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Congrats Mamabeakley! I just wanted to say hi catch up and sub, but the baby is now wanting to eat! Poor thing has the hiccups, so you know what the cure for that is boobies!! I'm thinking about you all and hope to post more soon!
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Hey all. Just taking a break from being nurse-mama. Dd(5) has had a couple different viruses it seems. She started out over the weekend w/a high fever for a few days, which turned to incessant coughing, and starting at 5am vomiting. We went to the ped and she got a shot for the nausea which worked wonders. Poor little pumpkin. She's been such a trooper. I am praying I don't get it, as tomorrow I have this HUGE fundraiser for her preschool that I have been organizing for four months. (I'll be so glad when it's over!)

I hope everyone else is well.
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Oh, Max, good luck with the fundraiser!

My boys both have a drippy-nose-cough cold which isn't too bad (not even much fever) but I am really hoping I don't get it. As I recall, being sick, working, taking care of kids, and PREGNANT all at once is one of my least favorite things in the whole world!

I am feeling okay so far, for the most part. But it's early yet - I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. If I remember correctly, I usually do feel fine until about 6 weeks. Then I will probably feel awful for about a month and a half. Trying to get done with Christmas stuff . . . and wondering how feeling sick and doula-ing will go together . . .
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Hi Everyone!
Trying to catch up with everyone! I'll get to more personals soon since I'm finally back in the swing of things!

MamaBeakley- I usually get sick around 6 weeks too, I hope it's not to bad for you this time!! Being sick, taking care of kids, and going to school while working in a restaurant was my least fav thing too!

Max-Good luck with the fundraiser!

Sorry everyone seems to be getting sick! I hope everyone is better soon! I just had a great visit with an old college friend who was up here in NYC for auditions, and she took the train out to see us. We ate great Japanese food for lunch and I made awesome homemade lasagna for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Last night I made the best cookies, which we had for dessert (chocolate thumbprint cookies with caramel filling and drizzled in chocolate...can you say YUM:::

Things are going pretty well here, Anna has her days and nights mixed up, so her main sleeping is in the day time, not cool! I also really don't want to co-sleep this time. It looked promising at first, she sleeps on her own a lot especially during the day, but lately at night she really needs to sleep with someone. Then I feel guilty that I don't want to co-sleep with her because I want to sleep better, but it's the truth! Plus I still have a bit of carpel tunnel type pain in my hands, so when I'm co-sleeping I feel that pain more since I'm not moving around as freely in bed. Also I am feeling guilty in general like I'm neglecting her because I have to spend so much time with Clara too, and I"m going back to work next week! Mothers of multiple children help! How do you not feel guilty!

Clara is doing great! I can't believe how smart she is and how fast she's growing! We are having a lot of fun baking and doing Christmas crafts lately! However she is really OVER dramatic about everything since the baby was born, and my completely potty trained girl is now completely NOT potty trained, she hasn't been like this in almost a year! I know this is all normal regression, but I'm ready for it to be over! How long does this normally last!

Re Christmas: Clara is getting a doll house from grandma, (very cute fisher price one, plasticy but great for toddlers) and a cradle her Daddy painted for her, and a baby diaper bag I'm going to make with baby stuff in it from us with a bunch of little junk things I collected all year. My goal for the future is to not do the little things that we really don't need, and do less Christmas in general! Anna is getting a cute play gym mat thing from us ($12 at consignment shop, $35-$60 at stores!) a pair of baby legs and some cloth diapers. My Mom is getting her a locket, I got a locket from my grandmother when I was a baby and she also gave Clara one when she was born, so since she died, my Mom got one for my niece last year, and Anna this year.

Well I'm still working on getting to my birth story so when I get that up I'll let y'all know! Have a great night everyone!
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Kathryn, it's nice to get an update from you! I had a locket that my grandma gave me when I was really little, but I think my sister broke it. I'm not even sure where it is now.

Mama Beakley, I'm thinking keep-the-sickies-away thoughts for you. I think I have a cold brewing, but colds usually run their course pretty predictably and without too much trouble for me, so I'm hoping it doesn't slow me down too much.

Max, what is your fundraiser?

BBM, I had no idea places saved jobs for deployed employees--that much be a relief to come home to that and not have to start from scratch.

We have a 2-hour delay at school today (which doesn't affect me since I don't go in until lunch), but it seems like the rest of the state is closed. We had an ice storm last night, but now it's raining here on the coast, so it should melt soon. But coming home from school yesterday was probably the scariest driving I've ever done in my life. It normally takes 15-20 minutes, and last night it took an hour and 15 minutes. I was shaking the whole way and thinking the whole time "if I crash here, which friend is closest so I can walk there and hang out?" because I didn't want dh to have to come out to rescue me on the terrible roads! I'm still hoping our superintendent changes to a cancellation because I don't think I'll be able to get out of my driveway. Maybe a couple more hours of this rain will take care of it. What a mess!
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Originally Posted by Mamabeakley View Post
My boys both have a drippy-nose-cough cold which isn't too bad (not even much fever) but I am really hoping I don't get it. As I recall, being sick, working, taking care of kids, and PREGNANT all at once is one of my least favorite things in the whole world!
Oh, I hope you stay healthy! Being sick and preggers is hard enough, but with kids, eek!

Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post
BBM, I had no idea places saved jobs for deployed employees--that much be a relief to come home to that and not have to start from scratch.
That ice driving sounds scary- I hope it's all melted now!

Yes, they held his job... ironically, he went back to work Monday and at the end of his shift today he's officially laid off. But it's not bad since he's Union. It will give him a little time to get some more apartment hunting in before he gets called back.
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Hugs to all you mamas that are sick, or have sick kiddos!! Not fun. The girls all have colds, but it's mainly just a dry cough. Alayna does have a little bit of a runny nose, but no one is really "sick". At least not yet. I have felt something coming on the last few days, but I keep downing the emergen-C, lol. We have lovely QUIET weekend planned! After the nutso weekend last week, I'm ready to slow down. We have church practice tomorrow morning, but that's it. And, we're under a winter storm watch, so I'm hoping for lots of snow!! We plan on watching holiday movies tomorrow night and playing games, sounds like fun!

ecoteat- I though about you and Max this morning when I saw about the storm. Keep safe!! Alayna does still nap, but it's not detrimental if she doesn't sleep either. Last weekend she hung out with daddy while the older two and I were out

Max- Did you get the storm too? Hope DD is feeling better, hugs!!

Mia- I'm so glad that DS had such a nice bday, despite not going to DL!!

Kathryn- So good to hear from you, and I'm glad everything is going well. Hopefully Clara's regression won't last too long.

Well, off I go. I have some work on here to do, and then getting together the kids' Christmas presents for the parents. I bought potholders and we painted their hands on them, and I have a saying that I have to try and figure out how to get on there, lol. We also made these beautiful glass ornaments that you do a rub on to of a Christmas scene, then they filled them with these little colored styrofoam balls. They are beautiful, and now I want to make a bunch for Christmas gifts!

I'm also making lipbalm (thanks for the recipe, ecoteat!!), and a sugar scrub. I just need to pick up some almosnd oil, and I should be good to go. That's my plan for the weekend, finish up our homemade gifts.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Sydnee View Post
I'm also making lipbalm (thanks for the recipe, ecoteat!!)
Yay! Let me know how it goes!

MIL is here for a few days and tonight we went to a choral concert while dh had some special Phoebe time and put her to bed. It was so nice to go out and see some music without Phoebe! Especially now that the ice is all gone.

I really should be asleep. I wonder if Phoebe will wake up earlier to nurse since she didn't before bed. i hope not--I'm tired and staying up too late!
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A quick hi and bump to us all!

Hope you're all doing well, I don't know if I'd mentioned that I had the joy of getting whatever the heck has been going around in this house too the past week and am just finally getting over it. My voice is still nowhere near normal, and it's driving me crazy. I'm scaring people who call us

On a sort of sad note- my computer died so I had to go get another one. Don't get me wrong, I love the getting another one part, but it sucks to have to put out so much right now. Just with the pattern sales and all of that stuff, I really couldn't not get one.

DD is being a super difficult sleeper lately, even as we're getting her pj's on she's saying "I'm having a hard time sleeping" and then sort of whines/cries after getting to bed. She doesn't want anyone in her bed with her though, we've offered to lay down with her to comfort her, just get her to sleep, etc., but she wants to be in her bed by herself. I don't get it.

Last night, despite just getting over my cold, we went to my sister's for an "Ugly sweater, potluck, game playing" party. I kinda was guilted into it, and did have fun, but my voice would've probably been better today had we not gone. Anyway, DS & DD went to my parents to spend the night so we wouldn't have to bring them out late & DH & I went there and spent the night there after the party. When we got there, my mom had been laying down with DD and I got in bed with her and she woke up every hour from 1 am to 6 am to tell me that she didn't want me in bed with her- she wanted my mom. Geez. Hopefully that'll work in our favor next weekend when we're gone.

Anyway, I really do need to go to bed & sorry for talking so much about myself, I'd come on here meaning to do personals!
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Bumping us up from page four!!!

It is COLD here. It's been below zero since Sunday, and it doesn't look like it will get mush warmer until the weekend. Today might reach five above, and if it is, I'm bundling everyone up so we can go sledding! We have a good amount of snow to sled in We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow and then a bigger storm is coming this weekend!!

I'm mostly done with all things Christmas, I have a couple more things to get for stocking stuffers, and teacher gifts. But that's it. I'm done! I will be on vacation for 10 days!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. We have no real plans, just to hang out and do a lot of sledding, lol!

Hope everyone is having a great week
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Syndee- That's too cold for me! I'm already sick of the thirties!! Have fun sledding!

mia- congrats on the new computer! Sorry you had to spend the dough, but enjoy it!

ecoteat- hope you got some sleep! I also have lost the locket my grandmother gave me, she never knew that though. I'm hoping to replace it when we get out of debt (I'll probably be a grandmother by then!!)

Well I started back at work. The first night I just did 4 hours, not too bad. Anna didn't really want to take her bottles from her Daddy, but she did and was okay. Last night I worked for 8 hours, and she barely ate one bottle! (I pumped 4 thinking that's how much she'd drink while I was away!!) She was kinda fussy and just didn't want to sleep for her Daddy. So we've had a strange day today, taking turns sleeping and Clara just kinda playing on her own a lot. I hope Anna gets better about the bottles! She needs to eat when I'm on my 12 hour shifts next week!

Any other babies super good at the computer? Dan had downloaded some simple baby-kid games and Clara has totally mastered the computer. I wished we hadn't opened that can of worms, all she needs is more screen time, but it is cool how well she can negotiate it! I'm now having to police the computer and make her play with her toys! So I'm hoping that will also motivate us to spend less time on here too! Speaking of which, I've rambled too long! Have a great week everyone!
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Sydnee, I'm impressed that you are ready for Christmas! I'm waiting for a bunch more packages to arrive in the mail and I need to get the out-of-town things ready to ship out. THEN I'll worry about the last-minute things I forgot about! I'll definitely be braving the city this weekend.

Kathryn, how are you feeling adjusting to work again? It's probably easier on Anna to have you gone when she's mostly sleeping, but when do you sleep? My sister will be in the same boat this spring and I can't seem to wrap my head around the logistics of that!

Mia, Phoebe's had a hard time going to sleep this week too. I'm attributing it mostly to her wonky schedule on preschool days, though. When she goes to school, she can't nap until 4, which is really late. But she NEEDS that nap by then. Today she slept from 4-6:30, and then it took forever to get her to sleep at bedtime. She would beg and whine for me to stay with her. Then she was begging and whining that she wanted to come into my bed. She hasn't slept with us in well over a year! Where did that come from? The night before, she screamed and cried that she didn't want me to leave. In a fit of fury, she smacked me, so I got up and left the room, closing the baby gate behind me. I left her alone to shake the gate while she stomped and screamed for a minute before I told her I wouldn't come help her go back to sleep unless she was in her bed. She got right in bed, we snuggled, and all was right with the world. WTH? I think I need to limit her preschool day naps to one hour or something. This is crazy.

So, crazy day tomorrow--I need to finish getting ready for the school staff party in the morning, go to school, and come home and have the party! It will be fun, but I'll be glad when it's over.
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Am popping in to post my 1000th post in my favorite place on MDC! ::

We are having a crazy week here. Ugh. I'm looking forward to next week when all the Christmas prep is done.

Hugs to all the May mamas!
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Helloo May Mamas! It seems i so rarely get online now days since i babysit weekdays and i've been seeing someone for about 6 months and that takes up my weekends :

YAY! for Mama Beakley! thats so awesome!!

I'm sorry to hear about the sickies but its the season huh? :

I'm actually very lucky/thankful that DS has not once been sick since last winter I started giving him Juice Plus+ and honestly he has not gotten sick since! (woohoo!) Has anyone ever heard of/taken it? Its a whole food supplement that provides the nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains (blah blah) lol.. Just thought i'd share the info and if you want i have a link to where you can get it, (I signed up to sell it but haven't really sold any, i hate "sales") My homeopathic/natural ped is actually who recommended it to me and Dr. Sears is really big on it too...

Lucas is getting a full drum set from grandma for xmas (ohh boy thats gonna be loud) he is really into music right now.. he has a little guitar that he loves to play and sing with... I sometimes miss the snow but its going to be in the mid 80's here christmas day so i guess we'll be playing outside!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed holiday!!! I'll try to check in more often.. its always great to hear how great the little ones are doing! they grow up too fast!!
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Yay, Mary! It seemed like it took me forever to get to 1000, and now I'm almost at 3000! Does that mean I spend too much time here or just that I've gotten more efficient with my posting?

Jackie, DH's PCP sells Juice Plus, and w looked over the brochures once, but our first reaction was that it seemed odd for his dr. to be selling a specific product. But it did look good, and I've been thinking I need a supplement (especially for iron) so I was wondering about that stuff again.

We just had my school's staff party here and it was really fun. Phoebe was the only kid there and she had a blast. She played Santa during the Yankee Swap and was SO HAPPY the whole time. She is so much fun in social settings.
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Hi everyone! We're in the midst of a BIG snow storm - yay! Dh is out right now sledding w/the big kids, for the second time today. LO was out earlier & had a great time.

I was doing some last minute holiday things today & realized I had NOTHING for dh! I am a bad wife. I get so caught up in the kids, I totally neglect him. Of course, every year we say no gifts for the adults, then he buys me "just a few things" and I have nothing for him. So I found some cute camping things online for him - let's just hope they get here on time!!!! How's everyone else doing w/holiday prep?

Question - I am thinking about getting LO some cloth training pants in an effort to help her make the connection a bit better and of course be more environmentally friendly. Does anyone use these and/or have any recommendations? She sits on her potty several times a day, of her own choosing, but has only peed a couple times. (And I am pretty sure they were accidental. She seemed to have no idea.)
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Hi, everybody!

I HATE the first trimester. Let that suffice.

Anyway, Max I wanted to say that for us, cloth training pants have been kind of a waste of money, except for night-time insurance after the LO is pretty nearly 100% dry. For my kids, the cloth training pants were just too much like cloth diapers. They felt free to pee in them! Whereas undies feel different and they got the idea better that way.
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Mamabeakley- I hope this passes soon!!

Max- I agree with the training pants idea, I think it'd be better to go straight to regular underware (or nothing at all like we did for a while!) it's cheaper too!

We had a great snowday today too! Clara loved playing in the snow with her Daddy, if you want to see the pics go to www.txmominct.blogspot.com Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Thanks for the info mambeakley & Kathryn. That just saved me a bunch of money! I'll go right to the underpants.
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wow two post in one week is alot for me.. lol but i'm all on my own this weekend and ds is playing so i have a few min..

Max- I agree w/ mambeakley & Kathryn about the underwear, Lucas potty learned/trained before he turned two and we went right into big boy undies and it really seemed to help.

Mamabeakley- I hope the first trimester goes by fast for you.. I really had a hard time with it when i was pg.

Wow it looks like you all got lots of snow! that must be nice.. luke keeps asking for snow for christmas but since its in the 80's i doubt he'll get it! but we will get to go strawberry picking on christmas eve and he'll enjoy that and we'll make some homemade strawberry ice cream for christmas day.

ecoteat- Alot of doctors sell/recomend Juice Plus+.. Its really just fruits and Veggies that have been reduced to juice powder concentrate (Fruit: apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, and papaya. Veg: carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, and rice bran and oat bran) The gummies are actually really tasty and DS loves them! he actually got into them and ate half a jar I called the ped and he just laughed and said its not possible to over dose on fruit but he might get gas (he didn't).. I'll PM ya if you want more info.. they aren't too pricy either..

Off to walk the dogs and to bath and bed time!
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