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Congrats Kendall! I can't wait to hear your birth story
warmly, Brandi
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Wow Kendall!! Congratulations!!! Wow. I heard Jeannine Parvati Baker speak once about her twins (second and third babies as well) and she said you have twice the endorphins!! And at least one of hers was breech as well.

Sparklin--Yes, I agree that that video is awesome. It was my dd's favorite one during our last pregnancy. We lucked out in that it came out during that pregnancy. It was so nice to have some wonderful peaceful birthing images to have "in mind", KWIM? Some of my fave bi rth footage is on that video. I love the first one especially.
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It's funny, I have been telling dh that I wanted that video. Today, in my stocking was a "coupon" from dh to get any two birth videos I wanted. I just ordered it. I can't wait to get it here and watch it. I also ordered another one from http://www.birthjunkie.com/birthvideo.html Looks like a good one, and has a great review from Laura Chanley. Oh I can't wait to see them

As far as our kids being there, we'll just see when it happens. I am feeling like this baby will be born at night, with just dh and myself, or maybe by myself completely. Just a feeling right now.

Kendall, WOW!!!! Congratulations! How exciting this must be....a bit of a shock too, maybe? I wish you a safe and wonderful birth.
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Just checking in - this thread is hopping, and it's great to see!

Kendall/mum2lillie, I wanted to respond to something you said even though it's now a moot point - congrats on finding out about twins! I am feeling intuitively that mine is only one baby, but I do plan to have my midwife friend have a listen to confirm that when we go to pick up the birth pool at about 36 weeks (I am now 20 weeks).

Anyway you said: I had a very early positive test at 9 DPO on a dollar store test with this pregnancy and wonder if I had a really high amount of HCG. I felt definate flutters around 8 or 9 weeks. Started having Braxton-hicks non-stop at 13 weeks. All of that could just be second baby stuff right? IFor anyone else who is curious that I had a positive test at 9 dpo this time (actually, I started having round ligament pains about four days before that, which is how I realized I might be PG). In my pregnancies I have felt the first flutters at 22 weeks, 12-13 weeks, 10 weeks, and 11 weeks. I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions beginning at about 6 weeks, which I attribute to the fact that I'm still nursing (this is the third pregnancy I have nursed through so it's familiar to me by now). I suppose there is no guarantee that I'm not having twins, but I don't think I am. Now, there is also a possibility my dates might have been off because my charting was misleading that month, but not by much. I think feeling things early is just the way it happens for some people, and perhaps more so for those who have had more than one baby.

That said, congratulations, Kendall! A good friend of mine birthed her twins at home just over a year ago, and had a wonderful hands-off midwife-attended birth.

One more thing, about GD...Henci Goer has a very informative article about GD at http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/gdhgoer.html.

I am 20 weeks along and feeling good. Had a couple of "hormonal" days this week, for the first time this pregnancy, weepy and all that. Also noticed last night that my gums are bleeding when I floss so I'm going to start taking Vitamin C. Lots and lots of movement. Feeling healthy.
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I can't believe you're gonna have twins.

On a less important note, I am so sorry that this changes your UC plans. I know how you've been looking forward to one for so long--since before I met you, certainly. Heck, you've been planning one MUCH longer than I have. Are you going to use a SC mw instead? Is that who you are seeing now? I'll be very interested to follow your story.

I am also very curious to know how you found out. Did your mw hear two hbs? I know you had certainly wondered earlier in the pregnancy based just on amount of movement. It can be so hard to diagnose twins without u/s (even with, sometimes).

How does dh feel? Are you guys in shock?
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Thanks for all of the congrats ladies. I was measuring about 6 weeks ahead of schedule and had no doubts about my dates so I went to a NC midwife who just attended my best friend's twin birth last month. I saw her on Tuesday and I was actually measuring 8 weeks ahead and she felt that was a good indication to search for 2 heartbeats. She found 2 with a fetascope and I went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for Wednesday. I wasn't sleeping and was feeling awful. I couldn't have gotten through the holidays w/out an answer. I did however go to a radiology clinic so I wouldn't have to deal with any doctors. I used my natural MD to send in the order for the U/S. It confirmed 2 babies sharing one placenta in seperate sacs. They are both measuring 23 weeks.

Like I kind of said earlier, I'm not going to turn this into some big medical pregnancy. I'm going to change my diet a bit and take it easier than I have been and visit this midwife a few times if we decide to use her as an attendant.

Tracy, I couldn't use a SC midwife if I wanted to. They are licensed so they aren't allowed to attend homebirths. I also want to have the babies at my house and not at someone elses. Luckily, m/w aren't licensed in our state so there's no issue with them being at a twin birth! Works out great for me. As for shock-oh yeah! We are over it now and reality has set in. Now I'm just really happy and can't wait to see these 2 babies when the time comes!

I'm planning on going full term and having a great homebirth and standing up for myself this time when it comes to my needs! Yeah!

I hope I can still hang out with you guys, because I want to support everyone through their pregnancies and birth and I'm still going to need support to keep this pregnancy and birth as non-interventive as possible.
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Kendall- Wow! How exciting for you. I used to want twins sooo bad, but as this will be my last go around and I'm almost certain it's just one (I'm 4 weeks from EDD and I've gained 24 lbs) I'll just have to be content to experience twins vicariously through you. Please stay here and keep us posted.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I am so glad to be through Christmas.Now I can get on with this nesting thing and get myself and my house ready for another little one.

Does anyone else with toddlers feel like you're sort of pushing them away more these days? I hate that I feel this way, but I feel like I've been keeping dd at arms length. It doesn't help that she's going through an imaginative play stage right now and I totally suck at it. I don't make a very good play mate for her. Dh has actually stepped up and taken over in that area which I am thankful for, but I suspect that I'm pulling away for other reasons too. Is this normal. I adore my sweet little girl and I don't want her to feel like this new baby is taking her mommy away. On the flip side of that her relationship with her daddy is really blossoming. I suppose we all have some adjusting to do.

I haven't seen those videos yet, but it would be nice to have something for dd to watch before #2 gets here to help her picture what is to come. I'll have to follow those links and check them out.

Better go for now. I'm taking the tree down tonight!
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Congrats, Kendall!!!! hOw fun!!!

Glad everyone had a good holiday.

Mothernature, I know just what you mean about toddlers.
I have had two very intense and strange dreams about my 2 year old.
In the first one I was at church with my older dd and dh was at work for some reason and I suddenly remembered that I hadn't seen Hero (my two year old) for a couple of days. I called dh and we started trying to figure out what to do. She did turn up but it was just freaky and real feeling. i woke up freaking out and had to locate her and touch and make sure she was there.
In the other dream we had some shopping to do or something so we took her to a friends house 4 hours away (hi whit! ) and left her. There was no one home at this friend's house but I figured they would be there soon so we put on a video and left. When we were finished with our shopping I kind of started thinking may be we should hurry and get her. I started kind of picutring her wandering around crying.
Anyway, they were both very vivid and scary dreams but I think they are telling me my "baby" is about to grow up really fast. Maybe also warning me to not push too hard because by the end of the dreams I was feeling scared and vulnerable about the situation.
I am just about 37 weeks. With Christmas over now I am ready to nest. I have been slowly deep cleaning rooms and moving furniture around but now I am ready to put the finishing touches on. Fluff my nest I guess you could say. I feel ready to meet baby anytime she is ready to come. Should be about 4 more weeks though.
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Wow Kendall, how exciting! Congratulations

We had a good holiday here and set up the birth pool last night. No water, just blew it up. I just now finished putting down the plastic sheeting and towels under it. It is a lot bigger than I expected - it's the fishy pool and it takes up most of this room. Good thing there isn't very much furniture in here!

I have been having pretty intense contractions on and off for the past week. This morning I had a lot of menstrual type cramps and about a half hour ago had two whopper contractions. Not sure what it all means but at least my body is getting ready.

Not much else new here, hope everyone is feeling good and has a good weekend!
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woo hoo crysalis! sounds like your body's gearing up!

We had a good christmas here, but we are glad it's over. It's such a hectic time of year and more and more i'm feeling the urge to just stay home and nest. And i'm only 19 weeks! I'm going to become a hermit pretty soon. The kids got some really nice gifts and we're having alot of fun just staying home and playing.

about the toddler thing, i can relate! my ds is almost 3 and i have always felt very close to him, but lately he's just getting on my nerves more. he is still nursing, but my milk is gone and his latch is pretty terrible, mostly teeth, ouch!! He actually went to bed without nursing last night, i was psyched about that. I really don't want to wean him, but i really don't want him nursing while i'm pregnant either, my nips are just too sensitive! i'd be willing to nurse him once the babe is born, i wonder if he would forget how to latch??

anyway, happy new year to everyone, hope everyone is doing great!

Oh, and congrats Kendall!!! That is so exciting!

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I am just here to say WOW!!! I am thrilled to see such a hip happening UC thread! I wish it was going when I was still pregnant and had a wee bit more time.

BTW I have had 2 hospital births, 1 midwife assisted home waterbirth and just 8 weeks ago had an amazing uc ( and a girl!!!)
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I'm finally starting to have strange pregnancy dreams too. With dd I kept dreaming that I would forget I had a baby and forgot to nurse et al for days at a time. This time nothing so bizarre, but I did dream this little one was a boy. I dreamed I had the baby in my sleep without knowing it. Then my husband and the ?nurses? said I had a girl. Dh and I went on to have a huge fuss over the name because he was telling the nurses the wrong name to put on the birth certificate. I hadn't even seen the baby yet and I was upset. I went over to hold the baby and change it's diaper and lo and behold, it was a boy not a girl! Dd said, "Daddy told me that if it came out with a penis it's a boy and if it comes out with a yoni it's a girl." I asked her what she thought that little appendege was and she declared it a penis. I asked her what she thought that meant and she told me it must be a boy. I said, "That's right sweetheart, it is a boy." It was really out there.

My friend in FL's roommate had her UC birth this morning! She went into labor around midnight and had the baby around 8 this morning. It was a boy! I guess all went well. Mother and baby are doing great. They highly recommended that we get some birth videos for Zen to watch to prepare for this event. Their dd had some and it was great preparation. I guess I'll be looking for some good ones. I better get after it, not much time left. I'm just 29 days from EDD.

I'm ready to have my house clean and ready for this little one. I got all my Christmas decorations put away Friday. It's funny, dd keeps asking me why people still have their lights up when it's not Christmas anymore.
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Yay for unassisted birthing!

Hello everyone. I'm planning on an unassisted birth, but I'm not on GREAT terms with the father so ??? And he wants to be at the birth... I'm living with my mom right now, he is 9 hours away. I'm planning on bringing all my things here in January. I don't know what to do.

I was thinking of getting a MW or doc to do check-ups, to make sure the baby will be head down etcetera. But I want to do the birthing A_LONE. Maybe my mom and baby will be there.

Can you sense my predicament? Anyone?:
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Mamajaza, so sorry you are in such a sticky situation, I hope it doesn't dampen your UC plans.
I am dealing with a similar situation, my relationship with Dh right now is rocky to say the least. Some weeks it is o.k., some weeks it is definately not. I'm not sure what to do but hope that things are going smooth when the birth time comes around, because Dh will definately want to be there but I definately DON'T want him there if he is being a jerk, kwim? Yuck, why do men have to be like that?
Well, if you ever need some support about the situation or just need to vent you can pm me, I know where you are coming from.
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Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one artemesia! I'm thinking that I might not even invite him to the birth. When I thought of that idea, I felt relief.... it was something I never thought of before. It doesn't have to be so complicated. I think that seeing the second birth would just boost his ego, and he'd love to see me in pain. But he's going to flip out if I don't invite him to the birth, like it's his god-given right. He did help make the baby, it's true, but we arn't a "couple" anymore, so why should I let him see me all exposed and raw like that?
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I just discovered a Yahoo group that is for anyone planning a UC in March, April, or May 2004. I found the link through Laura Shanley's site, so I assume it's okay to post it: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group...birthSpring04/ I just joined the list and it looks like it will be another good place to find support from like-minded moms. This thread is wonderful, though, too! Seems like a lot of moms here are due soon - so exciting to see.

Hope everyone survived the holidays okay. My DH could feel the baby through my belly a few nights ago (20 weeks) and reassured both of us that he definitely felt only one. Not that twins wouldn't be a blast, but I am going to have four kids under six with this one and I am still nursing two of my three so it would be quite a challenge to say the least. Anyone else here still nursing?
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Hi amyamanda I am still nursing my 2 yo dd, so will likely be tandem nursing as well. She is certainly not ready to give up, though I admit I did try to cut back with her. She is not nursing at night so we get good rest, but during the day she just loves to nurse
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Kendall, I wonder if you started something. Perhaps it's in the typeface here at MDC. I had a midwife appt this week. (remember I'm the UC mascot seeing a midwife planning a UC) Things were just not adding up she said. I'm huge. I'm measuring more and more further ahead each visit. I seem to be growing exponentially. Then she asked to palpate my belly. She found a baby lying transverse. She said that meant I probably would have measured even farther along if the baby had been head down. So, she felt around some more and felt a head in my pelvis. Uh...they always said two heads were better than one, but this was a little odd. She doesn't use doplar so she couldn't find two heartbeats, but thought their chests were right on top of each other. She said that I was definately having twins. She said I should schedule another U/S if I want to know for sure. I'm...

Hmm... what am I thinking. I'm thinking I'll go for another U/S. (The first one was at 16 weeks to date the pregnancy. When the tech first started that U/S she wanted to measure my cervix. She put the wand low on my abdomin and saw a tightly curled baby. Then she stopped the U/S and had me raise my hips to get the baby to swim to the top of my uterus. I stayed like that for about 60 secs. She then put the wand on the top of my uterus and saw a tightly curled baby there. Meanwhile, I distinctly remember feeling butterfly kicks still down near my cervix. I passed it off for gas at the time, but now I wished I would have asked her to check down at my cervix one more time.) Other than scheduling another U/S I'm not sure what else to think. Part of me thinks that maybe the MW is on crack, but the other part of me knows she's been doing homebirth for 22 years and knows what she's talking about.

Twins certainly would explain a few things about this pregnancy. Also, I've read some beautiful UC twin stories... but I'm trying not to think of change in birth plans, or cars to drive or double strollers or how much that would change my relationship with my nursling DS. I'll just wait in limbo and thank goodness that I don't get the surprise of my lifetime at my birth. I'd like to know at least a little before giving birth if I should expect one baby or two!

amyamada -- I'm nursing my son. He just turned two at the end of November. Planning on tandem nursing. If I am carrying twins maybe this was why I didn't find out sooner, because I might have started weaning him. He still needs to nurse.

Mamajaza -- Gosh, your child's father doesn't sound like anyone I'd want at my birth either. I don't blame you! I think you could learn how to feel the position of a baby without a midwife. There are some online guides as I recall. So, don't feel like you have to go to a MW for that info.

Artemesia -- I hear you on wanting only supportive people at your birth. It only makes sense!

Louise -- Do you have your birth story posted anywhere? I would love to read it!

Happy New Year!
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WoW! Sparklin. That is great!!! At least we hope its not a two headed baby. :LOL

Glad everyone is doing well. I need support and encouragment. lol I am not ditching on UC but I am doubting my body. I have been feeling great (I am just about 38 weeks, btw...) Loving pregnancy, enjoying my great big body. Then earlier this week I started to hurt. I can hardly walk because of this pulling and pressure in my groin. I am pretty sure baby has engaged her head and that is probably what is going on, but I am also pretty sure I won't have this baby for at least another 2 or 3 weeks. But this sucks! I mean I can hardly walk. I definately can't walk normal. So there goes all my theories about pregnancy being a beautiful wonderful time. : I take care of myself and everything so it just goes against my theories that I am feeling so bad. One good thing is that I feel just great if I sit down. I don't notice it at all. So the only thing I can figure is that my body is telling me to take it easy. But for 2 or 3 more weeks?!!?

Anyway, I am a little disheartened by it and trying to stay positive. Any feedback appreciated.

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Sparklin - wow, that is very neat to hear about twins! FWIW, I nursed three kids for over a year and it's challenging but not impossible. (Hmm, hope that is clear...I nursed all three of my children together during that time...they all nursed far longer than a year, LOL) I have been tandem nursing for over four years running now. My first two are only 17m apart and I have heard often that close babies are similar in many way to twins. Good luck to you, and Kendall too!

To everyone who is getting close and/or feeling crappy - hang in there, take it as easy as you can, listen to your body, be good to yourself...you'll be in my thoughts.
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