuls?

Jaz - sounds promising! I wouldn't worry too much about sperm fragmentation unless you get the test done. I was convinced at one point that it must be DH sperm (his regular analysis are always find, but I thought maybe they weren't complete or able to fertilize or something) - he came back perfect - to his ego's delight

Snow- way to go - lots of eggs! good luck on ET. I hope you find out who dropped the ball on your trigger shot though. All's well that ends well, but that wasn't cool of them to put you through.

Mom2Alexis - I totally get how frustrating it is to try to make life perfect before having a baby, and when you get there, the baby won't come. I had an unexpected pg with my current husband using condoms almost 4 years ago - but it didn't stick. So what is up now that we've been trying so long????

AFM - 11dpo/12dpiui. not even tempted to test. The prometrium is keeping me out of touch with my normal body sensations so I dunno if I have any sx/sy or not. I'm a little envious of all the ER's and ET's and of course BFP's, but that's only when I think about what didn't happen for me this cycle, but if I get a BFP from this IUI, it won't matter what did or didn't happen!
I'm coming up on the 3rd anniversary of the due date of the pregnancy I lost, so it's a hard time to be wondering if a cycle worked or not. A BFN could really impact the sense of loss, but I'm trying to stay present and hopeful.
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so, 10 fertilized! : i am very relieved that at least some of our eggs & sperm decided to get together i am "on-call" for a Thursday ET. if i have 6 or more 6 cell embryos we will do a Sat day5 transfer.

pookietooth, i wish i could tell you about microdose Lupron but i don't know. i hope your dr. was able to tell you.
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