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How Do I stop the "piling" on fleece..

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hi again!

All my fleece stuff has so much pilliness..its not affecting performance but looks ICKY.

My Fb's , when they were new were so nice inside but after like 5-7 washes are just full of the pilly stuff..

Some of my fleece AIO's are covered in it too...I just hate how ugly it makes the diapers look!

ANd why doest it happen? If I have a new diaper lined in Micro and its butterysoft why after only say 5 washes does it look so "used"?? I dont ever dry the AIO just the snap in soaker...

Thanks again!
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If your diapers are made from nice quality fleece then you really should get decent results if you wash your fleece seperate from EVERYTHING else.

And the pilling will fade after a bit. Not to worry.
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I get pilly-ness too, and it's frustrating. I use fleece liners, and they aren't soft on the skin when they're rough from the pillies! I just tossed a bunch and made more, but from microfleece, and I think it's more resistant that the polar fleece.

Maybe for the FBs, you could buy an electric fuz buster thing and buz off the fuz every once in a while. That's the only thing I've been able to come up with.

And is it really necessary to wash anything with fleece separately? That sounds like such a pain!
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Do you have any old nylons??

I know it seems an odd question but hear me out..

What I do is cut the legs off of my nylons that have holes or runners in them, and tie a knot in one end (if i'm not using a toe part), stick the fleese inside the nylon, tie a knot in the top, and throw it into the washer..


Warm Squshy Feelings..

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