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Dating questions.....

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I know this isn't directly parenting related, but I need some advice. I feel like I'm ready to start dating again and I have no idea where to meet other lesbians. I am a single mom and have been out of the dating world for a couple of years. Any advice on where to meet an earthy girl?


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hey, moonmama. Where are you? Big city, small town, rural area? It's always a challenge to figure out where to meet good people -- my wife and I met through an online personals service.
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I've had good luck on Craig'slist
I actually have my third date with my latest CL lady in a few minutes
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Yeah, are you in a big city? My DW and I met on Craigslist. I like that you can "meet" through emails and get to know each other a bit first before meeting in person.
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I met my gf at a local Pride festival. I would find out what the local scene is and start attending events... providing that your area has a scene. I could not imagine meeting someone in my area through the internet... pretty much everyone knows everyone else through the college and through the local Pride organization!
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I have the same issues..It is hard to know where to go to meet women....I wont do the bar thing...no money...and starts too late hahaha.....craigs list worries me here bc there are a lot of creepies who lie...but good luck to you and me and all others excited to meet others...
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I met my partner through a mutual friend. I've met some friends through Craigslist. I emailed with them for a number of months before I met them face to face and I set up an email address for just that reason. It had none of my personal information attached to it. I posted the ad on Craigslist saying I was newly out in my town and was looking for some lesbian friends, etc. It worked really well. Do you know any other glbt people in your town? Ask them if you can join them next time they are getting together with friends. I expanded my social network pretty quickly just by meeting other people my 2 friends knew. Good luck!
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