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Am I the ONLY mother who bathes with her kids? - Page 3

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I don't bathe with DD every night but at least once a week. She loves it and looks forward to it. I enjoy it as well. Forget what you "friend" said. Sheesh.
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I have bathed DD only a few times without being in the tub with her - it's so much harder that way! And I get just about as wet either way. We bathe together two or three times a week.

DH doesn't usually bathe with her. He feels a little weird about it. The couple times he did bathe with her (when she was too little to sit up on her own but had outgrown the baby bathtub) he wore swimtrunks!
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My dd is 2.5 and we always take baths or shower together. When she fit in the kitchen sink, she did occasionally take baths there, but definitely 98% of her baths have been with me.
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I plan on bathing and showering with my baby on the way, I'm sad that the new apartment we just moved in has a smaller tub than my old one. My old tub was so big we would have fit in there so easily! This one when I lay all the way back, my breasts aren't covered. So I will bathe with baby in there just because I LOVED doing it as a child and I have been looking forward to it-- but I think it will be a little cold!

Anyone else do it in a small tub? Care to share any tricks?
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Ds has showered with us since he was maybe two months old. Maybe younger. He only showers with us on the weekends when we are not rushed.
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We do. All the time when they were babies (so much easier, and who the heck has time for a shower with infant twins in the house), and still a lot of the time now. DD1 won't bathe with DH anymore-- she just says she doesn't want to, and won't say why. That's fine, and we respect that. Truthfully I think it's only because he's so tall and takes up too much space, so her toys have less room. But DH bathes with the twins sometimes, and I bathe with all three on occasion. I think it becomes inappropriate when either you or the child personally and individually decide it's time to stop, and not before then, although I'd be squeamish about post-puberty co-bathing between opposite genders. Some people and families are a lot more conservative about nudity than others. In our house, WHATEVER!
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I haven't gotten in the tub with DS yet but my DH certainly has pn occassion. And I have great memories of tub time with my mom AND dad (although not all three at the same time LOL). I think its a perfectly healthy and fun thing to do with your kids. I'm sure when they are teenagers they'll want nothing to do with it so why not enjoy it now?
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we bathe with our little one all the time...he is a water lover and will always pop in if he hears the shower running. We also love the bath as a way to reconnect or slow down after a really crazy toddler day!
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I take a shower with my son. He is two.

I was letting him play in the living room while I showered but he snuck out onto the balcony once so now he always bathes with me.
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I bathed with all 3 lo's until they were about 2 or 3. Ds1 is kind of modest, and stares at my breasts and laughs so I get uncomfortable (so does he), but ds2 still bathes with me and he is almost 3! I remember when I was first starting to take showers, my mom would take them with me so I didnt fall or I got all the soap out of my hair. I find nothing wrong with it!
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My son has maybe had a half dozen baths without me since he was born, and most of those are the super quick clean up from a poop-splosion type of baths. Bathing with him is so fun and it is so super easy to get him washed up with no mess.

He also almost always showers with me too. He just sits on the floor of the shower and plays while I shower, and then when I am done, I soap him up and then pick him up and rinse him off. Easy Peasy! Who cares what anyone else thinks. It is easy, it is NOT sexual, and we both enjoy splashing together!
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DS is 3.5 and he still bathes with both me and his dad.
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I wouldn't get a shower 4 days a week if I didn't shower with DD (26 mo). It's been months of me showering with her - and even on days DH is home/our schedules work out/whatever, I still bathe with her. She loves it, it's part of our routine, and since I WOH FT, I really do want to shower every single day.

Not sure what we'll do once the baby is born, but we'll figure it out.
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I bathe with my 2 year old all the time. It's the only way I can wash her hair.

Originally Posted by dot1 View Post

Also, urine is sterile
I hear this constantly on MDC all the time and it always drives me nuts, especially since MDC'ers love to use it as an argument about why they only wipe down public toilet seats instead of hovering or covering them, so sorry to hijack, but I must finally comment on this. Actually, urine is NOT sterile. MRSA and E. Coli can both be found in and transmitted via urine. I work in a hospital, and we deal with this all the time.

With that said, it would hardly freak me out if my toddler peed while I was in the tub with her. I'm sure it's happened many a time
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i bathe with dd, 15 mos.
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I know what you mean about being the weird one in your group. My real life mommy friends were horrified that I was nursing an 18 month old. I don't dare tell them my now 3.5 year old still sometimes has a little nursey-nursey!!

As for bathing *sigh* I WISH we lived in a culture that saw this as more of a norm. Yes, it is fine that you bathe with your kids. It is more than fine. It is loving, healthy and fun! Good for you! I bathe with my 3.5 year old - not as much as I'd like because I'm busy with the baby during bathtime normally. But we love it! I can't wait until DD2 is just a little older so I feel safe bathing with both of them together... so much fun!!
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My DS takes a shower with me every morning. He totally loves it and it's a great way to ensure that I get a shower without having to worry about keeping him safe and occupied. When he was really little we always took our baths together. He showers with my DH from time to time as well.
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I live in Japan and yes parents and sometimes (gasp) grandparents bathe with kids. As they get older, they tell their families they want to bathe alone.

Personally, I think knowing what a real adult body looks like is a useful preparation for puberty. Guess I'm weird too.
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My opinion: you are totally not nuts at all, your friend is! I love to share some bathtime with my DD. And I bathed with my DS when he was your daughters' ages too.
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Yep I bathe with my kids too. So does dh. We relax, hug, nurse, colour on the walls, squirt each other with water toys, make up stories.
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