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Possible exposure to whooping cough

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My very mainstream friend just called to say that her 9 month old son with whom we were playing with 2 days ago has a very serious cough, is suffocating and vomiting during and after coughing. Her ped diagnosed her with WC as her cough has been around for some weeks and gave her some drops for her sons cough (no, he couldn't have WC as he is vaccinated ).

Anyway, I am just a *little* worried that DS will have picked it up now after playing with her son... 9 months is a little earlier than I had thought of nursing him through WC.

Anyway, I read somewhere about SA being a good option. I just have no idea where to find any - can regular vit C also work, and how do you give it to an almost EBF child? Should I be giving it?

This friend invited us around to play! : I do not get it.... but I guess the docs are not worried, so why would she be?
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You can go to "NOW Foods" and find a store in your area http://www.nowfoods.com/index.php?cat_id=190 or find a place to buy online, like Amazon.

The best way is to take it yourself and pass it through your bm. Otherwise you'd have to mix it in some liquid and get him to drink it.
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I give SA to my son who is EBF. I mix it with expressed breast milk and give it to him via a syringe.
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We buy 1kg containers of sodium ascorbate from Bronson, item 50B (but their prices have recently gone up, haven't compared to NOW in a while). I administer it directly to my kids, and when my son was little, I mixed a bit in water and used an oral syringe (the kind from the grocery store) to squirt it into his mouth, dosing at least 3-4x/day. Bronson ships pretty fast, I've been impressed with delivery times. I can also get much smaller containers of sodium ascorbate from Whole Foods, there's one brand that WF carries that makes it (not always there though).

You may want to dose yourself as well, to bowel tolerance. I'm pretty sure I haven't had it in years and years, so I expect the next time I encounter it, I will get a significant case, unless I do quite a bit of work to support my body through it. Hoping you do better than I expect to.

IIRC, the dosing for WC is 375mg/kg body weight, but I would use that as a starting point and consider going up until you hit bowel tolerance (diarrhea, I mean). For other illnesses (no WC here yet) my kids need more SA than normal dosing guidelines would suggest, so keep it in mind.
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