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Originally Posted by fridgeart View Post
We're in Ottawa, which has -40 winters...so I feel like I know what you're talking about

We've had great success with toaster suits from www.mec.ca and Columbia 2 piece snowsuits. We always spend top $ for good boots, mitts and hats, cause we want the kiddies to like winter (not loathe it as I do!).
Have you seen the newest version of the Toaster suits?
They are no longer made in Canada. They're now made in China, and the quality is really down. They are much heavier, the zipper is flimsier - it's not the same product. Very disappointing. I left a comment in their suggestion box.

Now I have to find an alternative - total drag!
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I got dd one of Gap's Warmest coats. We live in MN and she hasn't complained of being cold in it yet- and she's stayed out for around an hour or so at a time in it (but she's always been a hot kid) I wanted to stick with something that was down, since my experience with my own grown up coats has always been that down was FAR warmer than any poly insulation (including the thinsulate from llbean)
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Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post
Lands End makes some nice stuff for kids too - they're located in WI, where it does get cold! (Columbia is based in Oregon, and it never really gets cold here!)
I bought ds's winter coat there 1/2 price in August, and it is amazingly warm!! I'm in Montreal and it's freezing here, so I think I found a winner! I also bought his boots there (15$ in liquidation) and they are amazing. So 2 for 2 for Land's End!
ETA, this is the one I bought
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I live in MN and my son just got an LLBean coat, snowpants, boot and mitten set - very warm! He can stay out much longer and have more fun than in the Columbia snowsuit he was wearing previously.
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Lands End is our current favorite, and they've been having sales on them lately.

I used to be faithful to Columbia (mine is actually a 10 year old Columbia two-piece with a fleece liner, it's held up fantastic), but with the kids Columbia, i've not been happy. Snaps have fallen off the hood easily on about four of them that we've been through (incl. the ones my sister and I hand-me-down between our kids). This year I went with LandsEnd, and I have been ecstatic about the quality. Even their fleece mittens keep the kids toasty, which hasn't been our experience usually with fleece mittens.

I would also guess that LLBean has same quality as LE.

**Also wanted to plug LE customer service. I ordered my dd's coat, and four days later it went on sale, a savings of $11.45. I emailed them and they credited me the difference.
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We've always lived in cold places and love Lands End, LL Bean and Columbia. Columbia actually has different versions of coats--the more expensive, usually the better quality. This year my 13 year old and 4 year old both have high quality Columbia coats and my 10 year old has a Lands End coat that I got a great deal on. I sometimes find good deals at Campmor.com. I got my son really great kamik boots there for a great price this year.
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we do Patagonia with the capelines (longies) they come in different weights.. from heavy weight to silk weight. but it's all about the layering too.. I figure what works for me will be prefect for dd.

we also do their fleeces.
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We love LL Bean for winter coats (here in western NY). My older son wore the same coat for three years (a bit big the first, just right the second, and a bit small the 3rd, but still fine!) and now his little brother is wearing it this year. It still has a TON of wear left in it. I could see it moving right down a whole line of kids. The first year my oldest outgrew it, I bought him a cheapy Osh Kosh coat and regretted it almost immediately; it was bulky and he outgrew it in one season. Now he's back into a LL Bean and is on his 2nd year in it. Good stuff.
(Lands End have nice coats too; for some reason we tend to prefer their lighter jackets.)
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My boys have North Face and Columbia stuff and seem to do really well with that.
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My kids have columbia and stay very warm.

Not sure if you have a Carson's near you, but I just got my DD a snowsuit set for $52 (they were on sale 50% off + my DH opened up a credit card and got an additional 20% off).

They were also on sale at Macy's - 25% off + an additional 20% off if you use a Macy's card.
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We buy the down filled coats from Kmart at the end of the season. They hold up well, are super warm and I have never paid more than $5 for one. I learned my lesson this year about light colors, they just don't come clean after a while so next year everyone is getting blue coats.
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