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I changed my mind!

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So last night I was laying in bed (translate to tossing and turning in bed) and it hit me that I am going to pushing out a fairly large object out of a small hole. I dont want to do it! I have changed my mind! Do you think it is too late?

I never had these thoughts with DS but I think since I have had such a rough pregnancy, I am just at the end of my rope. Anyone else feel the same way?
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I remember thinking that when I was pregnant with DS. Only it was more like, jeez, this thing is in there now and it HAS to come out, yikes! I have no choice! It was definitely a weird moment.
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I remember having this moment about 5 minutes before my second baby was born -- about the time I realized how large her head was and what that was probably going to do to my poor perineum. (My first was a c-section, so I hadn't until she was crowning realized the magnitude of the feat for which I had set myself up.) Fortunately for her, it was far too late for me to do anything but the inevitable. They managed to stitch my girl-parts back together, thankfully. Apparently they still work, since I'm now about to do the same thing again.

I also had a similar moment when I was about 8 months along with my first and I saw my friend use her finger to fish a half-chewed dried pear out of the mouth of her sleeping toddler. I distinctly remember then thinking that parenting might be something for which I'm unsuited. Heh.
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It's not necessarily the pushing, but I know the feeling you're talking about. I'm starting to balk at the bit myself at the idea of giving birth. I want to do it, but at the same time, I don't. I really feel like right now I just want to get it over with. But I'm terrified of weeks of prodromal labor again. I just want to go into labor and have it over and done with quickly this time!!
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ME, ME! I told my Dh the other day I decided I don't want to give birth this time he can LOL. I've changed my mind!

Of course reality is setting in and I will give birth at some point this month and we will have a baby!
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I know that feeling, and I had it not only before my first birth, but before the second and third, too - and now I feel that way again (it prompted me to buy a birth pool a few days ago and pay for 2 day shipping, actually - I suddenly said "what am I thinking? I'm going to pass up possible pain relief just to save money? Absurd!"). Well, the first time it was more like you describe, and the subsequent times, more like it suddenly came back to me just how difficult it really is, since the memories had been suppressed until then. I've had three homebirths already, never had any tearing or other problems from them, and can probably expect this one to be "easier" than the first, at least, but I still find myself wanting to run away, just a bit!
Hmm, that's probably not the most encouraging thing to hear from a BTDT mom, though... I'm sorry. Well, there's also this: you can do it, and you'll probably say it was worth it in the end. Plus, most moms I know (myself included), say the actual crowning/birth part is not the hardest (although you can kind of take that two ways, I guess...).
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Originally Posted by meetoo View Post
Of course reality is setting in and I will give birth at some point this month and we will have a baby!
LOL. I think we don't really have a choice right now .

Actually, I haven't thought about the whole pushing the baby out really, with the exception of remembering with DS what happened.

Labor was so intense (he was posterior) and I think I kept on asking them...how much longer. We were basically waiting for his water to break so he'd come down and out LOL. Which, the water never broke, he was born in the caul.

But, I remember pushing, and I never once thought that I was close to the *end*. Never once thought that the pain would be over from the contractions, as I had just taken them one at a time.

Then, when I was pushing and the head came out....for the first time I had this dramatic realization..."OMG, I'm almost DONE!"

It was a wonderful, exciting feeling. Very encouraging.

But, of course I will take things one contraction at a time, and not think about it at the time. As it's difficult enough to get through transition as it is....
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Originally Posted by Haselnuss View Post
Plus, most moms I know (myself included), say the actual crowning/birth part is not the hardest (although you can kind of take that two ways, I guess...).

Actually I'm one of those moms...pushing made the pain from the contractions disappear. Only with my DS did I have some of the 'burning sensation' and it wasn't that bad just a sensation of tightness. The other kiddos didn't feel anything really when they came out other than pressure and that 'got a canteloupe feeling' between my legs. LOL
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feel empowered - not scared!

Trust nature! Just think about it, if it was something so difficult and impossible to endure, how come there are so many kids around?
Our bodies are pliable, they stretch and return back to normal within a few weeks. Do your kegels, you will be fine.
Do you think an elefant thinks about squeezing that little head out or the big toes? Just do it, have an epidural if it hurts to much (we do have certain advantages compared to animals).
Fear is your worse enemy, trust in your body is your best friend!
Go girl - it is not bad! It is a miracle - and you are the facilitator!
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I'm a little bc I think I'm going to have at least an eight lb'er and I'm picturing THAT coming out of me. With no meds...I KNOW that I can do it, but yikes! I'm ready to get it over with so I can see what my son looks like. My son...hehehehe I've never had one of those before!:
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it'll be ok!!!! I have the same feelings too sometimes- I've had 2 big-ish babes- 8-14 and 9-15 (both with just a teeny tear that I didn't even notice) but I've gained a bit more weight with this pregnancy so I'm having these horrible fantasies of giving birth to a 15 pound child

I'm just trusting that all will be fine, and that I'm having a baby, not a thanksgiving turkey
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The biggest baby I have heard of is 22 lbs. Egads! My choir teachers wife (in HS) had a 13 lb'er, and she was normal height/weight as was he. She didn't gain a lot of weight while pg either. Odd.
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8 lbs is a pipsqueak!
Actually, my 10lb DD was probably the easiest to push out (the 9lb14oz one was quicker, but I had a skid mark with her).

I have a cousin who had a 13lb DS, totally natural birth. She wasn't small - 5'8" and fairly curvy - but it's still pretty amazing!
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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
LOL. I think we don't really have a choice right now .

True dat LOL. Its wierd I think I almost wish I found out the sex. I'm having a hard time picturing this baby and making the baby "real" if that makes sense. I'm not really looking foward to some parts of the labor/birth processes LOL. But I can't wait to see the baby for the first time. Its such a high like nothing else you ever experience :.
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