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Best carrier for bad back?

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I've got an old repetitive motion/bad ergonomic work station injury to my upper back and neck. I've been wearing Addie for hours and hours in a wrap everyday and it's starting to bring out my injury, I think. I've been looking at the chunei carrier and someone else mentioned the Ergo... thought I'd post on here to see what you all suggest as the carrier that puts the least stress on the upper back?
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I have a terrible upper back/neck too- I'm a violist & play full time, so yeah, I've got a lot of issues. I have a Ball Baby Overall, and it's great. It has wide straps that distribute my (20 pound) baby's weight over my whole back, and the top straps come out on an angle from the carrier, so they go over more of my shoulders rather than digging in my trapezius(sp??) and sides of my neck.

I actually also like wearing her in a wrap. I find that a wrap also distributes weight very well. What kind do you have? How do you wear her in it? Facing in I hope- facing out makes baby twice as heavy because his/her weights spirals out and down rather than into you(if that makes any sense). Also I've found back carries to be more ergonomic than front, which for me was counter intuitive.

I've never tried the chunei, but have heard that it's really nice on the back. Hopefully someone here will attest to that. The Ergo however kills my back if I wear it for more than 20 minutes.
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Depends on the type of injury. What type of wrap and how are you wearing her? A woven wrap worn right should be pretty comfy, although it can still aggravate the back. Chunei is good, as are other SSC (like the Ergo, although I don't think that's the best). Podaegi worn torso-style might help, or a kanga (torso carrier), depending on the exact location of your pain. Actually, if you have a good woven wrap, and a not-too-big baby, you can wear it torso style on either the front or the back.

Generally, with back pain, you want something that distributes weight really well (wrap, chunei, kanga), distributes the weight to your hips (SSCs with padded waists), and/or is two- or no-shouldered.
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For me (mid back injury) I use a Chunei- TheKoreanBaby or MotheringTao and HosaUSA

As far as a wrap I would go with a Didy or similar- something woven and strong.
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I have a bad back from a car accident and years of horseback riding, so many carriers just killed my back.

I tried slings, wraps, mei tais, and the Ergo. The Ergo was and still is my favorite. It made carrying dd so much easier on my back and shoulders. My daughter is now 2, and I still use it with her when she must be carried. My second favorite was my Didymos, but it was just so much fabric to deal with and it made me and dd hot in the warmer weather.

This site had an ad in the current issue of Mothering for 10% off with a coupon code, and they have several carriers.
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I LOVE the ERGObaby.. It is the only sling/baby carrier that doesn't hurt my back! I've used it for 4 months and will wear it hiking or for hours at the mall and my back never hurts. I have a big baby too. I've tried several baby bjorn. belle baby, wraps, ring slings.. and I like this one the best. Plus, it's the only sling with a hood. I don't ever have to worry about nursing. My baby nurses so easily and no one knows,, no annoying blanket that keeps falling off..:
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I have an organic cotton babybundler wrap and I've been wearing her in a hug hold facing in. (I think it's a hug hold, the description of a hug hold for the moby wrap is how she is positioned). Someone just mentioned to me that I need to make sure the wrap is stretched out flat on my back, not bunched up, if that makes any sense to help distribute the weight. I've been doing that today and it IS better, but my back/neck still is hurting.

Is she old enough for a back carry? That sounds so much better!!

SSC means soft-structured carrier, right? I will look into all of those!

Thanks so much for the suggestions!
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Yes, SSC means soft-structured carrier, of which Ergo is the most popular/available, but neither the only nor the best. You can do back carries with any size baby, although I don't really recommend it with a stretchy wrap (although when she's this little, it would probably be fine). Try searching YouTube for "newborn rucksack".

There aren't too many SSCs meant for really young babies -- most of them start to shine when LOs have good head control, around 4 months or so. But I think there are some smaller ones now. Beco Butterfly, maybe?

And yes, you definitely want to spread the wraps as well as you can; that'll make it much more comfortable.
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