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Happy Birthday Eden!

2much2love; congrats! Sounds like you're happy labour is over. I can't wait till labour is over again for me, so painful. But your daughter is lucky to be born with only her parents and no one else "unneccessary".

I've been wondering.... how do you weigh the baby? Do you rent a scale from the hospital? Do you use something else? I really want to know how big my baby is going to be, not two days later... KWIM?
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2much2luv-- What a strong birth story! You are a strong mama! Your daughter is so blessed to have such a peaceful entry into the world. Sounds like you did just what you needed to do.

Welcome Eden!
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a few questions

I am sure that all of these questions have already been anwered somewhere on the site already, but I can't seem to find them, there are just so many postings!!!!

I am wondering about prep for uc -

what do you have for cutting the cord?

is there anything, in combination with nursing, that can help the placenta deliver - I had to have pitocin with my first for the placenta and really want to avoid that!

thanks so much for the info, I am so glad that there is support like this out there!
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This thread is getting a bit long...

We used white children's shoelaces to tie off the cord, and a new pair of scissors to cut, both sterilized in boiling water (10 minutes) and then stored both in a sealed plastic baggy until we needed them. I don't know though if it's even really necessary to tie or clamp the cord, if you wait until it is completely cold and limp to cut it. Anybody else?

Angelica can be used to help separate the placenta and any remaining clots; sheperds purse is popularly used to control bleeding. There is more discussion about herbs for hemorrhage here: http://gentlebirth.org/archives/thirdstg.html and in Susun Weed's book A Wise Woman's Herbal for the Childbearing Year.

Personally, I didn't have any herbs on hand, expecting breastfeeding or nipple stimulation to take care of expelling the placenta and firming the uterus up. As a last resort (before going to the hospital) there's always uterine massage.

And of course did what I could to avoid hemorrhage in the first place, i.e., good nutrition, natural labor, and no managment of second or third stage (meaning no pushing until mom has urge, no cutting the cord before it's cold, no cord traction, no uterine massage before the placenta has been birthed, etc.)

Why did you have to have pitocin?
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there is an old way of doing it (my father told me his mother did this after an unplanned freebirth w/her last child, he watched...) You can stick your finger down your throat to make yourself gag and this helps the placenta come out. Just another trick, so to speak, to put in your bag.

I didn't have any trouble w/the placenta either time, though they gave me a pitocin shot the first time as well. We had herbs for hem. but that was it. HTH, and yes, like Blueviolet suggested, get susun weed's book for more suggestions....love that book!
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another book suggestion

If you can find it (it is out of print) is Childbirth Wisdom by Judith Goldsmith. It is a collection of stories and birth info from around the world, mostly indiginous cultures. It has lots of wonderful info and are mostly unassisted births. It has info (the cough and gag thing is in there too!) on what to do when certain instances arise in the birth process, though very rare. A wonderful book if you can find it.

So how is everyone doing? I have been quiet on the boards of late, but am finding my voice again. I was in a pretty anti-social mood all around. I find I have been worrying too much lately in regards to my midwife. I have seen her once, but have yet to share my wishes of being left alone for birth and most likely the remainder of my pregnancy. She is not someone I can just fire, she is my mentor, I attend births with her! Anyway, I just need to remember it is my birth anyway. I guess I just worry of being cut off completely, without backup, because I would like to have a backup that does not involve the hospital, though I really do not believe I will need any. I just have problems confronting people I guess. I ran into her ex-assistant and kind of mentioned unassisted and she said she knows how she would feel, that she would not be totally comfprtable with it, but would be willing to sit in the other room. I don't even want that. I just want to be left alone! Thanks for listening, I am just kind of rambling, trying to sort everything out. One wonderful thing is that dh is supportive, I think he would like to have the midwife there, but wants me to be able to do what I want.

I am so thankful for this thread! I enjoy the monthly threads on the pregnancy board, but don't feel like I fit in there, and am hesitant to post about my birth wishes. Thankfully I can here!

blueviolet-I have been meaning to tell you for a long time, that I love your site and visit it often. Thank you for doing that!
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Hi Mommas

I wish I had more time to thoroughly read this whole thread. What a great birthstory 2much2love, I think you did wonderfully. My UC was darn painful too, and the transition just as hard as the transistions for my two hosp births. Once I had Liam in my arms though I accepted it as a matter of course. He too made me a bit nervous with all the gurgling he did at first but was fine.

Anyways, here I am expecting our fourth baby sometime in august. I was pretty certain we were pregnant from the night we concieved, but Dh wasn't so convinced lol, and finally a month later I produced two lines for him to see on a test, which was just last week. A month ago I was a little disappointed, we were trying to not get pregnant, but now I'm thrilled, and I really think this is going to be our last one, which makes me a little sad.

I feel great other wise, little nausea now and then, but nothing like dry heaving or throwing up, and already I think I've gained a few pounds. I only need a little powernap most afternoons to keep me going till bedtime. I'm working on cutting the sugar down and out and cut down to cups of joe in the morning, and am getting back into my version of the brewer diet. I've been looking for a prenatal yoga dvd, I haven't done much yoga since our VCR broke last year, and I rather miss it. I wonder how with three little kids I'll manage to get out for walks and whatnot...I"m laughing at myself because I sold all but three old worn maternity garments and anything I used for diapering NB through mediums. I also tossed the moses basket (It was kinda broken tho) the one piece of baby furniture I actually love. Now I get to start all over again.

I'm dreading breaking the news to family, because even though I "proved" them wrong last time, I now live near my mother again, and she's an LPN and very medical minded and the only way she "got through" my last pregnancy 800 miles away was to pray to G-d that he'd see me and the baby through and that it was in his hands.I hope that didn't offend anybody, I just felt that my hard work and faith in myself and nature was what got me through, but anyways.. My Dad will flip out too, especially since our financial sit. went from bad to worst. I just don't feel like dealing with it at all. Of course, nothing they could say could make me change mind lol. I've been the queen of my castle and am not going to go back to be a serf at the lordsmanor/hospital LOL.

i have to go, i hope to check back soon. Best wishes to everyone.
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Congrats Jesse!
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Brandi, I'm glad you've found it to be of some use!

Jesse, good to see you! And congratulations!

There's a possibility I'm pregnant too, I thought that back in October too and I was wrong (possible early miscarriage though), but this time I have typical symptoms as well as my period being late. Been tired and emotional, nipples sensitive. If it is PMS, it would be unusual for me (usually I only get mild cramping in my abdomen.) Also, two of my good friends have been "hexing" my uterus. : :LOL This would be a good time, too, because I'm finally feeling like if I got pregnant I would be totally accepting of it. I'm not going to test, though, so it might be a few more months before I know for sure.

Mamajaza, for some reason I just noticed your question... Anyway, yes, we did weight the baby. We were going to use my FIL's produce scale (he's a melon farmer) but there was something wrong with it, so we didn't get to weigh her until the second day, when a midwife friend brought over her hanging scale.
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Hi guys,
I finally posted my birth story - here is the link


Thanks to everyone for their support and peaceful birthing vibes/congrats to everyone
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Way to go, Girl! And congrats to our other new mamas that I haven't had a chance to congratulate. Y'all have all done great!
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Originally posted by blueviolet

We used white children's shoelaces to tie off the cord, and a new pair of scissors to cut, both sterilized in boiling water (10 minutes) and then stored both in a sealed plastic baggy until we needed them.
Not a UCer, dont' play one on tv. But had to check out the thread to see how thechrysalis' birth went! Congratulations!

Anyhow, I'm at a birthing center, and about 2 times a year, someone doesn't make it in, they just have the baby at home, it goes so fast. Usually moms who have had many many babies already, they just take it in stride.

The last time, we went to them after the mom called, and they had done the coolest thing; they had used two big barrettes to clamp the cord. The metal kind, they are flat in shape, the bottome piece slides under the top piece, and then they make a slight bend. I'll see if I can find a picture. Anyhow, it was perfect. Very creative.

Thought I'd throw that out there!

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congrats!! thechrysallis!!! great job.

also congrats to Jessemom and possible congrats to blue violet!!
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Congrats to everyone whose baby has arrived!

How is everyone else doing?

I am surprised at how huge I am already this pregnancy. Already I'm as big as I was when DS#1 was born. I guess that is what happens when you grow four babies in 6 years?! I can feel there is only one baby in there, so I'm not thinking twins, but yikes, I'm going to be gigantic. This baby is head-butting and kicking my ribs and bladder a LOT. I guess so I won't forget s/he is there! LOL.

Anyone know when the 3rd trimester starts? I am 25 weeks and my pregnancy wheel includes that in the third trimester, but it seemed kind of early to me. Maybe I am just in denial about how much longer I have.

I'm feeling very good about our plans to UC. Also feeling curiously content with not relying on anyone else to tell me what is going on inside me. I didn't expect that.
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Welcome, Jessemom! Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

Thechrysalis -- thank you for posting your birth story, it was as strong as you are! Gentle sweet babymoon wishes!

Blueviolet -- Let's hear it for the beauty of our bodies! Growing a new life or not, the female body is wonderful! I very much admire your faith and confidence in that things will be what they will be. Peace and fertility wishes to you!

I had my first round of BH this week that had a pattern and increased in duration and frequency. (I did that quite a bit during my last pregnancy, too.) They started off 6 mins apart and every hour or so dropped a min in between. I got down to 2 minutes apart lasting for a minute. I was so thankful that I didn't get all excited about it like I did during Jude's pregnancy. Every time it happened, I'd think it was IT! This time I just went with the flow and accepted that this is how my body does 3rd trimester. It's true no birth books seem to talk about it, but that's what my body does! Anyone else heard of this?

I remember with Jude's pregnancy I was so concerned that I wouldn't know when I was actually in labor, since my BH had patterns and were close together. But, since my water broke before my actual labor began, it was pretty clear. This time I'm really hoping my bag of waters stay in tact until the baby is just about born. That would aid my desire for UC, since I never felt pain during Jude's birth until the last hour (transition). Any suggestions on strengthening bags of waters?
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Sending out healthy baby growing vibes for you lovely pregnant mamas.

With my last pregnancy I was worried about my water breaking early for some reason and my midwife suggested Vit E.
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Oh, thanks 2much2luv, I have vit E in my cupboard. I'll take that! Vit E certainly can't hurt! Also, I'm envisioning an easy labor with my water breaking just before the baby is born. So, with your last pregnancy, did you take the Vit E and when did your water break? Are you enjoying your babymoon? Eden is just so beautiful!
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Limit your vitamin E intake. I mean, don't take excessive amounts. Some midwives I know feel it can cause the placenta to be reluctant to detach from the uterine wall, increasing the risk for post partum hemorrhage.

A strong bag is grown through good nutrition. Also, premature rupture of membranes is associated with vaginal infections, particularly bacterial vaginosis. So if you think you have a vaginal infection, get it taken care of asap, one way or another (meaning whether you take a medical route, homeopathy, herbally, etc).

Just wanted to throw that out there! Hope it helps!

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I haven't read this whole thread, but I thought I'd add in that I agree with Lori about a strong bag being grown through good nutrition. I drank fresh greens and juice throughout my pregnancy and I also read that zinc makes your bag strong, so I tried to get enough zinc. I also didn't want my water to break until the end! It didn't either! Ds was born in the caul and my midwife said my bag was so strong it was hard to tear!
Good luck with your UC's!
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Claire, I know a woman who advocates vit. C. She had a leak in her BOW, I don't know, somewhere around 33-34 weeks in her last pregnancy. She upped her intake of C and it healed up and she went to term. It does sound to me like nutrition is the key if all these different vits/minerals are effective.

Well, my UC is getting close. I am 35+ weeks now. I'm starting to feel ready. Well as ready as you can feel. I've got pretty much all my supplies assembled. I realized in the past few days that I didn't really have any clothes for the baby. Okay, that sounds ridiculous, I know. I mean, I kind of knew, but I had been focused on other stuff. For a while I had been thinking that I would be covered if it was a boy, since we have boy clothes. But then I realized that we don't have any WARM clothes for a nb of either gender. Ds was born in mid-April and there just weren't many cold days after he was born.

So I've been on the lookout this weekend, but of course I had forgotten that the stupid baby clothes manufacturers expect that you can buy clothes for babies a season ahead. What is up with that? If I had a brand new baby today I wouldn't be able to buy any winter clothes for it cause they already have the swimsuits out at Babies R Us! I realize that that might not be the case yet in say, Maine, but I bet they still put the next season's stuff out way early, right? I mean, do they really think that EVERYBODY finds out the gender and buys all the clothes ahead of time? What if you have a preemie?? Ugghh.

I found some really cute stuff online at a resale shop. I only needed a few things, really. I mean how much will we go out in the first month? So I'm just about ready.

Anybody else getting ready and getting close? I've finally started having BH ctx in the past 2 days. Lots! Hadn't been having any at all. Anyone feeling at all nervous about going through labor again? I'm just hoping that if mine hits like a tidal wave again all the preparation I've done will allow me to relax as much as possible.

Hope everyone is well--this thread has been pretty quiet. Maybe we should start a new one since this one is getting so long?
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