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Which Remedy? , I am a bit confused

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I have tried some Homeopathic Remedies for my dd, with this aweful illness, thanks to those who reccomended some remedies in my other post.
I went to the HFS and they told me Belladonna and Chamomilla and Ipacac (sp?)
I have been doing these for the last 2 days, but she is still doing quite poorly. I have to admitt, it helped her much more than the Benedryl (shameful-i know) did the night before.
I found the Hylands Cough remedy that one person recomended for Pertussis before, but I am pretty sure she doesn't have that specifically now, just a really nasty illness, full lungs and major cold symptoms, mild fever, full nose.etc.
I guess my question is, how do I know which remedy(ies) will be best for her? They all seem so specific, yet no one really covers them all. I don't want to continue giving her tons of different ones, but want to help her get better asap.
My other question is, since I am so inexperienced in homeopathy, should I not be using this method for helping her get better, at least until I know more?
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Could you just give a run down of her symptoms and what seems to make things better or worse? (like eating makes her cough more, lying down makes her cough less....things like that.) Is the cough wet or dry? Is it intermittent, spasmodic etc? Is she bringing up mucus? What does it look like? I can't tell you what to take, but I can point you in a few decent directions....

So you know in terms of what you've got:

Belladonna is for feverishness, reddness of the skin which is also hot to the touch, dry coughs, headaches, doesn't want to move. Sleepy but can't sleep. Generally thirsty.

Chamomilla...Lots of discharge from the nose, typically one red cheek, mucus rattling in the chest, hoarseness and loose cough which is worse at night, worse sleeping. Very irritable.

Ipecac...lots of discharge but nose is stuffy, rattling in chest but coughing doesn't bring relief. Coughing until gagging or vomiting. Wheezing. Breathing labored as though person has asthma. Can't take a deep breath without coughing.

There are many more. I wouldn't personally worry about giving too many or changing the remedy often...but I'm a renegade. Back in the day Homeopaths used to sit with their patients for the day and change remedies as the symptoms changed. It was common to give several remedies in a day. I would also personally worry less about playing with 12-30C remedies than with cough syrup or Benadryl.....but that's me!

Do you have a book that you can refer to to make this easier on YOU?
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Hmmm, I am not sure as to what makes her feels worse or beter cause she can't really tell me.
But this is what i have observed:

Her cough doesn't really have a reason, she will just all of a sudden cough like crazy, face turning red, barely able to catch a breath. have you ever seen a "whooping cough" cough? Similar to that only no more whoop at the end and this one is wet. her lungs sound really full, like I would think it really hurts when she coughs, and she usually cries a little after the coughing fit is over now. Her face turns really red when she coughs, and she hunches over cause it's so powerful.
Her nose is really full, running a little and she sneezes some to get the snot out.
Her fever seemed to have subsided last night after I gave her the remedy, but she feels like it might be 99 or so.

She has a very little appetite, she ate a banana today, and nursed often but very little at each session.

She is cranky, but who can blame her. She wakes often during the night, wants to nurse a little and tries to sleep again, for her nap she sin't sleeping well anymore either, coughing wakes her up.

I don't have a book to refer to, do you have a suggestion as to one you like? The symptoms you listed for the 3 remedies I have been giving her seem very much like what she is going through, but I question myself, because sometimes it seems like she is experienceing one symptom then the next hour it might be different.
Sorry if this is confusing, I am just worred that I am not doing her the right thing. I am the only one in my household that is confident that holistic health is best, and my husband often questions my judgement, wanting me to bring them to the dr. Yuck!
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ok, I observed tonight that eating/drinking actually does make her cough more. Wasn't sure about it before.
Thanks so much for your help! It's also great to hear that mixing the remedies is fine also. I know, the Benedryl isn't great, or even good. It's what I have known, and was having a hard time getting away from it. Cool thing is, even though I wanted to give her the remedies during the night, I wanted her to sleep and feel better, so i was going to give her the Benerdyl anyway. Well, she vomitted it up immediately! I was actually really happy she did that, so i gave her the remedies the rest of the night, and it tuened out she slept a bit better that way.
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Splunky, she sounds just like me when I have asthma. It's horrible, I lie there in bed and I cough and cough, sometimes I throw up a bit, I can't really fill my lungs, and I can't shift the gunk that I can feel sitting right there, and I can't stop coughing and it hurts and I am drowning and I'm tired because I can't stop coughing long enough to sleep. And then I eventually go and use the inhaler, cough three times and the gunk's gone and I can breathe again.

Please please please go and read this thread, I'm really upset for your daughter.

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I'm so sorry. I think ipecac would be a good one then. Has she seen anyone? Have you thought about taking her in just to assess? It would be good just to know what you are dealing with. We have handled pneumonia. whooping cough, bronchitis etc. homeopathically.....but not on our own. My homeopath is also a licensed doc and I have alot of trust in our relationship. We have never had to go to antibiotics or anything but I don't know that I'd be as confident if I were on my own. It's also hard to be really clear when it's your own kiddo.

My only concern is that if you weren't getting the right remedy it could progress quickly and then you'd be stuck. You don't want this turning chronic...you know? I'm hoping things clear up for you, but if it gets scary I would think about seeing a doc to know what's going on in those lungs. Hugs, mama.

My favorite book for homeopathy hands down is [U]Practical Homeopathy[U] by Vinton McCabe.
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Thanks so much for your insight and support! I realized that she wasn't getting the Ipecac actually, and that was the one I thought she should have. I went and got it today and started it immediately. She really is doing better, but since the illnesses have been so severe off and on, sometimes it's hard to tell cause my mommy feelings get in the way. If I stand back and really assess her well being, she is doing much better than 2 days ago when I started the remedies.
I will look up a Naturopath in my area, actually a fellow MDCer lives close by me and has given me a few contacts. We have just relocted here and don't have a Dr yet, that's why I haven't gotten there. We've only been in country for 1 1/2 weeks, and she has been sick for most of it, having Whooping Cough for the 6 wks before we left!

wannabe: I understand your concern and appreciate your help! Breathing issues are close to me as well because asthma plagued me for most of my young adult yrs. It's aweful to feel out of breathe and have noone understand! I have been so fearful of the children having breathing issues and have been broken in, if you will, to accepting it. My oldest (10yo) now has viral induced ashtma and with the whooping cough he developed "spasmodic croup". It was terrifying! He all of a sudden his airway was completely closed, for 30 sec to 2 or 3 minutes! It opened just as sporadicly, and he is doing much better now that's he's on a daily puffer. I am not against her having treatemnt like that if that's what she needs! However, since I just arrived in country and don't have a trusted physiscian, I am not going to run to the Dr unless she really needs it. Beleive me, I am scared sometimes and watch her ever so carefully and she never shows signs of lack of oxygen. I am interviewing a Dr next week, and hopefully we will be able to have one to trust in. She is not vaxed and in NY they are very strcit about it, thus I don't want to be harrassed about my decisions!
Anyway, that was really long., sorry.
But thankyou for all your help and I am so thankful that through this she is getting better naturally. (((Big hugs)))
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