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RED or GREEN? - December in Albuquerque

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Um, it is December dudes!
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Hi there
I don't live in Albuquerque anymore, but saw the thread title and had to pop in. I'm in Montana now (and just recieved a box of frozen green chile in the mail!). I'll be visiting Albqueruque with the family at the first of the year.
Anyway, miss the area bunches and wanted to say hi!
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mmmm chile :
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Hello Athansor! Glad you have some chile to hold you over until your trip!

I was going to start a new thread but couldn't think of a catchy cool title. I'm totally uncool. You're the best!
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Green. I don't like red.

I forgot it was December already. Where has this year gone?
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Neither red nor green, sigh. Sometimes IBS sucks.
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Athansor - so glad yo uhave your chile fix my dad is always having to ship it to my sis in idaho

kmj - that sucks

I love both - red for breakfast and green for lunch/dinner. Now i want some :
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Crazy, we just installed our over the stove microwave last weekend, call if you need anything.

I've been craving cheese enchilada's with a fried egg and red for weeks.
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crazy - everything is acting fixed on the "neckwork" thank you so much
dh got another router jic but right now everything is back up - i think him shutting down and restarting his comp and power cycling again may have done something with all your fixes
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Thanks for the help, emans, but DH and my dad got it installed. Took 6 hrs!! The old microwave was installed incorrectly, and they had to remove some tile, and cut other tile and it was this whole ordeal. But it's installed now and looks so purty.

ASF - You're more than welcome! So the old router works fine now, after power-cycling everything? Interesting. Well at least it's fixed now!
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Took the kids to "Nutcracker on the Rocks" tonight. It was way fun ! L wants to join the dance troupe now so he can be a rat in the show ! C spent most of the night hanging from the railing (literally).

L wants to come tomorrow. Is E going Eman?
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DoulaRN, I'm planning on taking him.
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Coolio, I'll make sure I have baggies for them and I'm pretty sure I have enough canvases for the two of them.
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Plan change. L is going christmas shopping with his dad... for me. Don't want to discourage that !!
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Thanks all for coming! S had a blast and is really enjoying the toys she bought. I've already opened the sticker maker (which confused me so we're going to wait for daddy to come home to play with it) and the dress up doll thing which S is really enjoying!
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Thanks for the fun party elm - dd had a blast and was so glad for the juice box and fruit leather on the way home
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We had fun thanks, oh and R was soooooo upset that that magnetic doll thing was a present, she tried every way imaginable to somehow make it for her.

Chirstmas card picture taking today :
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Somehow there is pink paint on my ceiling and blinds. They must of had fun! Dh took it as a sign that I need to paint the house. Anyone ever paint a room with small children? I mostly worry about Little S and his love of consuming paint (another reason he wasn't at the party yesterday.)

Dh took Little S to Super Rock Park at Encatado and Tramway yesterday. It has this huge rock hill that you can climb. So much fun! Little S ended up falling asleep on his way back home and slept from 6:30pm to 7am. I was expecting him to be up at 3am (instead I was.)

Good luck with the pictures!
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so last night was fun
DS was over feeling bad so he was trying to climb everything at vball.
DD managed to not pull her pants down enough on the toilet and peed all over them. So i got to take both kids across the whole freakin parking lot in the cold and dark to get her more clothes. Well, i havent changed the "emergency clothes bag" since disney so she had a skirt and tank top as her extra clothes. So she put those on. Then she peed on them! Same thing - didnt pull down far enough. Luckily? her and ds have the same waist size so i put her in a pair of his extra sweat pants. They were like capris with a baggy butt

Today is dh's bday. His fav resturant is having oven troubles so he has to go to his second fav - poor guy

work again tonight - wish my kids luck

have fun with the pics eman
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Hi, does anyone here know when the new birth center will be opening (is it still 2009)? All the webpage descriptions sound really nice!
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