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Joy, that's why I like the Mittendorf better, especially for first-time mothers. I think it's more realistic. For example, with my son, my doctor gave me a due date of July 16. So when July 16th rolled around and no baby, this panic started to settle in, since I was "overdue". But I wasn't overdue at all. The Mittendorf calculator gave me a due date of July 23, and my son was born on July 23rd. I bet if doctors used this calculator, there would be a lot fewer inductions, a lot less anxiety.
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Originally Posted by joyakshi View Post
So, I might be missing something, but I think all of us who did the actual IVF ER/ET (or IUI as fate may have had it) during January got BFP's!? Yogi, Jaz, Snow & myself. MomToAlexis is kind of spanning Jan/Feb. I think.
Am I missing anyone who did ET in Jan?
What about Christophersmom? Was she in Jan or Dec? Regardless, that's a great reminder of how successful this can be! I just hope the February group has the same success.
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Hi ladies...

Just checking in to offer a HUGE congratulations to Joy, Jaz, and Snow! :::

I'm still stalking you all and hoping for BFPs for all ASAP!

PS - Jaz - I was the other mom who had a poor response with IVF and my RE converted to IUI and got a BFP on 12/3. I'm now 12.5 weeks along with a healthy singleton...
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Jaz - I'm making up my own lunar due date calculation
I conceived on the full moon Jan. 10-11th, and Oct. 4th is 9 full moons later (the 10th full moon of the year), and I was born the day before a full moon (and therefore am most fertile at the full moon), so I'll stick with the Oct. 3rd-4th full moon due date! Especially since babies tend to come at the full moon. But I certainly won't freak out if I'm a week or two late.
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:::Congratulations snowbell!!!!::::

I love the trend you ladies are setting for us February IVF'ers!!!!!!
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Thank you so much for all of your congrats. I feel very lucky to have had MDC throughout all of this.

Joy, my hcg was 16dpo or 13dp3dt. We transferred 2 embryos. My u/s will be between Feb 19th - 23rd. My own estimation for my due date is Oct. 12th. I am going to wait to join any Due Date Clubs until I've had my u/s. Hearing that first heartbeat will be very reassuring.

I hope everyone is feeling good!
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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
YAY SNOWBELL!!!!! Congratulations!!!! That is a great number too. Check out this page if you haven't seen it - http://www.squidoo.com/16dpo#module4162806

Thanks Jaz for the link. It makes me feel positive about a happy and healthy 9 months. If I am pregnant with twins does that mean each individual hcg would be 227?
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snowbell, I don't know, I've never thought about it that way. Have you seen the link that Joy passed on a few days ago - http://www.betabase.info/index.php. According to their records, looks like twins is more likely for you. But ya never know.
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Snow - sounds like our betas are similar - I was 338 at 14 dpo, 927 at 17 dpo and then 2035 at 19 dpo. So I was probably around 800 at 16 dpo. I wonder the same thing about dividing the numbers if there are twins. I'll have my U/S on Tuesday, so I'll know then. But I have read that you can have really high beta's with a single baby, and low betas for twins, and vice versa of course. you just never can tell til the u/s. I can't wait til Tuesday!
but since you transferred 2, there might be 2 in there
do you have to do the series of betas or just the one?
well, congrats again and good luck to Feb. IVF'ers.

I wonder if Yogini has twins or a single. has anyone heard?

Originally Posted by snowbell View Post
Thanks Jaz for the link. It makes me feel positive about a happy and healthy 9 months. If I am pregnant with twins does that mean each individual hcg would be 227?
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hi joy, i went in for my 2nd beta (18dpo) this morning. my third beta will not be until tuesday because my dh and i are taking a last minute vacation. that will be really exciting to find out if you are having twins! have you been able to relax between 3rd beta and u/s? i hope that i am able to relax until the u/s. i didn't do any breathing exercises during IVF but i now feel a little more anxious, so i started doing them last night. i fell asleep during it but i felt so relaxed when it was over.

i haven't heard from yogi but hopefully she posts soon.
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I just got my 2nd beta back. It was 923. So it went from 424 (I realized I had written the 1st beta number incorrectly before...it was 424 not 454.) to 923. I found out that they they don't look for betas to double - they are looking for an increase of 1.666, so they were looking for anything above 703. The nurse said my numbers look great so I don't need to come in for a 3rd beta. I will go for my u/s at 7 weeks on February 23rd.
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Yay, snowbell! That's great news!
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Hi guys,

I'm a little worried over here. I had some brown spotting this morning and continue to have it every time I use the restroom.

My IVF clinic nurse emailed me to tell me not to worry because spotting in early pregnancy is normal and a lot of time it's just old blood.

I went in to get my 3rd beta (cd22) and it was 3829. My old RE nurse (I don't do labs through my IVF clinic) told me the number looked good but she is concerned about the spotting. She wants me to find out what my IVF clinic has to say about it and if I should keep coming for Betas. Also, she was going to talk to my old RE doctor to see if I should come in for a sono. But it is probably way too early to really tell anything.

So, I don't know what to think. This is hard. All this waiting for betas and ultrasounds has been much harder for me than the 2ww.

Any stories about spotting happening during a successful pregnancy would be great!

I hope everyone else is doing well.
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Snowbell - I had spotting a couple of times and once bright red blood with my dd's pregnancy and all was well. Good luck! I do think you are much better off with brown, it's always more worrisome with red. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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Julia'smom, thank you so much for your post. That makes me feel better.

Here's the update:
My IVF nurse said the beta looks perfect and I don't need to do any more betas. She said I just need to let her know how my 7 week u/s goes.

I feel relieved and happy with her response. She makes it seem very normal and nothing to worry about. But my old RE nurse seemed to be a little concerned. I wish they didn't have conflicting opinions. :

I was an emotional mess this morning but now I am going to TRY to not worry about it.
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Snow - I hear all the time about spotting in pregnancy, especially early. Those are some great betas!!! It sounds like it should be just fine. I know what you mean about waiting for betas and u/s being harder than the 2ww.

AFM - I had my first u/s today: 6 weeks and 3 days. We saw the heartbeat - 125 bpm, and the fetal pole measured 6mm. Just one - no twins or triplets
So things look like they are progressing well so far. Please keep your fingers crossed!
I got the ok to move on to a regular ObGyn, and when I made the appt. for the 8 week u/s, the ObGyn clinic finally gave me a due date! Oct. 3rd 2009! (the fertility clinic never gave me one), but it is on the u/s pictures because the computer generates it.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to manage the constant, simultaneous nausea and hunger by eating bland foods every 2 hours - even at night or I wake up feeling ILL. It's an illness I completely accept!

Jaz & Snow & Yogi - keep us posted on your u/s's!
Good luck to all!
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Joy, that's awesome! That must have felt so good to see that heart beat. I can't wait! But I must, until March 4th, the earliest they could get me in!!!

Snowbell, I wouldn't worry about brown blood....it's most likely old.
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to you snow, early pregnancy can be so nerve-wracking. Hopefully the spotting will stop.
Great news, Joy, so glad your baby is healthy.
AFM, my beta is tomorrow at 9 am. Wish me luck!
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: for a BFP for you Pookie!
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: Jen :
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