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Can you help me spell this name?

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The only girl's name DH and I can seem to agree on is Tea (pronounced Tay-ah). Like Tea Leoni. I have a problem with the spelling though. It's supposed to have that accent over the e - but really who knows how to actually type that? In this digital age most things are typed and I fear people would think it is tea - like the hot beverage. I don't want my daughter to go through life constantly having to correct people on how to pronounce her name. Does anyone have any work arounds or thoughts or nice alternative spellings that wouldn't be too odd? Thanks!!

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Taia or Taya

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Hmmmm. That's a tough one.
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Honestly, with a name like that, she will constantly have to correct people. Even teachers, coworkers, neighbors - all people that will have regular contact with her on a regular bases, not just people you meet for the first time. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful name and if it has a special meaning to it or you just really like it, then I think that's what you should name it. But if one of your dealbreakers is others not being able to pronounce it, then I would pick something else.

I would probably go with Taeya for the most phonetic spelling, but expect a lot of Tay-ya's, with emphasis on the "ya" rather than just "a" like it's supposed to be.
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I love the name!
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I like it!
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alt 130 makes that e with the accent. Unfortunately doesn't work on my laptop though. I'd probably go with Tea, but if you don't want that, I vote for Teya too. I guess you could also go with Teija, or something along those lines. No matter how you spell it though, your daughter is going to have to spell it out for people pretty regularly! It's a neat name though.
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I like Taea

very pretty
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Originally Posted by noralou View Post
I love the name!

I like this. I wouldn't do Tea. She will be tea like the drink forever. It will just make it easier for kids to pick on her.
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taya is the least likely to be mispronounced way to spell it, but i think tea is prettier
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I knew a Thea with your pronunciation. Lovely name.

I have a name that is difficult for Americans to pronounce as does my daughter. We correct people and move on. We both get a lot of ooohs and aaaahs over our names - people always say what beautiful names we have.
I wouldn't base my decision on others possibly having difficulty with pronunciation. I have heard people mispronounce simple names like Lisa.
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We had Teya on our list and LOVE the name!
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I like the name, but I don't know how I'd spell it. I say, just spell it however you'd like, and who cares if other people can or can't spell it right off the bat. People misspell and mispronounce my perfectly common, phonetically-spelled last name *all the time* and I don't think there's much getting around misspellings. Heck, people misspell "Michael" often, but people keep on naming their kids that.
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Originally Posted by bremen View Post
taya is the least likely to be mispronounced way to spell it...
Maybe... but when I first read it, I thought it would be easy to mispronounce it "Ty-ah" like "Maya" (My-ah). Same with Taia.

I agree with the PP who said that regardless of how you spell it, she's going to have to correct a fair amount of people. I would be tempted to go with Tea, since there is already at least some precedent for that spelling of the name (not everyone has heard of Tea Leoni, but a decent amount of people have).

Another thought might be to name her Matea with the nickname Tea.

Good luck with whatever you decide !
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a friend of mine named her daughter that and spelled it Teyah. i think it's beautiful. she has 4 girls and the others are Mahayla, Ava, and Ryah.
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Our friends named their daughter Téa. It is a beautiful name. To be honest I wouldn't think of any other way to pronounce it, even without the accent.
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My friend spells her name Taiya.
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I'd spell it phonetically - but I'm a highschool teacher and I see the looks on kids faces when you pronounce their name wrong. They HATE it.

I saw Tea and thought Tee-Ah until you reminded me of TayAh. I actually like the name Tia, lol and I like Taya too.
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Use the proper accent. Just my 2 cents. The one you want to use the acute accent or accent aigu. "Téa" is how it would be spelled so it could be pronounced correctly in French. Téa Leoni spells it with the accent aigu. I wouldn't worry to much about being able to include it. My husband is Gérard, it's not such a big deal when the proper accent can't be included. He does use it when he actually writes his name though. I wouldn't worry about the accent too much. I figure most people will say it correctly without too much trouble.
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My friend's daughter is Thea, pronounced Teyah.
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