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ok, I'm 14 dpo/15 dpiui. I'm tempted to test even though I have a clinic appt. & b/w in 2 hours. I'm feeling funny today. pre-AF crampy, but a little weak and shakey. Could be the prometrium fighting with my own dropping progesterone?
I'm not having normal pre-AF sy/sx b/c of the prometrium, which is nice not to have the PMS nightmare, but it's throwing me off.

I want to test to know if:
1. I should stop the prometrium
2. I should be prepared with pain meds and pads for AF

I am not prepared for either result. a bfn could send me into a downward spiral, and a bfp would shock me and I wouldn't know what to do. I'd probably call DH at work and tell him and he would want to find out in a more special way.
okay, not testing yet. I can wait 2 hours for b/w. I've made a pact with myself not to test until I'm late for AF. Don't want to see another bfn if it's not necessary.
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joy, stay strong and don't test. wait for the blood work. i know it's hard but like you said - if it is a BFP than dh will want to find out in a special way.

jaz - wow, it sounds like a BFP to me!!! i will hold back on the leaping joy smilies until you confirm tomorrow but i feel confident in your faint line. Congratulations!

bellybean - how'd the lupron shot go? i gave mine at night. it's exciting that you are getting started with everything!

luckyIVF - WELCOME! that's great you and Belly Bean are cycle buddies!

as for me - i am just relaxing a lot today. i did get out to walk through the park and buy lunch. other than that i am resting. in an hour my sweet, concerned co-workers are coming over. they've know about my infertilty struggles but i didn't tell them about ivf. they think i've been out a lot this week for fibroid surgery i can' wait to get my BFP so i don't have to lie to people anymore!

the nurse told me that 3 of our embryos got frozen. yesterday they said they would probably only freeze 2, so i guess one of the smaller ones caught up.

take care everyone.
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Welcome, IVF. Hope your stay is short. Best wishes for snowbell and jazcat. Usually, even a faint line on a HTP/POAS test is considered +. Joy, I would wait until you get your results before stopping progesterone. Wouldn't want to lose it if you're positive.

I have asked a couple of friends, one can watch ds on some of the days but not the actual tentative date because she has to pick up her FIL. But the other friend can. Boy, they should have told me at the beginning -- just another stressor. Anyway, ++ thoughts everyone.
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LuckyIVF, welcome!!! So happy to have a local cycle buddy! I wonder if we are going to the same clinic since we both started Lupron today. My clinic (NWF - Dr. S) has people going through in "groups" every other month. Not sure if you found it (this was my first stop today), but there is a February IVF thread also.

Jaz - sounds very positive, can't wait to hear the "official" results

Joy - I hope you get your beta BFP today!

Snowbell - Great news about freezing 3 "babies in the making"

AFM - First Lupron shot was a piece of cake. I got a little nervous right before, but I didn't even feel the needle!!! The injection point did itch for about 30 minutes, but other than that it was easy breezy.
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Originally Posted by KristinaMarie View Post

Take care of yourselves, and enjoy this time. And don't let yourself get constipated :
Hey, that's my line!!

I can't keep all of your updates straight, but good luck to everyone and take care of yourselves.
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JAZ-sounds like a BFP to me too. Can't wait to hear it officially.

JOY-Hang in there, praying for a BFP for you.

LUCKY-Welcome, hope your stay is short.
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CRM, I know thats your line, and I am so wishing I would have listened to it. I have been oh so constipated since my ER. Here it is 9 week pregnant, and I am still batteling. I go to the Dr on tuesday and going to see what I can do. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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The test today was a little darker than yesterday's test. But if it's positive, shouldn't it be a lot darker today? Between that and some very sharp uterine pains, I'm not feeling good about it. Two times today I had these super sharp pains that lasted maybe 10 seconds. OHSS symptoms are back bigtime + major nausea this morning. I'm calling the doctor first thing Monday.
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Jaz- A line is a line and can fluctuate day to day, even different times in the same day!. It does not nessacerily (sp?) turn darker right away. That pos test coupled with your returning OHSS symptoms sounds great!!!! Congrats:::::
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Thanks natrualmom. I wish I felt more like celebrating. I"m feeling absolutely horrible and I don't know what to do about it. Part of me wants to go over to the emergency room right now, but we have overnight guests right now, leaving sometime tomorrow. Maybe I can get an appt with an RE tomorrow morning, as a walk-in. My IVF doctor is over an hour away and that ride would be torture. But I have a local RE, within the same system. I'd really have to make my case for them to see me as a walk-in. Major major abdominal pains that come and go, my ovaries feel like grapefruits and now I'm not urinating properly. It doesn't hurt to go, but after all I drank last night, I should have gotten up to pee at least twice during the night and I didn't feel like I had to go at all.

Sorry for the ramble. If I had to do it all over again, I'd opt for an FET after recovering from this OHSS. It sucks
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jazcat, that sounds horrible! my recommendation would be go to the ER immediately. your probably not able to enjoy your guests right now anyway, so you might as well go take care of yourself. you don't want to end up hospitalized.

i am not feeling so great either. nothing as bad as you jaz but still not so great. these PIO shots are a breeze to take but jeez i'm having bad side effects. ever since starting them i have had major cramps, gas, nausea, and tiredness.

does anyone else experience these side effects from PIO? what helps?
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Talked with a few nurses and a few on-call doctors - seems most are not familiar with OHSS....no surprise there I guess. They told me to go to the ER. But I can't go today, nor do I feel like I really need to. I'm not having trouble breathing and I doubt very much fluid is in my chest cavity. The only bloating is in my abdominal cavity. No grave danger today. So I'm going to go in to the infertility dept tomrorow morning. They said with acute symptoms I can usually get in right away. They may send me to the ER since the ER has special imaging equipment. All I want is my abdomen drained. I'm sure that will make me feel better, if only temporary. Can you believe my belly button is starting to get flat?!?! Does anyone have any good explanations why I would look 5 months pregnant when I'm not 5 months pregnant? I mean, in liu of telling people it's OHSS.

snowbell ~ Gosh, your symptoms sound like preggo symptoms, but I think it would be too soon for you, right? I haven't had PIO side effects...wish I could be more help there.
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Thanks for the WELCOME - excited to start!

Lupron is going ok, mild headaches and tired. I cant believe how fast i became an emotional wreck! Already crying, etc. :

Belly Bean - YES! We're in the same clinic! I know he has a super reputation! I'm also going to acupuncture at CHC with M.N., recommended by Dr. S. She goes into the ER and ET with you to relax the uterus with acupuncture! Call Dr. S if you want the info.

- I got OHSS with my last stim and it was awful. Bad signs are shortness of breath and not enough urine output. If you are getting so much fluid in your belly that there is not enough in your blood vessels, you will get too dehydrated to pee. That's when you need help fast. Go to the emergency room, but call your RE! The ER will need to know what to do and your RE should be on call and can talk with your emergency room doc. (Please take my advice, I'm a doctor) I'm sure everything will work out fine. You just need some IV fluids.:

Good vibes to everyone, we are troopers!:::
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sorry, we must have posted at the same time. If you're not short of breath and you are still able to urinate, you are probably ok. Your RE should be on call or have a partner on call. I would contact them.
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luckyIVF ~ Thanks for the tips. My urine output is of concern, which I will mention tomorrow. I've been chugging fluids all day, including lots of Sunny D. But I do feel more is making it into my abdominal cavity than my bladder. I'm going to the RE office first tomorrow - I need to go to that building anyway to do a beta test. Then if they want to send me to the ER, I'll go. I can see now they'll definitely need some communication from the RE dept.

Good luck with your cycle! So what happened last cycle? You were on stims, for a natural cycle, but you overstimulated so cancelled?
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I did stim a natural cycle since I only have one tube (ectopic in 2004) my RE just wanted more eggs to come down the left one. I'm 39 and DH and I have been preg twice so the RE doesnt think there's anything really wrong except my old eggs and one side blocked. The FSH and HCG shots went ok, then we tried to concieve the "natural way." I got OHSS about a week after that. We thought it was a good sign since pregnancy can make OHSS linger or get worse, but I ended up with BFN. My symptoms were gradual belly distention - for me it looked 9 months preggo! People at the grocery store were asking when I was due, it was tough! I had severe upper abdominal pain for 2 days and then it gradually subsided. I just kept pounding gatorade and keeping track of how many times I peed. I never got short of breath. It took a lot of thinking to do it again! I did chinese meds and acupuncture for 6 months, went on a strict asian fertility diet and still no BFP (I did lose 25#but its not much of a consolation). So, now I'm just going to go for it with IVF. I'm sure I'll get OHSS but as long as I get pregnant, it will be worth it.

Hang in there girl, we're all here with you.
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jaz, sounds like you are taking care of yourself. i'm glad you called the dr. and that you are going in to the clinic tomorrow. tomorrow's the beta?! yay! i guess it's to confirm what you already know! : how are you handling OHSS with having a child to take care of too? and guests? i hope you are able to rest a lot. good luck tomorrow with the beta and dr visit.

Originally Posted by jazcat View Post

snowbell ~ Gosh, your symptoms sound like preggo symptoms, but I think it would be too soon for you, right? I haven't had PIO side effects...wish I could be more help there.
I wish they were preggo symptoms but I know it's way too early for those! Besides, I started feeling the stomach cramps about 6 hours after taking my first PIO, which was the night before ET. If these do turn into preg. symptoms than I say "bring 'em on"!
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luckyIVF ~ Does your doctor want to go with a lighter protocol this time? If I ever do this again, I will certainly be going lighter....a lot lighter I think! No more 40 eggs for me. IVF should stack the odds a lot more your way

snowbell ~ All I have to say is thank goodness for DH. He's been taking care of everything, not always with a smile, but he's doing a good job. Actually I think it's a good exercise for him - gets to see the ins and outs of my life Our house guests are close family that I'm very comfortable with and they just think I have nausea and am going to see the doc about it tomorrow. Everyone's been super helpful. Did I mention we had a small dinner party last night? I tried to put on a happy face, but then they wanted to get together again tonight and I drew the line. So the house guests took DS to the get together and DH and I are home alone. Too bad we can't take more advantage of it!

Snowbell, consider telling your doc about the PIO symptoms. Perhaps they can switch the type or amount or give you some other tips?
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Jaz - Fairy Dust and Baby vibes for tomorrow's beta!!!
Hang in there with the OHSS.

Belly - it will be fun to see if our ER/ET are the same day!

Snowbell - hope your PIO symptoms get better soon.

AFM - I see my RE for US on Tues so we will talk about the stims and how to avoid OHSS but still get eggs!

::: Love and hugs to everyone
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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
Thanks natrualmom. I wish I felt more like celebrating. I"m feeling absolutely horrible and I don't know what to do about it.
Did not mean to sound insensitive when I posted. I did not know how crappy you felt. I was just happy about your BFP. Hope you feel better.
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