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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
If she cannot accommodate, I'm going to need all of you to help me come up with a good excuse why I have to take off for 3-4 hours the day after my guest arrives
Dental work! Gives you an excuse to feel crummy and eat ice cream after, too.

Hi everyone, stalking, of course.

And I may as well say it, cause I say it on every IVF thread: don't let yourself get constipated!!! BCP's, all the hormones and being suppressed all contribute. It can get really really bad (as it did for me the first time I did IVF, so many weird feelings in my belly I didn't notice what was happening). Being constipated while you have ER is BAD. Drink lots of water/prune juice/apple juice, eat lots of prunes and piles of steamed veggies. Start now, don't stop. That's my two cents.
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Good morning everyone. My temp has fallen way below my coverline so I am pretty sure this cycle is over for me. Now I am debated going to straight to IVF instead of trying one more IUI (my original plan). I was just wondering if anyone wanted to share their IF journey, what you tried, what worked, how long it took (is taking).

Also, I was wondering if I go in for the consult after cycle day 3, is it possible to start the process right away? Since you have to do Birth Control pills I was wondering if you could start those a week or so into your cycle. Actually I have a left over pack, should I just start taking those?
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Belly bean I woudl call your IUI/IVF nurse, let them know you are about to start AF and ask if you shoudl start on BCPs if you are going straight to IVF. That way you don't have to worry if you miss the window by going into office at CD3. Explore whether another IUI will work or if you should go to IVF.

We have slight endo (lap in 2002 discovered no active endo but adhesions involving my bowel, bladder, uterus and tubes). At the time we had just a standard semen analysis, not the SCSA. We tried and got preg two months after lap. Fast forward to my cycle returning at 13 months pp and then not preventing but not trying for another 10 months. Then we started trying November 2005), two successful HSGs, multiple rounds of clomid and no preg. We went straight to IVF in September 2007, had to stop cycle and re-start and did IVF in November. Got preg, but lost them. We had a pregnancy in September 2008 but lost at ~5 1/2 weeks. We started IVF again in October and had to stop and re-start twice. I just had egg retrieval. My DH's morphology is 96% abnormal. I knwo it helps to hear what others go through, but you just have to decide what is the best option for you. You can try IUI with stims, clomid, letrozole, then move to IVF. IVF is a much bigger financial drain. I had some insurance coverage and we knew that IVF was more out of pocket for us, but were afraid to waste our coverage on multiple IUI attempts, so that was really our driving force. Now that I am spent as far as emtionally, finincially, and physically, I feel like this may be our last chance.
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Thanks for sharing Christophersmom!

I am going to try to call the IVF clinic today so I can get an appointment as soon as possible. Right now we have the IUIs done by my obgyn (for cost reasons). The only problem is they don't do any monitoring, so I don't know if all the clomid has made my lining thin or if I have cysts...its really crazy. I have thought about doing an IUI w/injectibles, but the cost is almost 1/2 of an IVF, so I am not sure it is worth the money if we end up going IVF anyway.
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Hi BellyBean,

We started trying in April 2007. Roughly, this was our schedule:
March 2008 - Clomid 50mg
April 2008 - Clomid 100mg w/ IUI
July 2008 - Clomid 150mg w/ IUI
September 2008 - Injectables w/ IUI
January 2009 - IVF

We have unexplained infertility. I have had many hormone tests, 1 HSG, 1 saline sonogram and dh has had a seman analysis and a Stict morphology - all of those tests came back looking great. We don't know why we are having trouble getting pregnant. My suspicion is it has something to do with my eggs - maybe the shell is too hard and we will need Assisted Hatching...but that is just my hunch...time will tell. (Side note: I do have to say I am glad I did an injectable cycle because we learned I respond very well to the injectables, which helps my IVF Dr. make better informed decisions on my stim meds.)

We chose to go to IVF after one injectable cycle because of financial and emotional reasons. Financially, I get 1/2 of IVF covered, so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on injectables when the success rate wasn't going to be that high for me. Emotionally, I just want to be DONE with all of this. I am tired of IF controlling my life. We want to move on. We have decided that after 3 attemps of IVF we are done trying with ART. We will then move on to adoption.

Like ChristophersMom said, I would contact the IVF clinic to get an appointment. They will do an u/s and you will see if you have cysts. I'm sorry your about to get af. That's never a nice thing to get! Keep us posted on what you decide.
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Snowbell, thanks so much for sharing. It must be really frustrating that there is nothing "wrong" with either of you. I can't wait to hear how the January IVF goes for you. I truely hope this will be the end to your journey and you get your long awaited BFP.

I am so happy I found this discussion board. Everyone here is so helpful and encouraging. I hope we all get our wishes soon!

I called the IVF clinic and was surprised when someone actually answered. However, the girl that does NEW patient scheduling only works 10-2 M-F. I found it slightly annoying that only 1 person (with short hours) has the skills/authority to make appointments for new patients. : Plus, then the lady said they are only about 2 weeks out for appointments...also not what I wanted to hear. DH is pushing to try one more clomid/iui cycle while we wait to get our appointment and IVF schedule. I guess it can't hurt, but I have no faith it will work.
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Hey Ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA, just trying to get stuff done around here before Christmas.

Belly Bean- I wish you luck getting things started as soon as possible. I noticed you are in Oregon as I am, are you going to a clinic in Portland?

Snow Bell- Do you have your protocal yet? I hpe you feel better soon.

Jaz Cat- I can remember when I was in the clinic for my very first appointment, the receptionist took a call from someone on CD 3, and tore into them saying they were supposed to call on CD1, so they could schedule all the CD 3 tests. I thought to myself, wow like we don't have enough stress and thinngs to worry about while going through all this to remember to call on CD 1. I hope you have better experiences from here on out

Christophers Mom- When are you having your ET? How are you feeling after ER.

CRM- I have to agree about the constipation, it was horrid. I didn't realize it until it was too late-the day after ER.

Lady Laura- How are things going? I can rememebr the excitment that I had when finally getting to go forward.

AFM- I am just waiting for Tuesday to arrive so I can go get my betas drawn. The only symptoms I have had is period like cramping about 3 days ago. No spotting, no nasuea, no sore boobs, nothing. I have been napping more than usual, but thats nothing that I can pass of as a pg symptom.

DHand I were planning on decorating for christmas this year, and lo and behold all of our christmas stuff is in storage, on the back wall on the bottom, so we would have to empty the entire 10x30 store room to get to it. I told him thats ok, we will just buy a few strands of lights for the tree, and that will be fine, but next year we will need them becuase we will have kids then

I hope the weekend was relaxing for everyone, and everyone is taking care of themselves.
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Hi KristinaMarie, yes I made my appointment today for a clinic in Portland! Sounds like this could be your month! It seems like people always say they have less symptoms when they are actually pregnant

AFM - The first available appointment they had was for January 6th...which seems like a lifetime away. With all the snow this week I asked to be on a cancellation list, so fingers crossed I can get in early. Now I just have to decide if I want to do one more cycle of clomid and IUI while I wait to see them. I guess the other option would be doing 3 weeks of birth control...thoughts anyone???
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bellybean, thanks for your kind words! if it were me, i would choose to do an IUI. i would see it as another possible opportunity to get pregnant before starting IVF. also, i don't like being on BCPs.

kristina, how are you doing? i am really hoping you are our first BFP! i'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

afm, yesterday was CD1, so i started BCP and Doxycycline. today i got a rough draft of my IVF calendar. tomorrow i will get the final schedule. it looks like the week of January 18 will be ER & ET. i go in for my baseline u/s on Jan 8th. does anyone have a similar schedule?

i hope everyone is doing well.
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Hey girls had my ultrasound today, no more LUF eggs, so now waiting for next period (around new year) and start with the stymulation for the IUI : I'm so happy, for the moment I will being enjoying : my DH finally I'm free
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Well Ladies,

After a 400 mile round trip in sub zero temps -12 to be exact, and icy roads, I finally got a call that said my test came back and it was..... : : We are beyond excited. I go for my second beta Thursday to make sure everything is ok. When we got home all of our pipes are frozen, so DH is under the house right now trying to fix the issue. Hope everyone gets the same results as I do!!
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KristinaMarie Congratulations : I'm so happy for you and your family, but it look a little froze there : Good luck for the second beta
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Kristina....YAY!! Congratulations on your BFP!!!::

I am so happy for you!
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Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
The heavy duty meds start beginning of January I believe, with the retrieval/transfer occurring near the week of Jan 11. I'm excited and nervous as heck!
I'm expecting to do the retrieval on or around the 11th of January as well! That's a full moon, so a good time to have ripe, mature follies! I start Lupron tomorrow and stims on 12/31.

This is my first IVF and I'm nervous and scared of the meds, so can we keep in touch?
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I think IVF and family building is more important than anyone/anything else going on during that time. Don't worry about your schedule or change your cycle to accomodate someone else. Minor out patient procedure, or the dental work thing is all you need to say. At this time, YOU are more important.

Originally Posted by jazcat View Post
What a horrible horrible position to be in! Did they give you any indication at your last ultrasound? When is your next one? It seems there ought to be SOMETHING they can do to hurry things along just a little. I'm sorry about your grandmother

They gave me a calendar with a "Possible Retrieval" day. I'm guessing that means retrieval day can be that day +/- 2 days?? Wish the doc would get back to me. If she cannot accommodate, I'm going to need all of you to help me come up with a good excuse why I have to take off for 3-4 hours the day after my guest arrives
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I'll be the week ahead of you. Have you done IVF before?

Originally Posted by snowbell View Post

afm, yesterday was CD1, so i started BCP and Doxycycline. today i got a rough draft of my IVF calendar. tomorrow i will get the final schedule. it looks like the week of January 18 will be ER & ET. i go in for my baseline u/s on Jan 8th. does anyone have a similar schedule?

i hope everyone is doing well.
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Hi Joyakshi! This is my first IVF cycle. I was really excited about it but recently I got depressed and scared about it. The possibility of getting a BFN is sooo scary. Today I went to an injection class and met a few women who got BFPs from my current Dr., so now I am feeling more hopeful. I am going to try to remain that way!

Kristina, how are you feeling?

How's everyone else doing?
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Hi Ladies,

Today was a bot of an emotional day. My first beta was 117, todays was 167. the clinic doesn't seem too worried, because I had the tests done at 2 different labs, but of course I am worried. I will go again on Monday and see what they say then. Wish me luck. Hope everyone else is doing good!
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Kristina, I was just thinking about you. I hope everything is okay. :
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yup think positive, don't put your arms down if you don't have symthoms,
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