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Are you slinging?

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Just curious how many of you are babywearing. . .

What are you using?
Does your baby like it?
Are you enjoying it?

Personally I am using my pouch more than anything, quick easy in/easy out with the other two kids running around. He loves the wrap more though.
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What are you using?
Moby Wrap!

Does your baby like it?
Oh, she absolutely loves it! She canNOT stay awake in it!

Are you enjoying it?
I love it as much as she does, maybe more. I spend most of the day wearing Ally Rae.

Now I just have to find another carrier I love as much so I have more than this one option.
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yep, we're still working through our learning curve though! DD isn't totally into slinging with me, but she'll sling/sleep with dad for hours. he thinks my big b00bs aren't as comfy as his flat chest. (of course he's kind of kidding. who wouldn't want a soft, bosom-y cushion!!)

we're using slinglings and the moby.

baby loves the pouch with daddy. less tolerant with me. we're trying to use the moby every day and get her used to it......but generally i put her in it and she just starts trying to kick and straighten her legs. hence, i ruin the good mood she was just in, 2 minutes prior to putting her in it.

i reeeeeeally love slinging my baby and having her so close to me. i can't stop rubbing her bottom!! i just hope she'll start to enjoy spending more time in them.
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^Have you tried the Hug Hold in the Moby? It's a great option for babies that want to stretch their legs out. Ally's fave hold at the moment. She gave up the Newborn Hold/Cradle a few weeks ago.

Oh, and I find myself patting Ally when she's all snuggled in her Moby all day too...
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I've got a babybundler which is very similar to the moby, just a long piece of fabric for a wrap. We've also got a ring sling, but Dh mostly uses that.

Addie loves it, always settles down right away (unless she wants to nurse or has a wet diaper, then she'll really squirm when I put her in it), and is usually asleep ASAP. She seems to like the ring sling when Dh wears it, but for some reason it just really doesn't work for me. She always wakes up quickly and seems uncomfortable when I wear it.

I really like wearing my baby, and I *do* like my wrap, but I'm thinking of branching out b/c it's so much effort to put on sometimes and as she's getting heavier it's starting to hurt my shoulders more. Since I'm wearing her pretty much all day long, I need something that distributes the weight better. For when I know I'll have her in it for a long time it's great, just not so great for popping her in and out when running errands in the car. I'm thinking of trying the chunei after someone (sorry, can't remember right now!) mentioned it in the chat thread.
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What are you using? I have a HotSling
Does your baby like it? No I had her in it once or twice where she liked it, but every time recently she starts screaming when I put her in it. I don't know what could be wrong.
Are you enjoying it? Well, since it's not working out, I can't really enjoy it. But I know I'd love it if she did.
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Originally Posted by TaraRae82 View Post
^Have you tried the Hug Hold in the Moby?
yup, that's the wrap i do. i can't get the hang of the newborn hold, and haven't tried the cradle hold yet. i'm hopeful she'll start to like it more - i know wraps are great for fussy babes, but so far it just seems to make mine fussier. i would love to wear her more often, it would be great for so many reasons! so we'll keep truckin'.......
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Originally Posted by allibut View Post
What are you using? I have a HotSling
Does your baby like it? No I had her in it once or twice where she liked it, but every time recently she starts screaming when I put her in it. I don't know what could be wrong.
Are you enjoying it? Well, since it's not working out, I can't really enjoy it. But I know I'd love it if she did.
in the babywearing forum, i've seen a few people post that their babe didn't like the pouch until they were a bit older, when they had slightly more head control. DH seems to be better than me at placing DD in the pouch. sometimes i think she's too small to be comfy in it, sometimes i think i'm pretty bad at getting her in there correctly. she always looks scrunched up to me. but i see your babe is older, so you may not have the difficulties of getting her in there like i do! keep at it - i've been trying for weeks to get the hang of it, i finally feel like i'm making some headway!
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We're using a fleece Kangaroo Korner pouch, a Moby wrap, and Bali Baby Stretch wrap. Iris loves them all. She nearly melts into sweet baby bliss everytime I put her in.

I've put a Beco Butterfly on my Christmas list!
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Yep I carry my baby in some for of wrap/sling/pouch a little bit nearly every day at home when he's fussy or I need two hands etc, and a LOT if we leave the house (like all but eating and diaper changing).

I'm liking my wraps the most right now, I have a peapod 'cuddly wrap' wrap that is stretchy and light weight, that I like here lately. But I also have a fleece wrap (very warm), and a crinkle cotton wrap. Besides 3 ring slings, 1 pouch, and 2 mei tai's.

Oh and the baby does well in the Mei Tai's too, depends on my mood which carrier I use. DH prefers the Mei Tai's when he carries baby.
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What are you using?
Slingling (pouch sling) & Moby. I use my sling out in public bc it fits soo conveniently in my purse with the other baby stuff. The Moby's just too bulky. I use it at the house.

Does your baby like it?
She DEFINITELY likes the sling. She has to be in a certain mood for the Moby.

Are you enjoying it?
Oh yes... it saves my arms and back sooo much!!! YAY!
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We're using ringslings I made. He almost always falls asleep in it unless he's really hungry. I love it but need to switch shoulders to keep my body from aching.
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I'm using my Moby D or my Beco (4th gen). I love the Moby and use the nb hug hold and just yesterday tried the hug hold. He always falls asleep in it, and he usually likes the Beco, too, but I find somehow it's easier/more comfortable for him to be frog-legged in a sposie than a CD (which we have quit for the moment because with all his projectile vomiting, I just can't cope with the added laundry).

I love the Beco for quicker trips or when we're getting in and out of the car more. It's still been in the high 70's/low 80's here until the past few days, so the only downside to the Moby is he gets sweaty, so I under-dress him.

I have not even tried to nurse him in either carrier... but being an F cup while nursing, I feel very self concious about that anyway. I usually untie the Moby to nurse him for more freedom of movement because all that fabric gets in the way.

I have a hotsling too but chest is too big for it right now, and I prefer that for a hip carry anyway.
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I love my Moby, wear it all day, and just got a second for when the first is in the laundry, or downstairs, or left in the car. They have become part of my attire for the day. My Born Free got a lot of looks/comments yesterday, I think because of the writing. I tried him facing out too, but the head control/uncertainty was an issue. But, I love, love, love my brown striped Moby D. They're so soft and such a great place for a babe to just fall asleep. I'm getting tons more done with them too.
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A Sleepywrap, which is like a moby
An Ergo
A Kangaroo Fleece pouch

I love them all for different reasons, although the Kangaroo pouch is my newest, so I am really digging that one right now.

Lars Oskar falls asleep in all three pretty quickly, I just like pouch because its so quick and easy to get him in and out!
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What are you using? A homemade ring sling and ergo
Does your baby like it? She loves them both, if she is fussy when I first put her in I take a walk around and she settles right down.
Are you enjoying it? Yes, I have always loved babywearing. It is the only way I can survive grocery shopping with all three. It gives me a chance to cuddle her too! :
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What are you using? An EllaRoo ring sling
Does your baby like it? LOVES it!
Are you enjoying it? Yes. It makes things so much easier, and sometimes it's the only way we can get her to sleep.

Anyone else feel like an advertisement for baby-wearing? LOL I get SO many comments on my sling. And questions about my DD's birthweight. . . I think because she does that newborn frog-leg thing she looks teeny and people must think she's a preemie or something.
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Heck yes!

What are you using?
In order of frequency: Moby, Babyhawk, Peanut Shell. Getting a hand-me-down Hotsling soon.
Does your baby like it?
Calla loves the Moby (hug hold only) and the Babyhawk. Sometimes she likes the Peanut Shell (tummy to tummy) and sometimes she doesn't. I think she's going to really love it once her head isn't so wobbly and we can do some of the other positions.
Are you enjoying it?
I love it! It's so snuggly and I love having my hands-free. Only complaint is that sometimes I get a bit hot because baby is a little furnace!
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Peanut Shell WRAP??

Not to hijack your thread, but just thought I'd ask while we're chatting about babywearing...

I saw these while making a little Xmas Wish List for Calla on target.com. I don't see them on PS website nor on thebabywearer.com...

Anyone know anything about them? I have a friend who's expecting who would probably like the design.

Peanut Shell Wrap
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quick moby question

i do the hug hold also - did it this morning and DD lasted about 5 minutes. she just gets really mad when i try to gently turn her head to tuck it under one of the shoulder straps. she keeps pushing against me and trying to rear her head back. i wonder if i am wrapping her too tight, but if it's any looser, i don't feel comfortable with wearing her. any thoughts?

on a happy note, she slept almost an hour in the pouch with me today! (after the moby didn't work). it was very nice, but does make my neck a bit sore...
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