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We were totally alone with just my DH, my teen and round the clock care for our girls during their first summer of '06. It was hard, I had a rough recovery from c-section but we really would like another baby, maybe 2!:
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I have a question for mothers of twins. How many you did not hire help and did alone? My husband is only taking 2 weeks and after that I will on my own. I have no family in the area. If you did alone how did you survive and any tips are welcome as far scheduling, feeding ,sleeping?
I had no help. Still don't. I have no advice other than to trust your instincts, be creative, be KIND above all else, and let your house be a mess and ignore all the judgment of others upon your mothering.

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yes, as hotmamacita said, let your house be MESSY!

i was like you, had no help and no family around to help. my husband took off a few weeks and he was busy with the other 3 kids all day. so it was myself and the babies for those few weeks. then, it was myself and the 5 kids and it really wasnt a big deal. aside from getting my kids to school, i did not leave the house b/c it was a big PIA to. my husband took over all errand running and grocery shopping b/c w/ all the nursing i was and am doing, it was easier on everyone for me to stay w/ the babies. and i am totally ok w/ being a homebody. my MIL visited and it was useless as far as helping. she had her naps to take and soaps to watch and was just an extra body in my house. i am just the type of person who prefers to not have people staying in my house for long periods of time-- it makes me uncomfortable.

you can totally do this!! it wasnt even as bad as i thought it would be in my head
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Thanks, I guess I'm just getting really nervous. I have no other children so it will be just and twins. I hope we will make it. By the way I talked to my mom she now coming for two weeks so I will have help for a month.
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You will do just fine!! Having twins is so fantastic! I wish all my babies had a twin sibling it is the sweetest thing on earth to see those babies love, smile and laugh with each other.
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You do what you have to do. If you have help, great. If not, you survive.

I had my twins via c-section on a Monday, came home with both babies the next day, and DH went back to work on Friday. There was no way around any of that.

I was fine. You will be too.
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