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Are you feeling any symptoms yet?

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Ok so this is baby number 6 for me and every time I have a baby it is like I am having my first again. I never remember how I felt during my last pregnancy. So I am not feeling sick yet, breasts not tender, I am tired and I have a crazy sense of smell. My friend who is due a week before me is sick, her breasts are sore. What are you feeling? When I miscarried I didn't have many symptoms either, so I am wondering what signs are typical in the first trimester.
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I have felt like I have had the flu for the last week. Heartburn is starting, bloating, belching and the other. I am just a vision of loveliness. Smells get me and I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I have no energy nor motivation to do anything. It's just like all my other ones.
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I have no idea what's normal, I'm going to have to seriously delve into my Sear's Baby book soon.

But so far my boobs are sore and bigger! DH likes the bigger part but not the sore part I have a little queasiness, but it's not really bad at all. And I seem to be salivating a lot sometimes. I'm often passed out by 10 pm, which is pretty unusual for me. I also have a bit of dull cramping on and off that I'm trying not to worry about because it's not painful and no bleeding. Also my abdomen feels a little tight and bloated. Most of my symptoms so far are really very slight, I'm just paying close attention to everything that's going on with my body, since it's the first time.
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So far I've noticed; bloating, gas (that has put my DH to shame ), tightness/light cramping in my uterus, my breasts are fuller and barely tender enough to mention, and I'm very randomly sensitive to smell. The big one for me right now is exhaustion, and that's the only one that is seriously noticeable as all the others come and go. Honestly, I don't feel pregnant at all (in comparison to my first).

I was vomiting really early on in my first pregnancy, so this has been quite a bit different for me. It's hard not to worry about not having any serious symptoms, but I keep trying to convince myself that maybe I'll be "lucky" this time and not be hanging out over the toilet for 4ish months.
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Yesterday i felt a little nauseas and even started dry heaving while flossing. Nice. I've also felt a slight bloating/cramping feeling in my lower abdomen. My boobs were more sore last week but have subsided these past few days...? I still feel nervous about the pregnancy, like it's still not real to me.
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I had very sore breasts for a couple of days. I've had frequent heartburn. I'm falling asleep at DD's nap time. I'm craving cheese omletes and eating one a day (says the woman who usually can't stomach eggs at all). I've had some nausea, but no vomiting, but I think I'm not even 4 weeks yet, so I fear that will come soon. I've had some mild cramping.

I definitely feel pregnant.
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I have been unusually tired the past week, despite getting good sleep. My body is just exhasuted! I've also been experiencing an extremely sensitive nose! My co-workers commented on it and joked "maybe your pregnant!" (that's the running joke with an office of women) and I just casually said "no" and blew it off. I'm not telling them until the 2nd trimester.

I've had alot of food aversions/mild nausea these past few days (the thought of chicken or turkey makes me very queasy, and I usually love it). It's been quite tolerable though, so I'm hoping this is all it is!
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My most noticable symptom is my sore breasts but it might just be amplified by the fact that my DD is nursing. I haven't had any nausea yet (keeping my fingers crossed). Also I feel exhausted all the time and oddly very hungry (everything sounds good to me). Its weird because with my first I had no apetite at all in the first trimester and throughout the whole pregnancy I never experienced the "i'm starving" pregnant feeling that everyone talks about. Oh yeah, I'm 5 weeks 5 days right now.
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My breasts are also quite sore, especially when I take my bra off at night or when the water hits them in the shower. They are also huge (I had DDs to begin with, so getting bigger is annoying!)

I'm constantly starving and the only thing that really satisfies me is ice cream sandwiches. Strange! It's exactly what happened when I was pregnant with DS.

I also get fatigued rather easily and it hits me out of nowhere.
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My breasts have been tender also... but only in the morning which is weird. Outside of that no other symptoms.

Oh and I have been insanely thirsty lately but I'm not sure if that's really a symptom...
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fwiw, with #1 I was really tired the first couple weeks, had one nausea spell, puked and that was the end of ALL my symptoms--literally I had no symptoms my entire pregnancy.

w, number 2, I had slow moving bowels as soon as I conceived, and some nausea, but only due to taking my prenatal. that was it.

This one I have the slow moving bowels again, have had some nausea come and go, a couple headaches, tired off and on, I'm nursing and my nipples hurt (but I think it's because my 2 year old doesn't know when to quit, lol...

Also, When I had my 2nd miscarriage, I had nausea, tiredness, achy, etc. through the entire 9 weeks I carried even though it was a blighted ovum (sac w/no baby)....so you can't really depend on much. everything is different

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OMG, I'm having horrible morning sickness.... I'm puking all morning long.... seriously...... I didn't get this sick until a month later with preg#1. Other than that... not much else yet.
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My boobs are a little sore, but not too bad.

My main symptom is fatigue. I am soooooo tired.
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I'm also very tired, slightly nauseous and I swear my feet are swelling slightly, but I supposed it could be for other reasons.

This time around is very different from my first. I remember not feeling pregnant at all until 3-4 months in. This time, I've already pulled out the maternity clothes and my "big shoes". Fun fun.
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I'm very tired, and my nipples are sore so it sucks to nurse, but nothing else yet, I usually get hit hard around week 7 or so, and I'm 2 weeks off from that i think
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I am tired and my smell has been very sensitive.
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I am able to eat the last few days which is just great...my symptoms so far:

* sensitive smell
* very sensistive (even more than normal..YIKES!!)
* feel nauseaous easily
* cant eat certain foods that I used to realy love
* creamy white discharge,a little spotting
* belly crampy,could realy tell someone is moving in!!!

love to ya ladies

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very tired. I was having trouble sleeping, though, until we took the memory foam mattress topper off the bed. I think it was too hot.

insane dog nose. I smell everything. for the most part the smells don't bother me, but everything smells x10 right now.

I feel empty a lot, not nauseous, just like I need to always have something in my stomach, especially in the morning.

that's it so far!
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I just took a three hour nap with my LO. I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I am so glad he wanted to lay down.
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with my last pregnancy, I didn't feel the typical symptoms until I was almost out of the first trimester - and then it lasted until around 16wks!

BUT, I had that super sensitive sense of smell.

This time, I am feeling lightheaded, dizzy and very tired.
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