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hi, I'm due sometime early spring. Around the end of March/early April. I"m guessing I'll go late March though.

KWIM about knowing so soon. We knew fairly certainly the moment we conceived. I saw hte proverbial spark that others describe. HOwever after a slow first trimester, it starting to pick up a little. From what I remember, then it slows down again end of the last trimester.
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Uh, can I be the mascot for this thread? I don't think I can be an official member, but I'll wear the stuffed animal suit and cheer us all on. I am focusing on a UC, however, I my DH feels very uncomfortable with UC (but said it's fine if the MW doesn't make it in time). So, I'm working to make sure the midwife doesn't make it on time, without being dishonest. The midwife is pretty much hands off and I've asked that she's even more hands off with this birth...if she's at the birth.

This is my preparation to make sure the midwife doesn't make it on time -- I'm practicing hypnosis, so pain won't be such an indicator. I'm going to take Vit C with bioflavenoids during the last two months to help keep my bag of waters in tact (last time they broke before labor began). I plan on laboring by myself as long as possible & then calling DH. I'm not calling the MW till I'm sure I'm in labor (read: ready to push). And, I'm asking the universe to support the idea of freebirth for this baby. I trust it will happen if it is for the highest good. I just hope it is!

I'm due aprox March 15. Prenatally this is what I do -- I have a scale so out of curiousity I weigh myself. I have really normal/low side blood pressure & not worried about that. I'm not concerned about sugar or protein in urine. Basically, I go to the midwife and she gives me cranial/sacral work and discuss homeopathy and natural healing. It's nice. Rarely though do we discuss my pregnancy. She didn't even measure my fundal height last time. But, I do want her to show me how to find the baby's position and things like that so I can them myself. Just because I like to feel the baby.

I'm normal. I just know this pregnancy is going beautifully. I'm taking care of myself and baby as I feel I should.
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I was so excited to see this thread on its second page! Whoo hoo!

Now for a not so pleasant question: Has anyone else had vomiting in the third trimester? I am 33+ weeks and for the past two, have thrown up about 5-6 times. It seems to coincide with my prenatal, although I am taking the Rainbow Light once/day which I haven't had a problem with this entire pregnancy. I never had actual throwing up in the first trimester. I've heard its normal, I just don't understand why it happens. It just seems like a cruel joke, you know?

Other than that, things are going pretty good. I've had some restless legs but started taking iron again and have slept really well the past two nights.

Hope everyone else is doing good also.
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thechrysalis- my friend who is pregnant with her third also just started throwing up and being sick again...weird....

mum2lillie- have you measured your fundal height? If you measure weeks more than you are then there is a possibility for twins!!! I think that would be exciting. I am almost 10 weeks and am so positive I have already felt movement....but everyone says I'm crazy and it's just gas.

I am not currently planning on a uc, but dream of it and might end up doing it....and I have a few good friends who do it and I think it's just awesome.
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Hey Sparklin

I'm trying to figure out what the stuffed animal mascot for UC would be! :LOL I guess any animal, cause they all UC, don't they??

We can be the UC Unicorns! Ok, it's way too early and my brain is a bit loopy, i think i need to go back to sleep.

Sorry you're getting sick Chrysalis, that sucks! Maybe it's just some weird bug or something, everyone i know has been sick lately. Are you nauseous too, or just randomly throwing up? I lost my constant nausea around 12 weeks, but after i eat more than say, oh ONE bite, my stomach is uncomfortably full and i feel that if i puked i'd feel much better. YUCK!

Which brings me to another thing i wanted to say, that this pregnancy is so weird so far! I can completely feel all of my organs shifting around all the time. Like when my bladder is full in the am, my uterus is waaaay up high, i can feel the lump of baby up around my belly button, but when the ol' bladder is empty, uterus is down above my public bone. It's kinda cool to feel everything shifting so much. I guess that's what comes from having ZERO muscle tone, :LOL !

Anyway, enough

Let's keep this thread going, it's so nice to have someone to chat with, everyone around me is focused on the midwives, etc. I'm feeling so relaxing and grateful that i can just enjoy this pregnancy.

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Hi everyone!

We are planning a UC in January. In reality it will most likely be the end of January, but I am so big already and feel so ready for this baby that I am thinking about a begining of January baby. I don't know why I do this to myself. : lol

My first dd's birth was an induced hospital birth with all the trimmings...induction with Pit, episiotomy, epidural...I am just glad I scraped through without a csection which almost happened. My second dd was born at home with a midwife in the water. (she was born in the water, the midwife wasn't in the water...its too early!) So many things pushed me to UC this time...looking at the imperfections of my last birth, a freind was planning her UC (and had it a few weeks ago!), I got a really bad vibe from my midwife when I called her...I was in turmoil over it in the first few months with the worries and going back and forth with it all in my head, but then one day I just knew this was right. Like some of you have described I just had total peace about it once I decided. I have done all my research at this point about what to do for the little what ifs and feel completely prepared.

As far as prenatal care I'm not doing much. I feel good so I know everything is good. I was seeing a CNM in the first 4 months because I was a worry wort, but no longer. I mainly just try to connect with my baby every day and ask her if she is fine and just sort of try to feel it out to know that everything is well. I drink some pregnancy tea once in awhile and do yoga as often as I get time. I do need to do my yoga more because I am really waddling lately and feeling stiff. My blood pressure has always been really low so that isn't a concern. My iron levels were really low at the end of my last pregnancy so I will be watching that. I have a WIC appointment this month and they will check it and then I will get more Iron if I need to.

We don't do well baby visits. We will take this baby in if we think there may be a problem, but I think it is more dangerous to take a healthy infant into a germy doctors office than any benefit we might get from it.

But dang I'm excited! Everything is just so perfect about UC. I have never been so excited to have a baby. I have grown so much during this pregnancy. In the begining I was worried about my other children (3 1/2 and 2 when baby will be born) and who would watch them because with my last labor I "needed" dh with my all the time I was in labor. But I have grown and really see myself laboring alone this time calling the family in to witness the birth. I just feel so strong by myself and this is a new feeling to me in my life. I can tell this birth is going to be so empowering.

Family would FLIP if they knew. I live near my inlaws so they are the ones we deal with and they flipped over our homebirth last time and think we are complete freaks. I am avoiding them like the plague this time. Anyone else have premature nesting? I feel so in touch with myself and my baby with this pregnancy, I guess that just comes from taking it all on my shoulders. But anyway, for several months now I have felt that pull inward that I felt at the end of my last pregnancy. I am shunning my in laws and anyone else that doesn't give me good vibes and really love being home most of the time. It seemed really early to feel this way but I am trusting my feelings and obeying them.

Anyway, glad to have the rest of you.

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Oh, I forgot. I'm not worried about breech but I am pretty sure this baby is head down. I feel feet and legs up high, or so it seems, and the heartbeat on my fetoscope is where I believe the back is and it just adds up to what I think...head down with her back to the left most of the time.
One way to tell, though I have only felt this once myself, is to find the lump at the top of your belly, either head or butt presumably, and push on it. If it is butt you will most likely feel the head bumping your cervix. If it is head the neck will give and you shouldn't feel anything down low. Good luck and have fun poking.

Oh, Mothernature, kali bich is a good homeopathic cold remedy I think.
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I just got back from a WIC appointment that I have been dreading. They were hassling me at the last appt. last month because I hadn't had my prenatal bloodwork done yet. I told them that I was leaving the care of the midwives at the birth center (which is true) and that I hadn't chosen a new midwife yet (also true, but I really had no intention of finding another one). They freaked that I would be going a whole month (gasp) without prenatal care, and I was getting a bit worried that they would turn me into CPS or something. So today I got the second degree again, and I just told them that my new care provider doesn't follow the allopathic model of care and that I wouldn't be getting the bloodwork done (well technically this is also true since I am my new care provider and I'm not a Doc). Finally they relented and just gave me the iron test there (had to poke me three times, yuck).
Have any of you run into any sticky situations because of your choice to UC? I almost didn't go to the appointment today because I just wanted to avoid an unpleasant situation, but we really need the WIC right now. In the end though I'm glad I went and dealt with it, it showed me that if I just handle myself with confidence I can get through quite well.
I don't have a problem telling someone my plans, unless I know they will give me a major hassle over it. A few people I told are actually in awe, and a few have been definately less than warm (like the LLL leaders here).
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Ladies, I'm just a lurking cheerleader. Am not nearly so free as to even consider unassisted homebirth ... but am deeply envious of all who do ...

So proud of you all ...

& looking forward to your birth stories & baby pictures ...

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2much- glad you found us on your own without me having to personally drag you over here. Thanks for the bit about the kali bich. I'll see if I can find it at the local health food store. We're starting to feel better, but the mucous seems never ending. When that's gone, I'll be ready to really practice my yoga again. It's kinda hard to do the breathing with a head full of snot (TMI I know.)

Wow! We have a mascot and a cheerleader! I feel like a real team here. Maybe our mascot should simply be a goddess. You can pick the goddess Sparklin since you get to wear the costume (or lack there of.)

I have to go for now. Take care!
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I like the Goddess idea, too. Good to have a cheerleader as well.

Youngnhappymamma-I do measure myself every week and I've been measuring normal as far as I can tell. My girlfriend who just had the 13 pounds of twins at home didn't start measuring big until 24 weeks. I feel more confident that their's only one baby in there. I knew once my friend had her babies, she'd quit sending all of her vibes to everyone. It was just shocking how fast my belly got so big. I was quite noticibly pregnant at 13 weeks. As far as I can tell, I haven't really put the weight on anywhere else except belly, but it is hard to look so far along when you're only halfway and everyone thinks you're due in a couple of months-LOL. I want to avoid hitting the 200 pound mark like I did last time. I already don't eat meat, but I think after December when I hit my 3rd trimester, I'm going to cut the amount of dairy I eat in half and see if that helps me from packing on the unneeded pounds.

As far as family support goes, my mom and dad (who aren't together) know. My mom is really stressed, but keeps it to herself. My dad could care less, only because he grew up on a farm and doesn't really think birth is any different than any other daily event.

Dh's family doesn't really know. Luckily we had a normal homebirth and I delivered such a big baby that they just think we're having it at home again with a midwife and they don't ask questions.

Sparklin-with all of your determination, I bet you will manage to have that UC you dream of!!!
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(((Mothernature))) I hope you feel better soon.

I haven't heard any opposition yet because no one knows yet. I am just counting on not getting sick or having any problems so I can avoid the doctor's office.

artemesia, what nosy WIC people. I wonder if it is different in each state or something because I always here of people online having problems with not having vaccines or, like you, no prenatal care. They have never asked me anything personal like that or seem to show any concern for my life other than giving me my checks. I would ask them exactly why they are asking you all these questions.

Hope everyone is having a nice week. I am getting quite excited to have this baby. I have about 8 weeks to go and that isn't too long. Last night dh and I were playing with baby. She was rolling and kicking really well for dh. He layed his head on my belly and she leaned against him. It was so cute.

Anyone have names yet?

big hugs everyone.
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Another cheerleader here. I'm not PG, but I just had my UC a bit more than a month ago. It was amazing and wonderful. I'll be sending good energy to all of you.
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I haven't really had any opposition either, but that's because I've only told about 3 people. I feel terrible lying to my mom though - she doesn't even know I'm having this one at home, although I think she has a feeling by some of the comments she makes to me. My MIL doesn't understand why I can't just have another c/s, after all, it would "make everything easier for the family" - as in they could then make plans now of when to come up. Gee, okay - sign me up! Oy.

I only have about 6 weeks now and am getting so excited! I've been dying to set up my birth pool but that would probably really be jumping the gun, huh.
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Wow, all you mamas are so much closer than me, i'm so jealous!! chrysalis, i would go ahead and set that pool up, what kind is it? Is it a birthing pool, or just a kiddie pool? We went the kiddie pool route with my ds, and it was awesome. Easy to set up and take down, and mucho comfy. You just need a pretty good water heater to fill it. I'm thinking of setting it up now, lol.

I have only told a few folks, some friends of mine who have also uc'd or support it, my sil who is awesome and my mother, whom i kind of regret telling. I may backtrack on that and tell her we changed our minds, she is kind of unstable and i don't trust her completely. I have a bad feeling that she'd get mad and call DCS on us or something. I've heard horror stories, and she did call DCS on my sister, but that was at least partially justified. Anyway, enough rambling.

We are about to get a mother of a snowstorm here in the NE, i can't wait to get out and play!! My dh builds the best igloos!

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HA! The support issue got me reminiscing (in a bad wayl.....) about last pregnancy when I avoided telling my mother (a RN) that we were going solo. I didn't tell her any lies and she finally flat out asked (She was present at DD"s assisted homebirth). So the cat was out of the bag. She was VERY upset and worried and it really hurt me cuz she is my mom and it was hard to see her upset.

Anyway, this time, she seems more at ease and less gloom and doom. She's said nothing and seems more relaxed. That was the hardest thing about hte whole thing....knowing my mom was suffering because of our decision. I think she was very relieved when we had a live, healthy baby to show for it.

Everyone else was remarkably supportive or at least did not voice to us how crazy they thought we are. :LOL

Sparklin---Don't know if you've heard these stories but I know two people personally who wanted a freebirth and got them DESPITE not *really* planning it. I was before, but now am VERY much a believer in the power of the mind. One planned a freebirth, dh wasn't supportive, they changed plans around 8 months and hired a MW, who though they called early enough.....MW got stuck in a traffic jam and didn't make it. Result: very traumatic for DH. It was a bad thing. Next case: woman knew DH wouldn't be comfortable w/it, so hired a MW early on....and didn't tell DH to call the MW till the urge to push snuck up on her. Baby came before MW and everyone was happy.

Anyway, just food for thought. And I guess what I took away from these cases were how important it is to get you and DH on a similar and truthful standing....

oh BTW here is our last birth story if anyone is interested http://www.compleatmother.com/homebirth/elaine.htm

happy weekend everyone.
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A couple of you PMed for my birth story so I thought I'd post a link here as well... Here ya go:

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Thank you both for those beautiful and inspiring birth stories. I think I'd like to make a collection of freebirth stories to read over before I do it. Maybe we can put together an anechdotal anthology of freebirth to inspire others.

My family would have a major flip out if I told them I was planning this birth without a midwife/OB. They were pretty unsupportive of the homebirth thing the first time, but they came around. I figure that if I lead them along to believe we are planning a mw and then tell them the birth happened so fast the mw didn't have time to get there they won't be able to argue. It's a fib, but everyone will sleep easier if I tell it. My father especially would not be able to handle a planned UC. My step sister is pregnant and due in April. She is having lots of morning sickenss and lots of complications (anxious nature) and they do an ultrasound about every appointment for her just to ease her mind. My family seems more comfortable with this than with me being all easy going and no complications etc. I guess it gives them something to worry about and fuss over.: I put all the "right" books in step sis's hands and intellectually she gets it, but her anxious nature and the fact that this is her first are getting in the way.

indigolilybear- I've been curious about how Zen will handle the labor/birth, but after reading your story I think she'll be just fine. Wasn't Willow about 3? Zen just turned 3 on Wed. and I'm starting to think she'll do quite well. She's very excited about this whole thing. I do have a friend for backup if I need her to come play with dd while I get down to business. I'm hoping this will go so fast we won't need to call her.

As the birth approaches, I'm more at peace with the process. I think Christmas/holiday was getting me down but now I'm seeing more clearly and I'm finding release from that tension. I'm also starting to feel better from this flu. I'm sure that's helping a lot.

I hope everyone else is doing well.
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Our family(ILs) won't know about our UC beforehand for sure. They were HORRIBLE people when we were planning our last homebirth with a midwife and I just don't know what they would do if they knew what we were planning this time. My poor mIL is so scared of birth I think she might try to take some action if she knew. I will probably leave it up to dh wether or not to tell after the birth. I don't like the idea of lying so the truth will probably come out. As far as my parents, they don't really care what I do at all so it most likely won't even come up...especially considering we only exchange letters about twice a year and never talk. :

I set up our pool way early last time. :LOL I was a little excited. I don't know when or if I'll do it this time. I really enjoyed the water with my last birth so I have the pool here so I can have that option, but I don't picture a water birth this time so who knows. We will probably start getting in birth mode, nesting, scrubbing and setting up supplies, talking about it with the girls alot... after the holidays are over.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Willow was 2 yrs 7 mos when he was born. She was very precocious in terms of prep. though and was very interested in birth. She enjoyed very much watching "a clear road to birth" and other birth videos. HOWEVER-- she was not prepared for how intense it was to see *me* (her mommy!!!) go from early labor.....to big time transition suddenly which is what happened. THis time, she is still apprehensive and doesn't want me to make noises....so I"m going to try my best!! :LOL I think she will do much better this time and I know she'll be great w/her little brother (will be almost three at the birth). and I have never regretted having her there. I think it was a great experience for her, though stressful as well. (But most good things are a combination anyway....)

This time, if the kids aren't already awake, I think I would have DH wake up DD to watch the actual birth and maybe ds....But I don't want dd to miss it. I'm sure you're little one will do great.

I saw Jeannine Parvati Baker (www.freestone.org) speak when preg. w/ds and she talked a lot about how she strongly believes that children belong at births and how they are great MW's. So that may make you feel more comfortable as well. ALso if you don't already have it, the freebirth video has a wondeful sibling assisted birth on there that may give your DS an idea of what it might be like to help mommy give birth. It's really sweet to watch.
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